World of Warships – Armada: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

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  1. Russian Empire. That’s nice.

  2. Yaay, Big Hibiki is here

  3. communism sighted…

  4. 30 second cool down on the damage control party ? I know that WG has run out of ideas for their consumables a long time ago but this is just silly. They should think about seriously redesigning their game.

  5. The best thing about it, you can earn it for free.

  6. The siluett doesn’t look that Good + looooong name!?

  7. lol this powercreep is getting crazy, poor new york

  8. buy it while its still there to wreck tier 5

  9. Nikolai’s big brother, he’s here to break down some US ships for the motherland

  10. “World of Warships, The world where you can show honor…” stop sniffing glue WG.

  11. Aleksander Kwaśniewski

    o kurwa

  12. Leanr to say König please i’m not german and it felt bad

  13. Say the ship’s name 5 times really fast while scratching your head and rubbing your belly.

  14. Look at the date, WG please remember that Iron Duke is a real duke………………..

  15. Please add Indonesian subtitle

  16. “main armament’s range is 17 km”
    “305mm guns”

    *_laughs in ARP Haruna with 23km range_*

  17. I don’t understand why Russian tank and ship is so op

  18. That Name makes me sick

  19. How about the iron duke?

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