World of Warships – Armada: Gascogne

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  1. Are u gonna add Submarines!??!?!?-?

    Are french ships made from paper?

  2. please update your engine, you’re far behind world of tanks

    • world of warship and world of tanks is the same company, they can only take one major thing at the time. It take months to adjust maps for the new engine

    • What will you update on a vast ocean with some isle here and there?

  3. Baguette bias confirmed.

  4. “Gun turrets will make captains happy with their accuracy” lol. Isn’t the accuracy worse than the German’s? Even in the video the dispersion of the volleys is all over the place.

  5. fachreza eka kurnia

    Which nation have best battleship accuracy ?

  6. How can I change my wows gamertag

  7. Why will you get back Turkish subtitle support? I’m leaving the subscription and I will delete the game.

  8. scheiss geldegeile nutte. wenn ich jemand hasse dann dich.

  9. Türkçe altyazılar gidecek ben ona yanıyorum. 🙁

  10. What happened with Jean Bart WG ??? You mentioned it first as the French TVIII Premium BB, and then you do give US this thing that nobody wanted in the game, so ….

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