World of Warships- Are Submarines At Their Best Now?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the latest iteration of submarines and discuss how well balanced they are with the recent changes done to them. Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I don’t think that there is anything that WG can do to make subs work in the game. Look at all the tweaking they have done already and most seem to not be too happy about having them in the game. I think about all the time that they have wasted on this project, time better spent on other aspects of the game, more maps would be nice, that’s something everyone would be happy about.

  2. Tbh it would be better if Subs is limited to certain game mode like Convoy as “Limited time” ship

    • Yes, it would, but don’t count on WG to do the sensible thing. They said they would shoehorn subs into the game, and now you have it. Emphasis on ‘you’…as I’m not having any of that shit and quit.

  3. Subs add to how much a poor team can screw up. I don’t know itfthat should be bad thing, or a good thing as it means it helps impossible matches end sooner. It’s just like CV’s, you cannot recover when that single player in a sub or a CV is competent on the other team, and poor at your end. Other ship classes, even when played by good players, can be pushed off or atleast delayed.
    I know it is probably still an experience thing, but I hate how difficult it is to judge sub’s intentions compared to other classes, due to they hardly pop up on the mini-map.

  4. if you want torpedo focused gameplay I can’t see any reason to play one of these over a DD, you’ll be so much more impactful and not spend half the game literally running away

  5. They can still random ping into DD’s smoke.
    DD’s still have to drive over the top of them into whatever red ships firing are firing at them to “interact” with the subs.
    The homing torps still seem to home till pretty close to DD’s.
    Add a CV overhead to the mix its uncompelling DD play.
    Played around 25 DD games vs subs. They aren’t dangerous on their own (to DD’s) and they don’t seem to performing well but in close games with skilled players they don’t add anything to playing DD’s… its mostly all subtract.
    But more than that as we all know if they continue to underperform WG will keep buffing them till they overperform.
    They should let the players decide – confine them to a single battle type for now and when no one is playing them take it on the chin and admit they’ll never be able to balance them.

    • This… i will stop play dd i think. There is no point, outspottet 2-1 by subs, and they can ping you through smoke, and 4 torps on homeing delete a dd as he did on full hp Elbing.
      if they want them in game, they have “deep water torps that cant hit dds on less then 7 km range or something.

    • @Lars Whitt yeah because DD’s need more damage protection. LMAO

  6. game already suffers from absurd amount of torpedo spam, and adding a class that it’s only feature is to spam homing torpedoes doesn’t really help. Submarines discourage pushing in, and they are still too strong. If you ask me, here’s my proposal for subs; I wouldn’t want them in game to begin with but yeah
    -Add passive sonar feature for Destroyer and Light cruisers, which would make detection easier and would force submarines to change positions
    -remove homing torps entirely
    -increase reload times
    -for submarines with artillery, add them as primary weapon and encourage using them as hit and run
    -reduce underwater speed significantly, encourage them to move on the surface
    -to give them a fighting chance with all these, give them more hp

    • @Olaf Messchendorp having played sub for two days with zero use of homing torps because I’m not a cheater, no, it’s much more exciting using the short range unguided torps that you have to go to periscope depth to use and require actual torpedo skill to use.
      Homing torps have no purpose other than being a class gimmic that 1: gives away the position of a stealth class, and 2: just let you outright cheat with aimbot torpedos fired from underwater with no risk to the sub.

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      @TheSupremeOne I have played the submarines for days now, across all tiers. Unguided torps are fun because you are fighting stealthy close range fights. But there are a lot of situations where you can not be in such a position. (Multiple DDs on the flank for example). In that case you use homing torps. Imagine that you just can not fight at all in such situations. That’s just dumb.
      Also you don’t know what cheating is apparently

    • @Olaf Messchendorp they could do the realistic thing which is say let them launch one set of two torpedos then at a point let them input a button that turns ther torps at an angle like in real life they say you launch torps then wait a bit and ping the ship then you input a button that turns the torps towards the ship so essentially they would be like destroyer torps but with an option to turn mid launch

    • making the deck gun a primary armerment wouldnt really work because if i remember correctly the highest caliber fitted to a submarine as a deck gun was either an 88mm or 95 mm and they were really only useful for penetrating lightly armored supply ships

  7. Some things definitely improved. The ping direction makes it easy for BBs and some cruiser to blind drop Subs. Oil spill makes it possible to finally hunt down that pesky sub with DD depth charges.

    But i see still many issues. Depth charges on cruisers are still worthless. Some cruisers like the pan Asia are described having great depth charges, but i think any cruisers that actually manages to get close enough to a sub to drop him (which I’ve never seen since subs are being tested), should better be able to nuke it out of existence.

    Main point for me still stays:
    They add an unnecessary extra layer of annoyance. Their dmg output is unimpressive. But the way they do it feels unfair, and fighting them is simply not fun, while it adds no value. Also still think they should make the MM
    12+0-2 Subs vs 12+ 0-2Subs
    Playing BB in a match with 5 DDs, 2 Subs and CV is rare but still a nightmare. And considering DDs are often more popular than cruisers these days, not that impossible.

    • Agreed. I have no idea why german cruisers for example recieved depth charges instead of ASW planes. It make some sense on fast and stealthy light cruisers but certainly none at all on the slowest heavy cruiser line which also is on the worse side in terms of concealment.

    • I sat on top of and dropped the german t10 sub in my Sejong. 11 depth charge hits and he lost…. A quarter of his health.

    • And the new cvs if they are entered inti the game will kill most if not all BB play

    • @John Henry dds hunt for bbs, subs hunt them, cvs hunt them.

    • They need to fix dds, there’s too many and not enough cruisers. These dds are so hard to hit people prefer them over cruisers.

      Also the spotting is insane, once the dd battle is over there’s usually 2 or 3 left one team and will keep everything spotted and torping.

      Dds have a huge game impact

  8. The ONLY class of ship that has somewhat realistic responses is battleships.
    Every other type in game has the responsiveness of a runabout with an outboard aka a tinny, tender, fishing boat.

  9. There is probably a portion of the playerbase that would like to play modern missile-carrying vessels, should we cater to them as well? The downvotes and hate towards those who want this garbage in the game should really make it clear what the not-so-silent majority actually wants, but I guess we got cvs before, we will get subs now. This dev team believes there is no red tape, they can put anything into the game they want with no problems, just need to tweak some values and we are good to go… what a fucking joke.

  10. A dd and 2 cruisers chased around a sub fir around 6 mins and couldn’t do anything to it it was mire agile than the cruisers so dodged the depth charges with ease same with the dd, while chasing it it just kept torping the other ships in its range basically sailing in tight circles and was only killed when it was forced to surface when its battery was low. We lost the game with our sub being the last vessel alive also leading the enemy on a bunny hill chase. Its a fucked class which WG with sledgehammer the square sub pegs into the round whole of the game. Also stun bombs…..feckin idiots

  11. We give them time we will get a fair to good weapon that will then see CV’s redone with real use air strikes, spotting will be localized and timed on station with a cooldown before it can be launched again, the airstrikes need the target to be spotted before launch. How about that for a start ?.

  12. If they would add the same hydro acoustic search that subs get to dds I would be happy. As a DD main, I’m tired of getting angry pings for intelligence data on a ship that can sink and disappear from last known area and move away without a trace. Still think they move too fast when submerged for how much time they get underwater.

  13. Had a match yesterday where yes I could see that a ping was coming from a cone ahead of my BB, but I could not see the sub. I was engaged with two other ships at the time, so I was not solely focused on ASW. But it seemed like the sub was able to ping and fire torps and I did not have a LoS to combat it. So in this case, we seem to be back to subs can attack and counter attack was not available. I had to run down the sub, which was a solid 8-10k away?

    • They really need to have fire bloom when shooting. Yeah ‘muh realism” argument against it but nothing in this game is realistic anymore, the game needs to be fun and balanced at this point.

      The worst part about the pings is how annoying and distracting they are. You just know a steady stream of torps are coming and most will hit you with no ability to counter play.

    • And once you get close to them you can’t even use your ASW due to the arbitrary proximity limit.

  14. I got stuck in a 2 Sub and 2 CV match twice yesterday. Only 8 surface ships, considering CVs are often unspotted, was pretty stupid. WG should limit MM to 1 sub OR CV, not both in a match.

  15. It will be easy to say in a week or two as sub players learn what sort of route to take, stay out of ping spotting range (8km) and work towards the later stages of the game where the field is thinned out – at present they are mostly going central and getting in a mess quickly – the best way would to use a route typical for bad CV players who stay at distance (even bots do) and increase the time to fly to targets… once the field is thinned out, then they can be stealth assassins and I am looking forward to seeing that play style – I have no intention of playing them myself – as pointed out, big damage is at high risk and this is why the sun player should be patient, because getting spotted by 3 or more ships is the end of you

  16. Already too much torpedo spam in the game. I only started to pull into a cap and was met with at least 20 torpedoes in the water, including several homing, and no ships in sight (our DD made a foolish mistake…). That said, I think subs make for interesting and fun play, just not in the standard game modes. Thus, I’m just refusing to play them. I just wish I could refuse to play with them – which I guess just requires not playing the game. I feel like I’m getting closer to that each month.

    • There’s so many torps because there’s 4 dds plus a sub in almost each game. The new cruisers also have large amounts of torps.

      Forgot about pushing in, its death

  17. I mean…..everything comes to random battles eventually right?

  18. for me the homing needs to have a longer reload like regular ships hitting R because you can get rid of the homing hits but the subs can just keep you homing pinged until then if they want this to come in just get rid of the homing and make them fire torps like dds were they shoot and hope the torps land thats my two cence

  19. It’s increasingly obvious that they’ve already spent the premium sales money from I-400 and Surcouf.

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