World of Warships – Armada: Aigle

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  1. Gabrijel Pogledić

    so cool!

  2. So,this is a gunboat with good torps.Sounds nice

  3. Looks almost like a wargaming special edition ship

  4. Can you say ‘powercreep’?

  5. You should fire the guy who made french subtiles. “New tier 4 destroyer” “Designed for fighting other destroyers, said the man. ” Designed for fighting other cruisers” said the subtiles. There is way more but im lazy to say them all

  6. The pronunciation is not right, even if aigle means eagle.
    If you want say properly you have to say something like “aigleoou”.

  7. aa defense?

  8. What about Cyclone she came before Aigle

  9. turret turn time is so bad…

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