World of Warships – Armada: Alabama

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  1. Chris Topher08030


  2. My visit to the Alabama was certainly worth the 5 hour trip.

  3. ‘Steering wheel’? Other than that,nice viddy.

  4. HELM! Not steering wheel you damned landlubber!!!!

  5. No first… but good video !

  6. Logan McCorquodale

    Only 19.99

  7. Armada! are you going to do a video on HMS Hood?

  8. Sweet home alabama❤️❤️?

  9. avelino nunez ortega

    Eh I’ll still take my nc, idk what is it about that ship but I get all happy when I take out nc for a fight

  10. basically this ship is like the Colorado its a brawler

  11. Gamesghost CL55 Cleveland

    That one hell of a Good videos!

  12. Alabama nigger

  13. Armada: Mutsu plz

  14. Jansel Kenneth Tolentino

    This sounds like a reupload. I’ve watched this vid before but it had lots of mistakes.

  15. I want too be cool ok

    Do a video of the legendary Bismarck. The ship that sink HMS Hood.

  16. you guys need to put world of warships on phones its kinda unfair that phone users only get world if tanks

  17. if I had a computer i would be playing world of warships everyday

  18. mmjh am i the only one thinking north Carolina armada vid more cooler….

  19. world of warship for andi

  20. Ha ha brits murica fuck yeah

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