World of Warships – Armed Jet ski on steroids

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It’s new patch, it’s new test ships and oh boy French have a new toy.
Mogador, tier 9 French with 139mm guns, rockets for and wind in your hair.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I’ve been waiting all day for this!

  2. Kinda makes the other DDs irrelevant. Who needs stealth when you are effectively a guided missile with guns and more missiles strapped to it?

  3. Imagine if Zao, Henri, Khaba did a triple fusion, boom u got French DD

  4. lots of guns, torps on both sides, fast torp reload – the french DDs are clemsons without smoke.

  5. Give it slow torps as an option so it can outrun them and torpedo itself

  6. Who would win?

    A DD with 50mm plating

    _Or OnE SpEEdY Boii???_

    • At this point in the game, that 50mm plating is more of a liability than benefit.

    • Jonathan Meilaender

      +M Solo True for the most part, but it does help a lot against other dds.

    • +Jonathan Meilaender Fair enough, but your concealment rarely lets you fight other dds. You do occasionally get Akizuki/Kitakaze/Harugumo picking a fight at close range without support, but even then you come out with a bloody nose and need to pop couple of heals to get back in fighting condition.

  7. Re-Class Battleship

    Think of poor Khabarovsk-chan. She prided herself on being ridculously fast and now the French pass her by at ludicrous speed. You might even say they go to plaid.

  8. I think they kinda got the hang of crazy fast with the crazy DD space battles and now wanted to implement it in the normal game…

  9. That ship couldn´t even reach 40kn on trials but WG makes it go 54kn because why not. Typical russian bias.

    Oh wait, it´s not russian – then it´s ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (may contain sarcasm)

    • “The Mogador-class ships were designed for a speed of 39 knots (72 km/h; 45 mph), but this was comfortably exceeded on trials when Mogador achieved a top speed of 43.45 knots (80.47 km/h; 50.00 mph) from 118,320 shp (88,230 kW) for one hour” the one thing they missed in this was the fact the ships engines in trials were underperforming for typical sea trial loading. source:

    • +Solac e “… for typical sea trial loading.” – yes, the “Trial-loading”. Which included special fuel and special everything which you don´t use in service, performed in perfect sea-conditions in specific water-depth to benefit from the XY-effect (cant remember the name). Add to this the extremely light load, even with parts of the armament demounted…

      The french and Italian trial-speeds were not recognized by other navies due to their absurd measurement methods.

  10. This is not funny … I hope the torps have 1.9km detection at that speed …

  11. This ship is for flambass… O boy finally WoWs they get a ship for flambass…

  12. lol Seriously OP ship. At least until teams/players work out that they need to hard counter asap in a match. With the current WoWs player base with 50% unable to tie shoelaces this may be too much

    • bbut….. it has No Smoke . . so no sneaky sneaky and no hiding just running and gunning with a few torps thrown in . Aaannnnddd Spppoooodddd BBBeeeaaassstt

  13. Firstly 54 knots of speed. Then those 1min CD torpedoes. On both sides. With almost full angle coverage.

    • No smoke and crappy reload. Concealment not great either i think

    • +G6G got to balance it out somehow. The turret traverse also felt slow & HE is kind of weaksauce. However it is a reminiscent of the Russian run & gun, now with some extra helping of drive by torpedoes.

  14. Don’t get it. The historical Mogador DD had a max speed of 39 kts…..

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      yeah, weird. Likely it’s a mistake. Though WG have done crazy things in the past, with their other games. ex: back when ppl whined about E100 tank (in WoT) having only 235 pen, a guy knowledgeable in tank history said that 15 cm canon had even lower pen IRL. However the way the game worked that gun would’ve been useless with sub 235 pen at higher levels vs higher level tanks. Plus WG wanted to keep rolling with a certain “logic” that bigger caliber = deserves better pen when IRL it’s not always true.

  15. This ship looks overpowered as hell. I want one.

  16. I like that your speed drops to 45 knots in a hard turn to port…. Nice….. Really nice…. 🙂

  17. Gunboat DD without last stand….. some next level shit….. 😀

  18. Looks fun … although the 45s torp reload does seem incredibly broken given how powerful those are.

  19. Mogador is French for “Power Creep”

  20. 60 second torp cooldown.
    good gun
    Super fast

    Tell me what this ship is for again? Jesus.

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