World of Warships- Are Secondary Builds Worth It Anymore?

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Hey guys, today we discuss secondary builds in today’s World of Warships, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Georgia and Ohio can use the secondary module slot 3 and the Artillery plotting room slot 6.

  2. What I had a lot of fun with is tank build Brandenburg. 12 guns at 26.5 sec base can put out a lot of damage. Brisk + speed flag gets you up to 37.5 knots in a BB, which is nuts.

    • Brandenburg breaks this vid…Brisk with IFHE…OMG!
      I play this boat the most right now…till I get ahold of Flandre…it carries the highest secondary dpm…

    • Have u know that the iowa can get up to 38,1knots

    • @Thinh Nguyen Duy yessss…I have a Missouri…38.5!
      Constellation, same thing.
      I have a Champagne…39.4…
      Most impressive.
      But the Iowa/Missouri has it all with this build. If I’m a cruiser captain…I don’t expect these cap ships to be out there on the flank…waiting for you…I love to see them try to run, then give up.

    • @Thinh Nguyen Duy The Iowa is not a T8 though. Tank Brandenburg is basically discount Kronstadt, you trade radar for survivability, and you get better MM (at least in theory).

    • @Hellstrike Discount Kronstadt? They are nothing alike! Besides, different nations. How do you see that Brandenburg and Kronstadt are similar? I’m curiously baffled.

  3. There’s just nothing that incentivizes aggressive play anymore and it’s so frustrating. With the way this game is turning, I may as well sell every German battleship I own, and Massachusetts B, and play only with the regular US, UK, and Japanese battleships, because they do the job of sitting in the back and sending powerful artillery down range better than any of their peers.

    • I did it in my Haragumo and got 2900 base XP lol. Rushed 2 DDs and won out. It’s fun to push in a division, even more fun solo if you can get lucky

    • It is worse than that. The game massively punishes any form of aggressive play. I’d say 90% of this games issues stem from the CVs and their infinite spotting.

    • Sitting in the back, not moving and harder to aim than boats moving…
      Aim shoud be far better on slow speed or non moving targets.

    • It’s easier to play aggro in a DD because you have concealment on your side. Even if there’s a CV in a game, all you have to do is turn your AA off and you’ll be nearly invisible to the guy, unless he has good prediction. Radar cruisers are a tougher rock to break, but you can just avoid them.

      BBs on the other hand have even less ways to play now more than before.

  4. Well, sadly I kinda have to agree…I myself play Ships like Preussen or Bismarck with a hybrid-build (Secondary skills with survivability and the dispersion mod) and I have to say, those ships work a LOT better for me in the current meta like this.

  5. Secondary builds died over a year ago with the commander rework.
    They’ve been unusable since then.
    They roll back the rework and secondary builds will work again.
    Otherwise BB’s only have the tank build and that’s allthey have, and it’s not working very good either.

  6. The game gets way more passive now and pushing in aggresively to use secondaries effectively actually requires brain cells to actually leave an impact in the game. But Mr. WeeGee decided that the plays that needs to go along with using secondaries is not actually that hard and reduced the shit out of the exp you get from Secondaries damage. So even if you play decently and do everything right, you still get rewarded less than the average Joe in Yamato that sit at the back and snipe while you do the tanking, flanking, and being close and personal to other players which requires more skill. Shame.

    • Agreed I play alot of German ships u have to plan your route in to the actual ingagment to your exit route back out b4 u even commit to your attack

  7. My Agincourt has IFHE…

  8. thechampion awesome

    Well the main reason for building secondaries for me is just fun. If I wanted a main turret bb Id play montana or something. I just wish all secondaries were usable at least against dds at close range.

  9. The captain skill rework reduced the variety of builds i stead of increasing, which was its “official” intended role.
    Now there is only 1 build for Shikishima, and only 1 meta build for almost every ship. Imagine what Napoli could be with pre rework secondary skills. Now it’s only modules and to be competitive and use it’s potential it’s still more viable to not use secondary modules on those cruisers. With the upcoming french heavy cruisers that have decent secondaries i don’t see the reason why they removed secondary skills from the cruiser tree.

  10. Great match! Thanks for sharing. I do agree with you, the meta is stagnant and trying to run secondary builds really just seems like a waste, trying to tank and get into range is difficult especially with all the long range HE spamming. Most times you just die quickly and fruitlessly.

  11. Honestly I never saw Shikishima as being a secondary ship. Sure they’re nice to have, and sure they can help against DDs. But Shiki simply doesn’t have the armor scheme for mid- and close-range brawling. She still has the infamous cheek, which battleships and battlecruisers can easily exploit.

  12. Pommeran is a great secondary BB but since the rework and passive game play these days.. its OK. I’m mostly a cruiser player, so I don’t look for secondary fights.

  13. Two things I’ll say in regards to this video. First, WG really fucked a lot of secondary ships with their bullshit rework, my Graf Zeppelin being the best example. Also a lot of cruisers that you used to be able to build into their secondaries, the Agir and the Roon are two really good examples. They have great secondary potential but now you can’t hit shit with them. FFS WG fix this!

    Lastly, it’s funny that SLM has had some rough matches as of late, seems since the last patch I’ve gotten mostly garbage ass teams. Not saying I’m a great player but I’m not some noob and there is no rational reason I should have a six game losing streak, but as of late shit like that has been happening. It makes me wonder if WG did something to MM to cause this.

  14. The only classes that actually benefited from the commander rework (to some extent) are cruisers and destroyers. Cruisers can now run lighthouse build which is something new. Nothing much changed for DDs according to me, othen than the skill “swift in silence’ which takes my Shima up to 48kts with speed boost and speed flag. And battleships… Well, they gained nothing. They lost the superintendent skill which is kind of a nerf for battleships that have engine boost consumable. I don’t know about CVs because I don’t play them extensively. Sad to see this happen to the game that I so dearly love. It may soon be the time for me to probably bury the game in my memories and move on 🙂
    I don’t hate the game, I hate the way it is being handled by the devs. This game has so much potential, but if only they could their community what they want, things would have been incredible. Community hates planes – WG introduced Dutch cruisers with airstrikes. Community hates broken HE bombs and rockets – WG introduced Soviet CVs. CV torpedoes should be dodge-able – WG gave FDR and Soviet CVs tight torpedo spread (same will be the case with Hornet and the other upcoming American CV). Community wants aggresive plays, more brawling – WG felt the need to rework commander skills. Well… GG. Oh well, they also don’t give us any flags for in-game medals anymore 🙂

  15. As I’m a DD main and play the U.S.S. Benson 90% of the time I still see a hell of a lot of T-10 battles. IMO it still seems like the teams that push in at the start are still the winners 85% of the time as long as they don’t push through the caps and into open water (don’t play harder). Once you have the cap adv set up defense pos. and wait for the enemy to push. So maybe play a few lower Tiers down?

  16. Nice game. I appreciate you making this video. I removed the secondary build of my Georgia because of how the game is. HE spammer ships (T9/10 DDs and CLs) out range all secondaries and are far more accurate. I will remove the secondary build from a number other BBs. Getting into secondary range is usually a death sentence. I go into coop in off hours for brawls.

  17. Krzysztof Narloch

    Still one of the best secondaries ships… Graf Zeppelin

  18. Mark stone-tolcher

    Secondaries are worth it, the only problem is players not having the experience to judge WHEN TO PUSH. Even the half wits on your team realise its time when you lead them and the enemy ships are sinking. Don’t go too early and yes secondary builds are great.

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