World of Warships – Armada: Huanghe

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  2. the fuhrer epicness


  3. This video in a nutshell: British, Britain, British, England, British, Foggy Albion, British ……. By the way it’s chinese. xDD

  4. Still cleavland is cleavland..No ship come when it comes to its air defence…Still even t8 ca can’t match with aa power cleavland has when she is modded for aa defense purpose..

  5. I love how they use a red Dragon rather than a PRC flag or Taiwan flag. Political sensitivity?

  6. Or as she was called recently “Huang Meh”.

  7. This Video feels somekind useless, at least in the kind of how it’s produced.

  8. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    1:00 Except she never received that gift.
    Also the made up PA flag instead of an actual flag is not really a selling point

  9. Indonesia ever had a light cruiser too, it’s KRI Irian. It’s Sverdlov class light cruiser (Russian)

  10. give it Moskva radar, Hindenburg sonar, DD DFAA, Minotaur repair party, USN smoke, french speed boost, torpedo reload booster…then MAYBE it will work

  11. Why world of tanks common test server don’t working. I need it working right now and every day

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