World of Warships- Are You Ready For More Hybrids?

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Hey guys! Today we discuss the current hybrids in the game and their potential future, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Oyodo would be fantastic at Tier V and a decent replacement for Yahagi 🙂 Hope it will make it into the game at one point in time….

  2. Honey Springs Homestead

    It is wargaming. They will add anything to make a quick buck.

  3. This is adding new dynamism to the game, i like it. But i’d like to see subs balanced and more maps as the priority now.

  4. Waverley Journalise

    That was one hell of a game you had, and snatching the CV? *Nice.* Accuracy seems to be interesting though, there were quite a few times when you placed the dispersion ellipse out of the target’s path and still somehow managed to land good salvos…

  5. With WG, we have to use reverse psycology. Lets tell them how much we love hybrid ships and subs. That way they will say “oh no, we can’t allow poeple to have fun” and then, they will either nerf them or take them out of the game.

    • They don’t do the opposite of what you want. They do whatever they think brings them a lot of profit. Adding more classes to the game, and hybrids are like a new class, will create opportunities to sell more premium ships.

    • @VuHien2011 You’re correct, I was just being sarcastic.

  6. Okay but they should have done the ACTUAL iowa hybrid refit if they were gonna do a t9 cv/bb

  7. Tone gets uptiered to Tier X and those planes dont stand a chance.

  8. Sooooo… when WG will release the French sub Surcouf with her plane and her two 203mm gun ? ^^

  9. I am actually kind of excited for the inevitable addition of the I-400 Sub/CV hybrid. Japan was the only nation to regularly put planes on it’s submarines, so the Japanese sub techline might be hybrids as their gimick, with the I400 as the T10 techline ship.

  10. Oh come on I want to see a tier 3 HMS Furious with 1 18″ gun, a bunch of 5.5 secondaries and a squadron of biplanes at 32 knots speed.

  11. So at this point I cannot understand Wargamings insistence on keeping fighter and attack aircraft give full spotting, if they would just limit it to mini-map only spotting it would solve a lot of the balance issues with both CV and Hybrids. As it is with the full spotting the Hybrids are a major balance issue as they are not put in their own matchmaking class and as such one team can get air spotting in a no cv game while the other team does not. As to Kearsarge itself, its not a T9, it should be T10, yes the shells are slow but with the special USN upgrades (and you can see that shell groupings in the vid) the amount of damage its guns can put out is close enough to Montana that once you account for the utility of the planes it should not be at T9.

    On a side not, still waiting on Furious with her single 18 inch gun.

    • exactly……just using planes as spotters every 2 minutes is tremendous advantage and add the BB part of the equation is a standalone tier 10 nodoubtaboudit…….

  12. Now, now, I want more hybrid ships… I want the submersible heavy cruiser that was MN Surcouf!

  13. To be honest, instead of Kersage, I would like to see New Jersey with the Aviation Battleship proposal from the 70’s but in a WW2 or early could war style, so using some Bearcats or AD4s… I really love the concept of Aviation Battleships, I really love using Ise in game, but I’m not sure if I want Kersage, probably not… Well, I hope to see more of them in game. Also, I’m still waiting for anti-sub planes for carriers and some anti-sub for hybrids, I mean, the battleships call an airstrike of big bombers, so why carriers and hybrids can’t do the same? i don’t think not giving them any anti-sub is a fair balance… Also also, I want to see the hybrid subs from Japan, they are Very interesting.

  14. actually, I changed my mind. YES bring on more hybrids, cv’s and subs. I will be saving a ton of money as I was I was a decent spender on this game. And now, I’ve basically stopped playing. take someone else’s money! Thank you WG!!!

  15. The Tone suffers so much with her aircraft role, you essentially have to play her as a worse Atago. It’s 2 tiers higher than Ise with the same planes and yet the planes take an extra minute to reload. She’s my favorite Japanese cruiser and she performs worse than she should.

  16. I’ve always heard this ship name pronounced Keer-surge. This goes way back to the American Civil War and the Union warship of the same name. In my opinion, “Keer-surge” rolls off the tongue better than Kearsarge. I’m praying that WG doesn’t add anymore aircraft-carrying ships for many, many months; even years to come. We all know that there’s a fat chance there. However, we’ve had the Immelmann added then, Ise and Tone, followed by the Dutch cruisers, then the Soviet carriers, now we have this monstrosity: Kearsarge. Stop introducing more aircraft to the game WG!!! This has all just become more and more ridiculous, seemingly with every patch! At this point it seems as if they have shorted their own company and just expect it to fail. I am still stalwart in my proposal that, if World of Warships is bound and determined to keep CVs and Subs prevalent in the game, then they should separate CVs and SSs from normal Random Battles, and introduce a couple different Random Battle modes: “Classic” Random Battles would have no CVs nor Subs, “Airstrike” Random Battles would have CVs included but, no subs and “Epic” Random Battles would have all of the ship classes allowed. Food for thought. Keep up the good work, Sea Lord! 👍🏻😎🇺🇸

  17. I have a feeling we’ll get the i-400 as a hybrid sub carrier at tier 11 in the next batch of superships

  18. i got the kearsarge yesterday with coal and the first match i was having a pretty good duel with an excellent tone player he was just dodged most of my gun salvos and using his planes excellently against some on my team but eventually i got the guns to work and hit him hard with 4 citadels for the kill towards the end but by that point my team had already folded and was leaving me alone with 8 people and thats where kearsarge suffered the most in my opinion

  19. To be honest, I am new to the game. The historic value is what drew me in. Of the hybrids, I enjoy the Tone. It’s a different angle of game play. Change is inevitable but we all adjust and keep playing.

  20. “I don’t ever see a Tone”… that’s because it has just 8.8 detectability – something that is often overlooked!

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