World of Warships – Arms Race Legendary Issue

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Discussing some oversights by in the implementation Arms Race, biggest issue is the lack Legendary Module completion. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

IX American Alaska Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server



  1. Funny that Alaska can have a maneuverability build when the real life ship turned like a pregnant whale.

    • It’s a video game that is very loosely based on real life warships. It’s not meant to be real life. If it were, the only fleet groupings would be 9 destroyers, 2 cruisers and a single battleship, but that’s not how gaming works.

    • Thank you captain obvious, we all know that. I made a comment about Noster’s build because it is ironically something the real Alaska could never do. That, more than anything points to the fact that is an arcade game. Did you miss that?

    • Thank you for the information! 🙂

    • “Lighten up Nancy, I meant it as a joke. but, if you want to be more serious about it, WG should take into account the actual abilities of the ships it is striving to represent, at least to some degree”

      Yes, everyone knows this. Except you, the only person bitching about it here. Take yourself for a walk and calm down there, turbo.

    • Well, you missed my opening statement then, it was rather obvious.

  2. Alaska release, when?

  3. Let me use T7 ships in arms race!!!
    I want to use my sharnhorst

  4. I agree with you Notser 100% that’s the reason I’m not playing this mode .

  5. I’m glad you brought this up. I didn’t notice that the legendary missions didn’t apply to arms race

  6. so true … still playing random and will play random for the legendary module

  7. It doesn’t apply to Legendary? Well. F that. What a terrible decision by WG.

    I have the Legendary module on my Conqy-Dong. I ground it specifically. It was incredibly grindy. The rest will come as they come. I’m not gonna do another specific grind for a Legendary.

    This completely explains why it took forever for a game in Arms Race to build last night. I didn’t understand the delay, but now I do. Arms Race is dead to me.

  8. I like this mode but i can’t do Commander Halsey task as well. Seems wg forgotten to include them or they really don’t want arms race to become popular mode.

    • The problem is that in Arms race, you get those buffs that makes it often way too easy to get kills, high dmg etc. So yeah, I kinda get why they dont want to make Arms race equal in rewards as Random battle.

    • they can for awhile to make it more attractive, which is their goal anyway, while they think of a solution.
      removing it from ALL rewards is braindead

  9. You also cannot get your Super Container with your Tier 10 in Arms Race.

  10. OMG i waste 2 day in arm race REEEE and i got 3 tier 10 🙁

  11. I’m not entirely sure ALL rewards should be allowed for Arms Race. I had a 3.6k base exp game in my GK and didn’t even drop below 80k hp. The game mode is fun, but it feels a lot easier to farm. If I were receiving everything from Arms Race, I’d have no reason to play any of the other game modes

  12. I suspect in the rush to bring arms race out, they forgot the incentives to use it. Maybe this mode is still experimental? Or as you intuit, someone done goofed?

  13. Alaska or kronshtadt? I already have 750k free xp, what ship is better overall? Or best in winning credits? (Sry my english, greetings from Chile)

  14. “not like next patch – this week” -> I wish they would do more hotfixes to make minor balancing and that stuff

  15. WG create a T9/10 only mode to thin the T9/10 population in Random’s so T8 gameplay is viable again and then make the Arms Race mode pointless to play.

    GG WG, GG. *slow clap*

    • Also cause basically all you can get from arms race is exp and credits, but with a t10 there’s no need for exp, so basically all you can get is credits. That effectively limits arms race to t9 only if you want to spend your time effectively. t8’s will still get dragged into t10 matches and arms race will primarily be viable for t9s, and even then it’ll still be worse than randoms. It looks like It’s such a fun mode, yet I’m hesitant to actually play it.

    • randomhato I don’t think the t8 problem is actually that horrible that wg need to do something like this.

    • There is a “Silent Majority” that play “just for fun” (or ‘mostly’ for fun) and winning and rewards are nice to have but are secondary. Arms Race is intended to be “mostly for fun” and it serves that purpose well.

      But I could be wrong, time will tell.

  16. It is odd that it counts for base xp daily missions but doesn’t for anything else.
    Having fun in arms race even in the super camping SEA server.
    Fast paced action and actually been having fun grinding stock Fat Freddy with a 2nd-ary build.
    My 2 T10s have been idle as it doesn’t make sense to use them w/out rewards and T10 Randoms aren’t as fun as AR

    • You’re getting warmer! Excellent!
      It is meant for FUN and T-8 MM. This pulls the “just for fun” players to a separate place so the serious “team-players” in Randoms will have more team-play.

  17. @Notser , Arms race doesn’t contribute to campaign missions either.

    WG, let me get this straight I WANT to play arms race! I love it! Just let me get the rewards you would expact from any other game of PvP in this game!

    My guess is that the missions are already part-way completed and assigned to players. They might’ve had to reset the legendary mod missions if they were to include arms race. This theory doesn’t really explain why the campains or Hall of Fame are the way they are though.

  18. Totally agree with Notser. Also I wish Arms Race would be open for all lower tiers.

  19. I am not a fan of Arms Race, but I do agree it should be able to advance all missions. But I feel that way about all mods of the game. This is far from the first time some missions etc can not be completed in operations, or pve, or clan, or ranked etc. The only game mod that always advances missions and stuff always is random. So in my view is all missions should be able to be completed in all game play modes.

  20. Arms Race is comedy arcade mode and reward shouldn’t count for the missions because the buffs mean you can more easily obtain heroic and other achievements.

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