World of Warships – Armada: Graf Spee

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In this episode the series, the spotlight’s very much on a brand new Tier VI German Premium , Admiral Graf . Nicknamed a “pocket ”, Graf was famed for the Battle of the River Plate on the Atlantic Ocean on 13 December 1939.

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  1. First

  2. The treaty of Versaille “allowed” Germany to build it? Right, I forgot, the
    treaty was imposed to “allow” Germany to do more things. :D

  3. Side effect of this ship? Well it removes missions from eu server and lets
    the communist decide what is good for you heyy who needs freedom anyway?

    P.S don’t bother removing this comment I will copy paste it as soon as that
    is done.

  4. Pocket Battleship… pocket…. pay out of your pocket to get this
    battleship. Oooh! Now I get it!

  5. Touch me daddy

  6. I have a pic I would like to this on consle

  7. Well unless Wargaming decides to put a Premium HMS Furious with two 18 inch
    guns then the case is officially settled.
    If you manage to actually HIT something with those guns is another matter.

  8. Treaty also allowed me to build build Space warships :3!

  9. 0:05 ^ignoring the restrictions imposed by the treaty of versaille…

  10. Cool story wargaming. Could you consider adding the british battleship tech
    tree and aircraft carrier tech tree? a new russian battleship: the sovetsky
    soyuz class (premium), the shinano class aircraft carrier (built from a
    yamato hull and featured 120mm aa rockets. premium ship), the german
    carrier: graf zeppelin (premium), and the german spahkreuzer concept

  11. And what about the Santa Convoy. The missions you deny the EU players to
    complete. Scam them out of the equivalent of 76€ worth of doubloons &

  12. Song name on 1:00?

  13. That’s nasty.

  14. that looks like a nice Pocket Battleship. I never seen a Warship have her
    torpedo tubes in the stern. You have to turn, just to use them. 20 secs for
    reloading? well, that’s faster than Yamato. Tbh, she’s nice, but not to be
    Judgy, I wish her tubes were in her mid sections like Tirpitz, Sharnhorst,
    And the rest because you don’t need to turn to just use them. that’s my
    opinion on Admiral Graff Spee

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