World of Warships – ARMS RACE with BOURGOGNE

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Here is BOURGOGNE, new tier 10 FR BB in the new mode, Arms race.
I absolutely love this ship and this new mode is quite fun as well 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Firing more than some cruiser , nothing broken here .

    • @Orson, you just do not undestand how we French work. Captain has just promissed free wine for the crew if they manage to reload faster than their escorting cruisers. That’s so simple.

    • @Timon Abramovic can u give me one downside? plz

    • WTPPALUK horrible hp pool, poor heal, extremely low caliber guns for t10 bb… armor is eh…
      I’ll admit it’s kind of hilarious in arms race when 3 or 4 reloads are capped and you’re reloading a bb in 15 seconds. That’s not the example you should be using to say the ship is OP though.

    • Well, or maybee not? Even with nerfed Alsace I have better resultats tant with République. So Bourgogne with improved sigma and gun reload booster could be very nasty. And 380mm are enought to pen brodaside BBs. There hi velocity and straight trajectory are really a deal.

    • Determining it is op based on arms race is certainly the best way to go…everything is OP in arms race, that is kinda the point

  2. I’d grant a little more armor to that ship but make her citadel higher, in order to balance her. She can take a lot of damages even with front AP hits, but punishing her broadside seem to be too hard, same as République (with her ridiculously hidden citadel)

  3. 7:10 Tier 10 battleship gascogne 2.0 confirmed

  4. I want 1 🙂

  5. Just me or the reload module either 8 secs to long or 4 secs to short? As i can see u can currently only fire 2 salvos Max whit it active, thaught the point of it was 3 salvos?? If 2 then nerf it?? And if 3 give the last 4 seconds needed to shoot 3

  6. “Tier 10 ships are the most balanced ships in the game”- WG 2018
    Also WG2018: We release Stalingrad and Bourgogne

    • agree on Stalin…
      Disagree on Bourgogne….this thing has some big downsides as well, so it’s not an OP Ship for sure.

    • Jesus and potatoes like u seriously exist, no Bourgogne is perfectly balanced

    • I’d say, its not perfectly balanced, its maybe not OP, but definitely above average. The reason is simple: she doesn’t loose that much from the other TX battleships. She also has 12 guns that can punish very hard. The caliber? just switch to HE. and the reload booster just compensates for the lower caliber. but thats just my opinion, no need to be so rude^^

    • how do you mean she doesn’t loose much xD
      – about 20-30k less HP
      – smallest caliber by far

      I don’t see any other T10 BB that has such significant downsides?
      I’m not saying the ship is not good, but not OP or so for sure!
      Otherwise you might call several other ships OP….

  7. Now I can’t stop imagining man’s ahegao face expression.

  8. Christopher Jonasson

    OK what is next in this broken game.. Cruise missiles ? Tactical nukes ? Stealth bombers ?

  9. well no orgasm voice again XD

  10. Anyone having luck with RN containers?I got Jervis and Icarus instead of lightening….

    • +boreas real me too

    • got all of them, just finishing mission for lightning. Funny enough, just resumed playing this week after a month of absence. First daily container was a super container, then got tier V-VII RN containers all on part 2. then lightning on part 3. Seems like you need to be absent for a while for RNG to favor you.

    • BTW guys,Will I get the exp stored on Jervis and Jervis will stay on my account after RN dds are released?

    • +Hibari yeah you keep them. Only change is right now they are “premium” so you can move commander but they will be normal when event is over and rest of the line is released

    • i got nothing what the hell

  11. awful dispersion


  13. I m wondering… why would you ever play a cruiser called Henri IV when the Bourgogne does pretty much everthing better than her? For torps maybe?

    • … Are you seriously comparing Henri with this? You DID see the HE volleys he put out? Henri does this every 9-10 seconds. And potatoes need to give a lot of broadside with Tier X BBs to actually get citadels with this thing.

      Also, Henri can actually dodge enemy fire.

    • My comment was pretty trollish but you are right, even though I can’t get this insane 10k HE volleys every 9-10 secs (even with IFHE), it s true that Henri might be better on pure damage dealing. Moreover, even if you dodge well with Henri you can still be one shooted by some weird-shooting BB with some 3cits salvos (from any angle). You also have to rememember that Bourgogne is the fastest BB and is able to dodge most of “daka daka ships”…

    • +bibimemyi studios On the other hand, 32mm armor throughout coupled with this incredibly low health pool for a t10 BB means cruisers are going to feast on the Bourgogne provided they angle well.

    • “Moreover, even if you dodge well with Henri you can still be one shooted by some weird-shooting BB with some 3cits salvos (from any angle).”

      Not at 15km+ range you cant, at least not with the double steering mod. Any closer and yeah, though…

  14. “Not enough lead” Devastating Strikes seem to be her speshulty XD

  15. Flambass is going to have to put “Parental Advisement” warnings on his Bourgogne if he keeps this up, not to be watched by children or those of a nervous disposition.

  16. that ship should be renamed the orgasmatron.

  17. @Flambass, does your fiance know you’re fantasizing about this ship now? 😀

  18. didntu break ur dmg record?

  19. my mogami do more damage 😀

  20. What’s the release date and how much will it cost?

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