World of Warships – Armada: King George V

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Did you play your way up to tier VII the King George V already? If not here is what you can look forward to!

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  1. Pls make montana armda

  2. if the quadruple turrets don’t malfunction when I’m fighting Bismarck its not the King George V

  3. Did they just recommend IFHE on a ship that basically already HAS IFHE built-in?

  4. Seriously encouraging HE spam it BBS now?

  5. The battleship-line that ruined the game with its HE spam and a broken T10… FeelsBadMan
    Edit: As Flamu pointed out also. IFHE? Really? How about learn how to shoot and use the AP? Even the Scharnwürst does well with AP if you know how to aim…

  6. I like how at 4:20 they try to justify the absurd HE by saying it’s “immensely vulnerable to the shell type herself”. KGV has the same 25mm armor on bow, deck and stern that both the Colorado and Nagato do. Superstructure armor is also 16mm just like on the USN and IJN BBs. Can’t remember those two having ridiculous HE shells, an underwater citadel, improved heal and god tier concealment allowing them to mitigate incoming fire in the same way though. The only thing more amusing than this obvious power-creep is WG’s attempts to justify it.

  7. SS Obersturmbannführer Battleship Bismarck

    I never thought WG will do King George V armada,the ship who sink me

  8. And it still should be a tier 8. You dun goofed on that WG.

  9. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Lol 3:48 is that expert rear gunner? On a BB? The memes are real.

  10. HMS HE SPAM in short

  11. if wargaming adds weapon realism into world of warship, King George V will be the most difficult ship to play

  12. when Russian DDs have worse Concealment than Brit BBs 😀 i love the logic

  13. I like this Ship,i grinded hard and fast to get to the KGV,the other Ships in the Line except the Orion and Conquerer are not so interesting for me!!!

  14. What kind of playstyle changes in the uptier? You are still firing HE like an idiot.

  15. ‘She is rather a battlecruiser’ what. Armour second only to the Yamato and she’s a battlecruiser?!? SHE WAS NOT A BATTLECRUISER STOP SAYING SHE IS.

  16. its weird calling a ship named after a man she

  17. Umm guys…? Why do you show off an example of battleship captain build using a CARRIER skill (expert rear gunner)? And IFHE for a battleship?

  18. since when is the King George 5 battlecruiser ? Wargaming is really out of options and gettin ridicoules.

  19. Poor cruisers 🙁

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