World of Warships – Armada: Nelson

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  1. Finally my favourite battleship.

  2. WoWS for xbox ples

  3. Nah izi citadel or burn it with HE but its good bruiser

  4. Effective and reasonable design? Wasnt this ship ”meh” in all aspects apart from gun caliber in real life?

    • HMS Rodney participated in the hunt for the Bismarck.

    • ben taylor Great design involves the bridge shattering if the rear 16″ turret fires at a certain angle, gotta love that British humour.

    • Sarge Sacker25 well every design has it’s drawbacks

    • Yeah but participating in something does not mean it did well at it. The only thing worth noting (that I can think of) was that it was the only battleship scoring a torpedo hit in history (it hit the Bismarck). Otherwise it was slow, had bad AA protection, bad manuarability… does look cool tho.

    • cerberus rex x It looks a bit goofy with the superstructure more towards the rear

  5. i saw the Roma! 😀

  6. Babi Yes Yes dasar penakut

    Hoahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahah i wannna play the game now!! B because so coll and i wanna play everyday

  7. *checks in on the final fate of Nelson.. distressed does some research and notices we had scrapped all of our 20th century Battleships.*
    well I guess playing ‘catch up’ to the yanks in turning your country into a literal human zoo is expensive. Heritage, what’s that? who cares, we be British n shieeet!!

  8. I have this ship, great accuracy, good AP, full on HE shotgun, easy to keep all turrets in the same direction with good traverse, decent armour if angled, killer heal, I play reservedly then get more aggressive as enemies get weaker, using my health pool and regen as an advantage.
    Excellent ship and well worth the time and effort.

  9. HMS Rodney?

  10. My favourite ship in this game and the most OP ship (even than Missouri)

  11. World fo tnak and T49A ?..

  12. Fc World fo tnak

  13. That Crazy Tank Guy

    “You can earn her for free”

    I nearly died laughing

  14. Сергей Конюхов

    Тут в танки идут постоянно сливные бои, даже и заходить не охота. А вы предлагаете корабли это хорошо но не для меня. Если будет хорошая реклама то присылайте, отправлю в Г+ за три дня премиума!!!

  15. I need world of tanks common test server working right now please how many can I tell you that

  16. Already have warspite and duke of york… Im saving my free exp for researching stock ships so I dont have to play with stock modules.

  17. This is my favourite ship in game. People seriously underestimate her and pay for it. Obviously her HE is good but the real punch is the AP. My god have I had some extremely satisfying salvos with her. Love the ship.

  18. extremely large citadel…making it very weak to AP from other BBs if not well angled.

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