World of Warships – Armada: Kidd

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  1. First ! And very excited !

  2. i love this ship

  3. Yay for USS Kidd 🙂

  4. 1 torp rack? US DDs already sucks at taking on bigger ships, Kidd sucks more with just 1 rack of those torps.

  5. Rares Ar trebuii sa pun numele de familie ?

    I wish i can play it 😛

  6. I would have expected that Kidd would be similar to Akizuki.

  7. This is just like Akizuki but USS way :^)

  8. So what’s worse?

  9. Jason Kidd gelir hep bu gemiyi görünce aklıma.

  10. Who wants armada MONTANa leave a like

  11. Can we have a feature where our main battery guns can be used for AA too? I mean these are ships meant for AA protection escorts during WW2

  12. Well you can’t rely on the HP when you get killed by the “fun and engaging” mechanic.

  13. Make wows blitz for andoid devices too

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