World of Warships – Armada: Giulio Cesare

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  1. World of tanks eh Wargaming.

  2. the fuhrer epicness

    2nd and the pasta is ready mates 😀

  3. World of Tanks… wrong title dude… ?

  4. Hmm… new tier 8 premium tank?

  5. I guess this is WoT’s Halloween costume?!

  6. Amphibious tank dlc? 😉

  7. Why World of Tanks??? Wargaming haha ?

  8. Omg “World Of Tanks” wrong typo WG I died laughing!!

  9. Biggest tank I have seen in world of tanks. But the real question is it a Tog 2 in camouflage?

  10. Giulio not GUILLIO !

  11. “They say that looks are deceiving” Yeah – This video is called World of Tanks and it looks a lot like World of Warships :O

  12. gUILLio?!?!?!?
    …learn a bit about THE Roman

  13. It’s Giulio Cesare not guillio

  14. Federico Gugliandolo

    Viva l’Italia

  15. Almost…it’s written “Giulio” not “Guilio”

  16. Day 2: the title is still wrong

  17. can it change sides when losing the battle

  18. How do you even get this ship? :S

  19. When’s the ship being released

  20. gun with 320 mamma mia

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