World of Warships – Armada v2

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  1. Whaaaaat?

  2. Hmmm,

    So the difference is in some French BBs Ect,

    Keep it up man!

    • There are pieces from 5 new videos and a few old ones I didn’t use at all. I absolutely wanted to keep 90% of the first half the same with some adjustments to a single clip or two that I felt were out of place both in terms of flow and visual interest. After that only a few clips stayed in place due to their synchronization with the music.

    • Business6


  3. Hey! It’s me!

    I had a lot of issues with drivers and so on and so forth, basically went on from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (…and the same problems persist, yay!) but in the process I lost my digital download of Power Director. I was extremely frustrated due to losing around 20 hours of work on two ongoing projects and only today repurchased the program.

    This is the second version of the Armada trailer. I’m leaving the other one up so long as Youtube allows me to, of course. I was really happy with the first edit but there were a number of cuts that I wanted to change and, in the followings months, some higher quality CG was released to pull new edits from thus the new result here. You can compare and contrast if you wish but this one is the better one, objectively 😛 Doing this edit just gives me a chance to get back up to speed with the program and work on putting thoughts to reality via practice.

    I have over 400gb of footage sitting around. I’ll get back to it as soon as time allows. Thanks and I’ll see you for the next Ships & Giggles or on Twitch 😀 Happy hunting!

  4. The Rogue Admiral

    I love the way it syncs up at 0:58


  6. Awesome! RDF approves!

  7. Giancarlo Gavotto

    Hey business played against you in my Missouri and you were in your panasian good time fighting you. Lol
    If you ever have time to div up let me know.
    In game Warshroud_The_Striker

  8. Great job, Biz!

  9. Well done, Sir

  10. Big Girl Yamato 🙁

  11. Very nice edit biz, the music, drums on gunfire… top notch!

  12. Awesome sauce. That is all. (Was fun watching you pull it together too)

  13. Great stuff… only that CV scene is a bit OTP…

  14. your videos are better than war gaming’s videos. keep making them

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