World of Warships – Armada: Leningrad

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The fearsome Tier VII Premium destroyer Leningrad has arrived in the game and it is under the spotlight in the latest episode of Armada!

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  1. พอลลี้ ขี่ไม่ราด


  2. I bought one just because I know it will be OP.

  3. i love how you now say russian destroyers DECENT range rather than the
    former EXCEPTIONAL range of them before the patch. you have ruined the
    khaborovsk in short…

  4. 3:30 dat drift

  5. ok thanks for me phenomenal luck in information in the seas

  6. When will you introduce mines to the game?

  7. patrick schwendeman

    just wondering, but why does the EU server have so many more premium ships
    for sale compared to the US server?

  8. Greg M (Cherokee_140)

    A huge OP soviet ship….who would have thunk it.

    such bias.

  9. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    turrets turn too slow? with a 3.5 sec rudder shift time putting them on
    target should be a joke… just turn the damn boat cuz it goes faster!

  10. Lol I thought invisible torping is a Problem. Principe of the Japanese

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