World of Warships Arms Race – How to Play

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This is a quick down and dirty of how to play World of Warships Arms Race in under three minutes. Know all you need to know in a short time, then get out there and play this fun new game mode!


  1. It is nice to have fun playing tier 10 again.

  2. I love ARMS RACE ! I adore it! Its FUN !

  3. I can’t wait to try it, forces players to be aggressive.

  4. Looks like fun but once again you must have tier 10 ships…  Many of us don’t, so we will have to watch videos about it.

  5. I’m not sure if it’s the mode itself or just my luck having really bad players on my team. But out of 8 battles, I only won 2 while being in the top 3 in each game. The big problem I’m seeing is my team was always loosing about or over half their size in the first minutes by many over-extending and getting greedy with these capture locations. Total tunnel vision on those locations without paying attention to the position of the enemy. I don’t think many realize that throwing yourself to get a capture for one buff will only hurt your team in the long run, just like in Random due to extra points they gain from your death.

    The mode seems fun, but from my experience so far its frustrating as it promotes a lot of suicide behavior at the moment. It is the first week, so it will take time before most experience it and a meta starts to form.

  6. Attention non-elderly viewers — the “4-1-1” mentioned is a reference to an old-school three-digit telephone number, something that pre-dated today’s 9-1-1 service. When called, a person would answer. You would tell them the name of the person you would like the telephone number for, and if lucky, they would give you the number. The service was called “information” or sometimes “Directory assistance.” In this case, 4-1-1 is a synonym for “information.” True story, ask your grandparents.

  7. Agree. This mode is fun AF!
    This mode forces passive players to move forward nicely (unless they’re afk), which is something that my rather aggressive playstyle suits *horribly* well.
    Also keep many T9-10 players out of the Random Battles queue which means my T8 boats have better time sailing around without the fear of being overpowered.

  8. Yep love the mod. Reqires strategy unlike random

  9. You know what burns me up though? Yamato drivers and cruisers who try to play it like a normal match and camp. The secret is to keep moving

  10. People need to realize that they need to push in this gamemode. All I see is people playing the same way they do in randoms.

  11. So the “No Key” displays your buffs. FYI that is directly to the left of the “Any key”.

  12. Be sure you put the video on the forums Zoup.

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