World of Warships – Armada: Dunkerque

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  1. Massive size, shitty guns, useless AA, useless armour. Sorry WG but if this
    didn’t get buffed it’s a no-buy.

  2. What is the custom flag that comes with the supreme bundle?

  3. Just like in real life , the Dunkerque is horrible. Historically the guns
    ware horrific,when you fire one of them, the concussion trows the aim of
    all others because they ware stacked i pairs for 2 next to each other. It
    was only designed to fight ships like Graff Spee. In game is the same-
    ultra shit guns, armor that is going to embarrass CLs and the size….
    (when you wont speed and guns in front you need to balance it with length
    (because of the big weight in front and speed needs long streamlined


  5. Graceful French Bow hahahaha lol xD

  6. Fuckin england

  7. Wonder what chinese battleships look like

  8. the drunkenqueen

  9. It’s ok for people to talk about historical accuracy with this ship but can
    we please turn our heads to the amazing Russian ships we have in the
    game…….yes Russia the naval powerhouse……

  10. heu …ils ont juste oublié de dire que les “courageux” anglais ont
    bombardé le Richelieu alors que celui ci avait démonté les cullasses des
    canons , conformément aux traité d’armistice , et que leur saloperie a
    couté la vie a 1500 matelots ! pas de quoi etre fier la perfide albion !
    comme dab ! mème sur wow la seule chose que les brits savent dire c’est
    “report report” ! pfffff

  11. im desperately waiting for the italian navy *.*

  12. I have to say having purchased this I’ve quite enjoyed it

  13. while hitler let the brits go in dunkerque they bombed 20000 french allies
    to death (and 3x auschwitz bombing they should also be blamed for)

  14. My Nagato salivates when it sees these. Her bow doesn’t work so well when I
    see her ;^)

  15. we need this game on Xbox one/PS4, PLEASE

  16. NO more money one the premium ships ( and I spend many )! You can not use
    your XP which you earn whit this ships on your captain with out using again
    money to convert it, to upgrade his skills, or ales which is the idea to
    spend money in premium ships!! So no, not any more, I was said to spend
    some money but not more then what is necessary and whit out risen!!

  17. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    What is the purpose of the clock on the superstructure in 2:22? Is it to
    show the time or the position of the guns for the sailors?

  18. Davian “Captain” Thule

    So many negative comments and the most are from people who played or heard
    from others bad stuff about Izumo..

    First of all Izumo is a damn good ship which needs some skill and the
    player who plays it not be a fucking chicken who runs behind islands..
    Same thing with this one here, Its a ship made for offence and with the
    correct team (better say division) can push capture-points at start of the
    game along with the destroyers thanks to her speed and some smoke
    With aim modules, commander skill and with correct flags up, am pretty sure
    6 our of 8 shells will hit the target and perhaps citadels on anyone.
    Also since most players use the classic WoT tactic to run forth and back,
    you can just reverse out of an area without exposing your sides and still
    do damage on enemies and STILL avoid incoming torpedos.
    And last. You can also use her to hunt down enemy nab cruisers and
    battleships who stay on max range keep your sides safe, easily avoid
    incoming shells and make them rage on chat on how unfair life is..

    So dont go and say “ohh this ship suck” .. Go and get better..

  19. it doesnt have the shortest reload time, as its tied with fuso, which is
    the best tier 6 in my opinion

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