World of Warships – Arizona Tier 6 Premium American Battleship Overview

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I swear these titles are getting longer.


  1. Amazing fight ,like always , but i think its time to move on the tiers , u
    play in a platoon with fine players , its more than enough to manage to
    carry almost every game ….i play alone and still manage to carry a few
    matches per night … so please rock these T 10s 🙂 and have a great day :)

  2. Business, in that tier 8 match, why did you hold fire on your aft turrets
    at the end? You had a reload, and your guns were on target for the Fuso’s
    side. Were you just confident about the point lead?

  3. Nice last match do! Oo wheewhoo Holy moly dude…. see ya soon in schtream

  4. How did that Atago player even managed to get to rank 12?

  5. so as a new mex player what should i do if i am to brawl an arizona up
    close?And in regular random battle how would a new mex be different against
    an arizona?

  6. great video,Arizona is a tough ship.

  7. Sweet,I just played a few division matches yesterday with Ralthis. Our last
    match he got double strike and kracken unleashed.

  8. Did you hear that Bismarck and up are getting Hydro-acoustic search?

    I can hear the DD tears now.

  9. nice review!

  10. 75$ well spent lol

  11. Admiral Hipper AP can tear through an Arizona showing broadside like a hot
    knife through butter, so it’s not just 15” and 16” that can tear the ship
    up lol

  12. Isn’t it funny when DDs see battleships near them and they think: meh,
    never going to hit me.. lol.

    Anyway, a hell of a match the last one. Specially being bottom tier in a T8
    match on a map like this. However, the last shot on Fuso, from my
    experience, New Mex would’ve gotten multiple citadel there. May be just RNG
    though. Nice video as always!

  13. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Yeah I’ve played the Arizona before and it’s a boss at killing DD”s with AP

  14. What mod are you running for the interface/damage counter/etc?

  15. you should start your vids by saying hey everybody its buisness as usual

  16. This happened on Estuary, I got into the slowest dog fight ever in the
    history of World of Warships in my Arizona, a Texas and a Nuremberg come
    after me as I bring up the rear as I move from one side of the map to the
    other. He came in bow on to my broad side at our cap I turn to port fire
    into his turrets permanently knocking out his superfiring turret at 10km he
    ends up closing on me because of my turn to port and goes for the ram I
    turn to starboard dodge the ram and use my half knot higher speed to keep
    him astern of me, at which point was when the Nurnberg rounds the island
    broadside on, I hit him with my back two turrets for 34 of his life he
    doesn’t maneuver and maintains course and speed, I reload and kill him(he
    was lining up his torps but ended nearly hitting the Texas)all while the
    Texas is chasing me still going for the ram, by this point I am laughing my
    ass off and finally finish of the Texas who is the last ship on their team.
    Because of that game I will always love my AZ lolXD

  17. When you find another great wow player to watch ?

  18. Oh, congrats on being a winner in jingles contest btw.

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ship! I never thought I’d find a ship that gave me a
    warm bubbly feeling like the Warspite, but this ship is it. I recently
    fought a game where I was bow on to *four* tier V and VI battleships and
    they just couldn’t hurt me. I was finally taken out by a Kongo who decided
    his best bet was to ram me, lol.

    Now regarding the normalization changes … it’s a very bad idea. Here’s
    the thing: WG has been fairly faithful in recreating ships with their
    accurate ballistic and armor stats. The problem with that is that not all
    ships can be equal at each tier due to differences in armor and guns for
    ships historically available (aside from paper ships, but that’s an
    argument for another day). So in the end, the only way WG has of
    ‘balancing’ ships at each tier is to adjust their normalization and sigma
    values. So in the case of the Arizona above, they gave it a 1.8 sigma
    compared to the New Mexico’s 1.5 (?), but on the other hand gave it a worse
    normalization … so New Mexico is less accurate, but shells that do
    connect hit harder. If they made the normalization the same, suddenly the
    Arizona would be so so much better than the New Mexico (and everything
    else). And same applies to ships across all lines. For example, German
    ships, I *believe* (I could be wrong), have overall better normalization
    than the other lines to account for the fact that their shells are lighter
    and lower calibre. Less damage, better penetration, right? So yeah … this
    change is WG being lazy and shooting themselves in the foot.

  20. Dude, very informative and interesting. It seems like with lower shell
    velocity the AZ should over-pen less…right? And from this vid: to try to
    pen correctly you need to find sweet spot on enemy (which vary) – such as
    under front turrets of Nuremberg. Am I understanding that correctly? I love
    AZ, it replaced my New Mex for reason of captain management. Got interested
    in BBs most recently, about two weeks away from Iowa and Yamato and still
    have more to learn on aim – specifically penetration mechanics.

  21. I love this ship ,and the fact I play a ship that dibdn’t have the chance
    to prove himself.

  22. U did great but could have get some assist from the atago , I mean he could
    parked behind an island and harass the BB’s with HE shells .

  23. That Atago player – wow. Tough to think he’s all the way to the Des Moines,
    but with so many premium ships he probably free-XP’d his way through most
    of his chances to learn how to play. He must get carried an awful lot, too.

  24. Please give us this deck color, WG. It looks amazing. I know it’s a mod but
    I typically don’t use mods.

    Great game in that last battle, that was a lot of fun to watch.

    This is probably my favorite premium now. Her 45cal guns will have more
    bounced shots compared to the 50cal on the New Mexico, but they’re still
    great guns. I’d love to have stats added like bounced shots and damage
    deflected by armor, like in WoT. Arizona would display some really
    impressive numbers.

  25. You were right btw, that last game was glorious!

  26. Thanks for this video, I was looking forward to it! This is by far my
    favorite gold ship, and still in my opinion my best investment in the game.
    I honestly prefer it over the new mexico because it has better firing range
    18.6km to 17.3km “with a plotting room.” I’ve found it to be a “tough
    cookie” for other bbs to deal with when I’m top tier. I just think she’s a
    great package all together, great armor, good guns. I feel really sorry for
    whoever missed out on buying her!

  27. Talk about clutch!

  28. if anything, the Arizona is great at absorving torps…the other day I
    leroy´d one with my Farragut, hit 4 torps, I got killed, he survived…

    I was also shooting at it and setting him on fire, yet nothing.

  29. Enjoyed that mate. Thank you. Did 178k damage in a teir 8 game the other
    day with her, 28k on a tirpitz In one salvo.

  30. I prefer mid tiers myself. The same was true with WoT and Wart Thunder.
    It’s incredibly frustrating to play high tier games where either people are
    just too afraid or simply haven’t learned anything on the way there.

  31. So the 16/50’s……. Can this be true?! (drops to knees)Are they getting

  32. Nothing is like surprising a pushy DD with a full salvo with HE from a BB
    <3 Nice vid Business

  33. Great video Business :P

  34. That voice… mmmm

  35. Can it be that the Arizona’s shells are actually like New York’s/Texas’?(
    They do the same max dmg) I guess Arizona’s should be still stronger in
    some stats we are unfortunately not able to see.(normalisation,,

  36. Happy to be the first comment

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