World of Warships- Are You SERIOUS WG?!

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We now have NINE events in the armory with SIX temporary resources…….and today we go over the latest one, Navigator Treasures, enjoy!

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  1. I reckon they have flooded the game with so many events so that you don’t finish some of the events that you like. So then you will be more likely to pay out the dollars to finish an event you like.
    That’s my thoughts.
    Very greedy company

  2. I like the variety of the events. You just choose which one you like and go for it. I don’t care for the Azure Lane event so I am not going for it. Plus, nobody is forcing you to spend your money. WG depends on FOMO. It’s your choice, your willpower.

    • Yes, but also no… There are people that are “addicted” to this game and to completing each and every event that launches. I had to quit for almost 2 years before I was able to play without those urges. Some people for whatever reason just can’t walk away or ignore the events, this is why lootboxes, etc are considered predatory, because some people just can’t stop.

    • ​@Gaurissounds like a personal problem for those people. Are grocery stores predatory for selling food to fat people?

    • @clmwrx Clmwrx Exactly what I was about to say, people are addicted to gambiling and look its still here. It’s called self control.

    • @Ryan Wenger Yes, but we regulate gambling for the reasons brought up.

    • @whyno713  examples please?

  3. Already had the Hampshire from last year. Got the permanent camo playing the event for the laugh. Not bothering with the Numancia.

  4. Well, putting aside the need to use real money, you can complete more events in shorter time since many missions in the event have overlapped objectives.

  5. i got really lucky with the event the tier8 ship on my second random bundle i bought sooooo happy right now

  6. i may have already asked in a previous video but, i love your video about new line of ship, still you often do the TX, but i would be more interested in the “feel” of the line ( T5 to T10), like for the new eu DD line and spanish cruiser line ( that i found very meh)

  7. They’re not events. They’re sales.

  8. I agree on WAY too many events (where real money needs to be spent) to work on. Most you run out of time to complete by the time you get to them. Granted doing battles lets you work on multiple events; but if 1 required say a DD , 1 requires a BB, and yet a third requires using a cruiser… well you get the picture.

  9. Don’t worry Sealord, we have at least 2 more events this month!
    Arpeggio IS coming this month for sure, probably at the end of the month
    and the DevBlog says that Schill will drop in containers aka new german containers event really soon
    personally don’t care about ARP because i got the ships and musashi camo already but the Schill i’m pretty much looking forward to, even with all the nerfs, a new Panzerchiff is always appreciated (line when)

  10. Krzysztof Narloch

    remember that we should be getting ARP event next week ^^

  11. Seven events, every one begging for money.
    Like Lord Vader said: Impressive, most impressive.

  12. Thanks! Really appreciate your thoughtful and considered comments on WeeGee. Always enjoy your feedback and commentary on the WeeGee madness.

  13. Thing is most of the tokens are at nil now for me as I have spent them and moved on. tbh I would rather they kept the events open as I missed one that closed the other week as it was just half a patch long and sometimes it can be difficult to tind out when an event finishes as the news pages get messy. It would be useful if they had a pinned topic on the website with current running events and end dates, even including things like Brawls etc. As to Navigator Tokens the 18 from the missions would be all I want as I got Hampshire + perma camo & Lymington (?) last time round. Actually Hampshire has been surprisingly good in Co-Op and managed 714 Base XP last night on one game (#2 was 419 and I’m really a potato if I’m honest).

  14. I’m just starting this game and it really is a bit overwhelming for a new player

    • Dont worry, Ive been playing for over 4 years and its a mess.

    • We all felt this way when we started but it was not as bad as it is now. Don’t worry about these events. Just play a line you enjoy up to tier 5 and then concentrate on the combat missions tab for free stuff awards. Don’t feel the need to rush to tier 10 as for a new starter, higher tiers can get disheartening with the toxic chat and the tendency to be uptiered alot.

      The base game is fun and looks fantastic but the way WG treat the community is a bit shitty tbh. GL HF

  15. Luckily my first bundle of the Obon festival was the Conkek? permaflage so I did spring for that but… yeah…the number of events is too damn high! In spreading all this content among different events they lose focus on what should be their major events i.e. the Dockyard, which went from having the Huron as a mid tier reward for the PR to having a relatively small amount of resources as a reward. Honestly if they couldn’t put the Numancia as the mid tier ship they should’ve given out a T6/T7 non premium ship crate.

  16. I like the steam down vote event the best.

  17. What a crazy time we live in… events, events, events, and more and more events. Happy eventing everyone!

  18. Well to be fair, you don’t HAVE to engage in the event if you don’t want too. I think they are catering to the people who have lots of time and money with these events.

  19. This is not even a milking stage at this point – it is like “salvage whatever is possible before it crashes and burns” scenario.

  20. Although technically WG is based in Cyprus since 2011 I believe most employees are Russian. Now a year ago WG transferred it’s live games in Russia and Belarus to local management of Lesta Studio. I’m curious if recent attempts to monetize the game are a result of the ruble’s sharp decline against the dollar. 1 year ago a dollar bought 60 rubles. Now a dollar buys 95 rubles. If any of WG’s games are tied into the ruble they’ve got to be hurting.

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