World of Warships- Are Secondary Builds Still Worth It?

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Hey guys, today I discuss whether or not secondary builds are still worth it in the game’s current state

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  1. Are they worth it? No
    Are they fun? Yes
    Will I still have my Massy B full secondary? Yes

  2. If you are lucky with starting fires I think its worth it. I would never go for manual secondaries though, too much micromanagent for me and you give up a whole side of potential fire starters when enemies show on both sides.

  3. Byakuya Tsukishiro

    i wish i knew this before i spent all my points on sec build bismark kek

  4. It depends on your objective. In general, I find that I have more fun with secondary builds than standard competitively-viable builds. German line, French line (past Lyon), Yamato, Massa/Ohio/Georgia all can work with secondary builds (particularly if you forget manual secondaries and pursue fire instead of IFHE; although the Germans in particular are actually better with an IFHE secondary build).

  5. I have a secondary build on my Graf Zep B. Love it. Won many a game with it.

  6. Seems like now teams are afraid to push at all. I get caught with teammates right by or behind, we are all moving up (when they bother), thing you know you are brawling and you team is busy running away. But no, I am a secondary guy…

  7. Secondary built is mostly about fun… so what if its not great in todays meta? Its fun!

  8. I like the visual and sound effects of secondary guns firing, reminds me of the Star Destroyers in Star Wars, so I’m keeping the build.

  9. The main nonsence of secondaries for me is that with priority target skill full broadside of secondaries just stops firing at all. That breaks my mind.

  10. Manual Secondaries being a 4 Pt skill is one big joke these days.

    • I intinally ran manual secondaries on my Massa. I ended up resetting the commander because it just didn’t seem like it was getting me that many more hits and it keeps the other side of the ship from engaging a second target. Those points got put into IFHE for far better effect.

  11. Here i am with a full secondary build yamato, the effectiveness is situational and besides, it’s fun.
    Fuken enemy dds sneak up on you but get killed by them yammy seconds, they be like is that a fuking secondary build on a fuking yamato?
    Yes, yes it is

  12. GK was my first t10 playing WoWs (over a year ago now). At first I thought it was crap, but after learning it, I loved it. I thought it was arguably the best tier 10 BB (this was before Kremlin, Ohio, Thunderer, and soon the super Yammy). It was the only high tier German ship I had (I had others) that I could reliably get in the top 3 xp earner spots in a winning battle; I wanted to earn the German Navy Elite Emblem. However, in recent months, I have become completely disillusioned with Kurfurst and the other high tier German BB after buying Georgia. I realized how much better it was than FDG, and that Mass and Ohio are probably better than their German counterparts at those tiers (I don’t intend on buying Mass, but I definitely want Ohio). The way I see it, those three American premium BBs combine the meta viable features of U.S. tech tree BB with the fun features of German BB. It really is a Dunning Kruger affect IMO, just like Yuro said.

  13. The thing is, you can’t just sail into a cap right away and expect a brawl.

  14. Eh, I have massa full secondary and I’m doing just fine. Very worth it, and my favorite ship

  15. A secondary build was the reason why I bought the Georgia. In the moment my favorite ship. It was the Tirpitz before that.

  16. As long as WG runs directives that require secondary hits to be accumulated to complete, there will be room for a secondary build BB in my fleet.

  17. Bismarck just needs the secondary build. I’ll be killing a CA and all the sudden I will hear “You’ve sunk a enemy Destroyer” and it was purely with secondaries. That’s whey I like them.

  18. Must not have seen Yuro’s video ‘How to H-Klasse’ where he specifically suggests building the 9 and 10 germans as standoff/survival boots..

  19. It costs way too much to get secondaries to the max level when they are too dependent on circumstances to use them, and you have to give up way too much.

  20. They are so worth it from a fun factor tho. My Georgia secondaries absolutely melt DDs.

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