World of Warships- Are These Actually The BEST Secondary BBs In Game??

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Hey guys! Today we run a bit of a test on the French BBs, a line which has long had its proponents for secondary building them. Let me know what ya think below!

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  1. I run a main battery build but I take long range secondary skill to keep dds away on my bourg and bart and it works great

  2. feloniousteabagger

    I would have liked to have seen the rest of that Schlieffen game. Nicely done.

  3. “German p. Heinrich line” at last our secondary battle will be legend

  4. I partially skipped Alsace to get to the Republique, but ended up buying again once I got used to the sometimes annoying overpens on full broadsides. I have been running it with a secondary build, which still has a decent range, and its been quite some fun, the extra random fires make it quite fun. And you can hop in and out of combat with its speed, even if its not he most tankiest of bb’s with its HE eating armor.

  5. The big thing working against the Frenchies is their weak armor. If you were to get into a fight in a secondary build Repub against a secondary GK or a Schieffen (dear god) your secondaries are going to struggle to pen meanwhile their secondaries are going to be able to pen you everywhere. Its kinda one of those things I find looks good on paper, but in practice it doesnt work out as nicely as you’d like. Flandre too I feel is also kinda an exception at its tier. It has some crazy secondary DPM. In terms of like raw DPM Im pretty sure it beats out all other secondary ships for her tier. Still tho especially if you end up in a Flandre game as top tier where youre fighting T6s I think it would preform really well

  6. Frech bb’s always had good numbers in the secondaries but lack brawling capabilities due to 32mm armor plates and secondary guns easy to destroy

  7. It ‘feels’ like ships like Jean Bart has solid secondaries, more so along the back 1/3 of the ship, which I believe is by design. The ship does not have main guns on the read of the ship, it is protected by the secondaries and seems to work decently. Not sure how the more typical designs are with their secondaries though…

  8. Alsace secondary build is my secondary sleeper! Alsace secondary in ranked is amazing! The one thing is French secondaries wreck modules. It’s a huge psychological effect on DDs and light cruisers when it’s just raining shells and fires.

  9. Captain WorstPirateIveHeardOf

    Secondary Flandre in ops does a decent amount damage through fires. Ultimately, your mains are more important in my experience

  10. I have these lovely memories of dissolving dd’s with my Alsace. I can never not be secondary spec for Flandre and Alsace.

  11. you should compare Hannover and Patrie, I’m having a blast playing secondary Patrie, it’s a literal flamethrower (minimum 10 fires per match, my highest was 25)

  12. Your experiment shows the time to burn down using only secondarys but in an actual game, your team is also going to be shooting that ship and your main guns should also be dealing some damage. I like to hit them with HE from the main guns before they enter range to start some fires and then the secondary guns melt them with more fires once they get in close enough. I have secondary builds on Repub and Patrie that can burn a ship down quickly if its taking other damage besides just my secondary guns.

  13. Before the commander reworked you could get Republique secondaries out to 12.1. I used to run that build. Now I run with the legendary module. Base reload on the main guns is about 20 seconds.

  14. In the current meta of BB’s mostly staying out at longer ranges I don’t think the secondary build concept makes much sense unless your playing game modes that force you in closer to brawl. The meta aside, your testing sample size is too small. Your would need to run your tests many more times to get a real sense of what a baseline result might be. There is just too much RNG in the dispersion and sigma to get any reliable baseline in the results in a small sample size. I would suggest you would need to run your tests probably give or take something like at least 25 runs to get a reasonable baseline result. Interesting video though.

  15. It would have been cool to see the Japanese 100mm guns in this video too

  16. You could do vids for every tier with every bb. I’d like to see how the Atlantico compares, because I find it’s secondary’s to be very strong and they don’t break easily.

  17. Francis Chambless

    Nagato used to be a beast with its AP secondaries way back in the day. Loved that ship then.

  18. I’ve run secondary spec on my French bbs since they released because while they don’t have the armor to get in and tank they have the speed for hit and run tactics a lot of people don’t seem to know but the Dunkerque can actually get a 8.5km range on its 130mm guns and while she doesn’t have a huge number (most of them face the stern) of guns once the accuracy is built up they are laser accurate and it always cracks me up when a Dd decides to try and rush me from the stern only to suddenly get melted by the 130’s

  19. The test fails to take into account the Gunther Lutjens factor and his secondary boost, something the Premium French Commanders don’t have. Bismarck, Pommern or GK with Lutjens is just amazing.

  20. how many times of tests did you perform on each ship? The results might varies a lot depending on the number of fires started (RNG). The result would be practically useless if the test numbers is small (like 2-3 times each ship)

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