World of Warships – Armada: Scharnhorst

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Introducing the Scharnhorst: The long awaited second German to come into the game, the famed Scharnhorst is leading its class before the rest the fleet arrives.

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  1. the scharnhorst is a battlecruser

  2. Who thinks the guns need a buff? Like they pen worse than 8 in cruiser

  3. Funny enough, the Germans rightfully considered the Scharnhorst and
    Gneisenau poor sea boats since they have such low freeboard. During heavy
    seas the front turret essentially won’t work.

    That said this is one sexy ship.

  4. How do you check the armor thickness

  5. so where should the enemy aim at?

  6. This ship is perfect, yeah, but the only thing why I wouldn’t use this ship
    is that it is not effective at longrange. I am that person who fights at
    distances… (Sry 4 bad english)

  7. Majestic Hotwings

    I just wish the dunkerque was on par with this one, I would have loved to
    have it

  8. Majestic Hotwings

    Man they are totally trolling us with that armour layout

  9. So in other words it’s a Battlecruiser ? can’t we get separate lines for

  10. Waiting for: Naval Legends: Bismarck

  11. One of those turrets is actualy standing in Norway. It is mounted on a
    little hill, and reaches multible floors down under the stone, with a whole
    living acomodation down there.
    Its a realy impressive peace of fire equipment, and massive.

  12. Now bring in the royal navy!

  13. I have this ship and….I know his lack of penetration wont alow u to fight
    with other BB’s but even his HE is crap
    u will bounce with HE to on other BB’s
    and AP ? nothing spectacular u will bounce a lot, even on tier 5 cruisers

  14. give us the armor layout system forget the prem crap!!

  15. w skrócie to krąrzownik z pancerzem pancernika

  16. Both ships were btw pretty bad actual ships, with bad maneuvering
    capabilities and a vulnerability to higher waves until their bow was

  17. Frederik Eilertsen

    Whats the best angle to maintain with this ship? Its thin almost

  18. wow not bad

  19. Where you can activate the ingame armor layout?

  20. THE HD GAMER Alanas

    what is the citadel i dont have a pc so… i dont know stuff

  21. give Gneisenau the same guns as it should have from the beginning

  22. an other one for me to kill

  23. You forgot about the broken optics that come with the innacurate as hell

  24. SCharnhorst confirm

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