World of Warships – Arkansas Beta, I was wrong!

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Arkansas Beta on Solomon Islands pushes multiple angles in two battles that showcases the ship. Citadel penetrations all over the place and a few devastating medals. I hope you enjoy the games and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV American Battleship Arkansas Beta Replay


  1. Ur channel its the best in wows game and im subscribed to many channels
    keep the good work up

  2. …in the second battle when i saw that omaha go down so easy ,made me
    remember my own omaha that goes down always first in almost every battle
    LOOOOL (stll with that junk , i am about to quit game….)

  3. This one is essentially a Wyoming, right?

  4. superb,I. like it a lot.

  5. love your vids man

  6. Amazing how many people don’t realise just how dangerous it is to show your
    side to the enemy! Must admit I also did it until I found out that there’s
    such a thing as citadel shots…think I learned it in a YouTube vid :)

  7. Another great video. your the MAN.

  8. One of the reasons I passed on the Nikolai, was that I already had the AB,
    if I felt the need to grind credits with a premium ship at Tier 4. At that,
    I’ve done well enough with the regular ships I have over the past few
    months, that I rarely if ever even bother with what few premiums I do have
    – the AB has never left port, still has the original camo that WG put on it
    when we were awarded it at the end of CBT. Another two reasons I haven’t
    touched it – that 7 million credit price tag for upgrading all the modules,
    which without all those modules I may as well just be playing my Wyoming –
    and that it’s a Tier 4 ship with as many upgrade slots as a Tier 10 – the
    idea of taking an AB into a Tier 4 battle, fully outfitted, to me at least
    feels just a little dirty and seal clubbish.

    Speaking of seal clubbing, it seems my gut feeling about the Nikolai was
    right – going by the stats and other responses being posted on the forums,
    so far it’s turned out to be rather OP in the hands of an experienced BB
    driver. If the same trend continues, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it
    dialed back somewhat in the near future.

  9. thank you for uploading ONLY good content and not just standard 3 kill
    games that we all can get. You always prove something or show off, always
    good material – good show Notser.

  10. Heya Notser – late viewing of this (LONG day of work yesterday) – All I
    have to say is another dirty word: Holy $#!T!!!!! So fun to watch!

  11. The Arky is a vary good ship some of the highest damage scores in my BB,s
    have come from this ship great gameplay and good to see another believer 🙂

  12. Nice play bud.

  13. You finally see the light ^_^My Arkansas Beta also does not have all
    modules installed. Just the standard neccessary ones.

  14. Where did u left the WArspite >.>

  15. great plays again! what’s the detection range?

  16. people at this tier are so bad lol

    “lets jump into this tactical multiplayer game without watching a guide and
    learning the basics, this sure will work”
    and thoose are the people calling u lucker and other names
    it would be funny if it werent so sad :D

  17. Norwegian, SHHHHH he’s our little secret!!

  18. I love my kuma and know not to go broadside without fingers crossed.

  19. Norwegian737Project

    What I don’t get, is why you don’t have more subscribers? This is the
    absolute best world of warships channel out there! You go Notser!!

  20. I told ya!

  21. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I sold my, it wasn’t a bad bb, at least I though. I have an Atlanta, so I
    had no need for another premium ship at tier 4. I notice that it made
    little difference that it had no AA guns, since carriers at that level
    can’t really have that great of an impact on the game, in my opinion,
    however when I played the Wyoming bb, with the upgraded hull, only shot
    down 2-3 planes if I was attacked. so Arkansas doesn’t really have that big
    of a “nerf” in terms of survivability.

  22. that is a question that has puzzled me. Why do some just sit or go
    backwards. esp. BB drivers? also um how do you take your Crow? apparently
    Smoked in black powder, eh?

  23. Seal Clubbin’……

  24. wyoming still its tier.

  25. Well, I really have to disagree on a point..
    A lot of people complains about the speed, the lack of AA and somewhat
    mediocre dispersion.
    But imo this ship is terrible only because of the slow rudder shift time.

  26. Thank you for the wonderful games ! my daughter Evie who’s 6 years old
    loves to watch your games and because you have impeccable language i can
    let her watch with me so thank once again!
    and watching you has improved my game too! double bonus :D

  27. Poor little cruiser. AP is for you. Nice games Noster.

  28. Thought I had a dud when we got out of open beta and I was stuck with the
    Arkansas. But found that it’s worth playing. Like you I find the 20 k a
    little frustrating but for close-in fighting it can take a beating and give
    the same. Thanks for posting.

  29. hey notser,
    great performance, as usual 😉
    do you think that the Ishizuchi is worth purchasing?
    have a nice day 🙂 ,

  30. Unlike the Wyoming, Arkansas will never see tier 7 MM, that combined with 6
    upgrade slots that allows you to REALLY buff what matters about the ship!

    In my case I chose to buff the main guns mostly, but also the rudder shift,
    concealment, and damage control, all things that are VERY useful for a BB
    that is entirely built around its guns! Especially with the turret traverse
    nerf it got along with the Wyoming, which was a shame, because before that
    the Arkansas was basically OP! But at least it can turn it’s hull quickly
    and the expert marksman skill brings traverse to 52 seconds IIRC, which is
    manageable with the turning radius and enhanced rudder shift!

    Sure it’s a slow beast dreadnought class, but I would MUCH prefer that
    style to the lightly armored low gun style of the Myogi, if WG had given us
    a Myogi class premium, even with 6 upgrade slots, I probably would not use
    it, and if I really needed a port slot I would probably sell such a ship, I
    know SOME people claim to be fond of the Myogi, but I could not STAND it!
    which is one of the reasons I went for USN BBs instead – though the main
    reason was that the Montana USED to be better than the Yamato in basically
    every way, now, well it’s a different story, though the Montana does still
    come off better versus cruisers and basically any BB that is not the Yamato
    it’s self, due to the much faster turrets and an extra 3 guns that WILL pen
    basically anything that isn’t the Yamato with ease!

    I just wish the BB repair ability of the Montana was on the same level as
    the Yamato – which has INSANE healing abilities!

  31. “Hey if I can’t do what you just did, then surely it must be luck that did
    it… I mean we are talking about ME! I don’t make mistakes and am the
    pinnacle of skill.” *replace ‘luck’ with cheat/hax/mod when applicable*

    Why is it that so many people have this approach? Are people really that
    scared of not being the best?

  32. lucky, now thats funny…why do i never see these people,,,2 kumas, and a
    bb that reverses side facing you. lol
    and the second vid, same thing..i like the one CA that starts firing on
    you, gets your attention, then turns all his guns after you aim at him lol

  33. I just had to watch a 3 minute video about some Intel vlog giveaway, that
    was painful

  34. 4:47
    “He lets us know that he doesn’t believe we deserved that kill.”
    “He uses a VERY naughty word, too.”

    ROFL!!!! My sides split!! BUahahha

  35. great gameplay!

  36. 12x 12 inch memos coming up. Lol. Lucky frogger. I don’t know why this ship
    gets so much hate. I like mine but i think the captain needs some skills
    and ship upgrades before you can enjoy it. Gg mate.

  37. Like you said, in the right hands this ship is a lot better than most give
    it credit for. Great job Notser. One of the better games I have seen you
    play. Keep the videos coming.

  38. Great game, some of the lower tier ships are really fun now that we are a
    little better players. Try the Clemson.

  39. Was hoping you were going to post this. Thanks, Notser.
    – Wash0ut

  40. Broadside on to a battleship? Yep, that’s a paddlin’ .

  41. Thanks again for entertaining us all.

  42. That is EXACTLY what happened in my last match in my Arkansas! I was on
    Solomon islands, and I took the point, bagged 3 kills and about 54k damage,
    but that didn’t stop my MORON teammates from calling me a noob for going to
    the corner alone – DESPITE THE FACT that I KEPT pinging the map and hitting

    Turns out the ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM – apart from 1 cruiser and a destroyer,
    we’re ALL on the point side! And we lost to cap as the Wyomings on my team
    TRIED TO CHASE 1 CC AND 1 DD! No big surprise that on Wyoming called me a
    noob, and the other claimed he didn’t see my pinging or SOS signals, saying
    it was MY FAULT because I didn’t type in CHAT that I needed help, yanno
    despite the fact that SOS writes it out in chat as well as vocally, and
    pinging the map also shows up in chat!

    That was definitely an instance of WOWS reminding me of WOT! Doesn’t happen
    too often like that, but when it does it is REALLY aggravating!

  43. NOOOO NOTSER! You NEED all six slots filled! Then the Arkansas is an
    unstoppable juggernaut in a tier 4 match, great in tier 5s, and still holds
    its own at the maximum tier 6 it can see!

    I have the turret durability mod, range mod, reload mod, rudder shift mod,
    damage control mod, and concealment mod on mine!

    TRY THAT OUT ONCE! Then you will feel the TRUE POWER! XD

  44. Told ya’

    Don’t need to buy that Isumoneygrab

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