World of Warships – Armada: HMAS Perth

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The modified British Leander-class HMAS sails the open waters in World Warships! The vessel plays best as an escort ship due to its great manoeuvrability and acceleration, which makes it a valuable asset to any division.

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  1. i love it!

  2. can we have more CVs in the game?

  3. why do british ships not even have HE i dont get it. and plz can u make it
    so that we just earn all the skills for the commander huh plz and for god
    sake get rid of the 50% reload time if all guns are loaded skill get rid of
    it its worthless nobody uses it plz

  4. Scheiss Amimassists

  5. Wargaming you suck.

  6. Chilean battleshipAlmirante Latorre

  7. AUSSIE FTW!!!!

  8. OK when will it be available on the NA server?

  9. Noch mehr Op geht wohl nicht mehr? Ne Belfast mit Torps, 90 sekunden smoke
    auf Tier 6 ?
    Das Spiel wird langsam nur noch stressig da permanent eingenebelt wird 🙁
    Und dann auch noch HE Spam, tolle Balance WG, danke 🙁

  10. Tenryuu Ship (Tenryuu Kantai)

    True Blue Fair Dinkum Dinky Die

  11. lol Perth cant even shoot targets 15km away

  12. Ohhhhhh Get Roasted Enemy Citadels!

  13. why would you ever chose SE on anything but destroyers

  14. dang it stop making so many prems that I want.

  15. metaphors left right and centre ey?

  16. I’d rather buy the Leander again, that use this turd… And who cares about
    trying a Aussy captain when it is a British ship… = Pointless to buy, i
    would rather sail my Belfart.

  17. Can we have italian navy? PORCODDDDIO?

  18. Davian “Captain” Thule

    Am still waiting for ANY mediterranean ship :/

  19. Thunder And Guillon

    4:29 Australian ship with a British plane + British roundel…

  20. Lol my history teacher and I love naval and he did a class about British
    navy boats and my fave one was Perth and you make a vid about Hamas Perth

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