World of Warships – Arms Race

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RQL’s Shipstorm Saturday

September 8th, 4:00 PM Eastern

1st Place: 9000 doubloons per player
2nd Place: 4150 doubloons per player
3rd Place: 1920 doubloons per player

Checking out Arms Race mode on the PTS, loving the gameplay and want more. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X German Hindenburg Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. Great, mario kart power-up pads just like the battle of Midway during WWII. Didn’t you say that you like the “historical” aspect of the game, well this is a perfect fit.

    This should appeal to 9 year olds.

    • If you wanted a “historical” game, why are you even here??? You should’ve left ages ago, well before Conqueror and Khabarovsk and Der Großer Kürfurst were even in the game. Hell, you should’ve turned away at Izumo back in the really early days.

      I guess it disappoints me a little that ship designs, game modes and game mechanics do stray from reality, especially now more than before. However, any game mode that has the potential to encourage more dynamic gameplay (ships getting in close and at high speed) rather than passive tactics (“bow-tanking”+reversing at long range) is certainly welcome and appreciated. Even if it is through these buffs, because I certainly don’t see anything “historical” about ships reversing at 5knots in battle.

    • +Matt Venom SIMULATOR. okay grear how will a destroyer ever get into torpedo range without nine giant 16 inch shells killing in one hit?

      in this new game BETTER make sure all BBs have an accuracy of 3% then !!!

    • Ask the crew of the USS Johnston about the Battle off Samar.

    • seriously, you just cry here like a 9 year old, that’s about it.

    • Yeah they are ruining the game trying to appeal to youngsters meanwhile the ones who joined and play this game for the historical aspect are being ignored

  2. Im curious, How do CV’s get buffs? Do they just have there planes take it or there ships?

  3. Unfortenately 90% of all players are supercowards and will complain that the bonuses are too far forward bla bla bla, for the rest however this will be great:)

  4. Vincent Rico Mercado

    I wish this gamemode goes down to Tier 8. I think Tier 9 and 10 is a bit of a high requirement.

    I might get a flank from this, but I think not everyone has Tier 9s and 10 around.

    • I totally agree with you (although I do have plenty of tier IX ships and 1 tier X). I don’t want to have to grind credits just to play this mode. Besides, players in lower tiers (from my experience) are far less likely to camp at the back, which would make it more fun.

    • I play lower levels too, T6-T8 would be nice. I say T6 because you wouldnt see questionable ships like Cesare and Kamiclones. Imagine Kami’s in this mode with like 3.6 km concealment and 30 sec torp reload lol.

    • I see it as an opportunity for less T-9 and T-10’s lining up for Random Battles. Which would make for a more enjoyable playing experience in Random as a T-8 since you’ll be bottom tier less often.
      Plus, it’ll give a reason to grind out to T-9 or T-10 to play another game mode.

    • You get that this game mode exist for the principal reason to unload the stress of the mm ( and consequently, people) from tier 9-10 so tier 8 can be top tier. Right?

  5. Bring it into the main game…if you want to dispense with any credibility in your claims to be having something to do with WW2 naval combat.
    It’s fine for those people who like inane yippee-shoots I suppose.

  6. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    I have not played the game in months for the exact reasons you stated. the passive rock humping, fire at max range meta is just not fun gameplay. If they incorporated something like this in randoms I would come back to the game.

    • Theo Honestly, it’s a game mode like this that could drive me away from the game, because it’s so damned arcade-y and silly.

    • +crucisnh .. Great,, so this mode with chase off the Cowards you are telling us.. SWEET!

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      I would change some things, like instead of giving buffs in randoms, if you were in 12k of a cap point when it is captured you could get credit. I would create a mechanic that you could click on a friendly ship and designate him as who you are supporting. So for example if you are in a battleship and you are supporting a friendly DD and you start firing on that cruiser that just got detected you would gain extra points for supporting a DD against the ship that is his counter. If you are in a cruiser and you are supporting a battleship and you engage a DD closing on the battleship you get extra points. They need to do something to encourage people to work together. I would also make it that if you are more than 12k away from the nearest friendly ship….you only get 10% of the normal points. Encourage people to work together and discourage solo yolo play.

  7. I think this gamemode has potensial to be an fun gamemode. However, I am rather skeptical about this as it could easly just be the “DD game mode” where DD get super buffs with automatic heal and faster ROF(Which I think also incl. Torps), while others would be shafted if they tries to move up and contest the cap.
    Since the caps are small, exposed etc. it doesn’t seem that WG has taken the others ships into consideration.(Example; How does an CV get buffs? How can an CL Move out to contest the cap without getting tossed back to port by the opposite team, exposing themself to Torps and Shells? How is BB supposed to contest the caps with them being so small that you either has to be stationary or slow down to “I want to get Citadel by the enemy” speed if you want to cap?)

    • 12 km effect zone, you don’t need to contest the cap with your CA or BB.
      Now this will definitely have to be tested in production, and there will probably be adjustments ; but this mode is interesting.
      I don’t play ranked because too many try-hard potatoes with thousand of games wasted.
      Random is boring too, especially at high tiers, because many tomatoes got a TX now, but they play super passive (and bad).
      So let see about this one.. soon TM

    • cruiser SHOULD already be within 12 of a cap and BBs too. High tier BBs are as fast as cruisers like Iowa and Alscasce. Why are you beyond the 12km buff radius at all?? Esp BBs should already be near the cap anyway!

    • What about the uber stealth radar that WILL happen? There’s so many concealment buffs, so radar ships are going to be very powerful…

    • +TheAllaksion People SHOULD play in team, but dev have to find concept to force it, because as you can see in game, this is NOT the case.

  8. “Hey this is Notser”

    As if I’d expect it to be anyone else. Because, you know… I clicked on the video. Like all the people who watch Youtube through any platform.
    Not saying I hate the “Hey this is (insert name here)” it’s just a little repetitive. Change it up man!

    • Nah, I think he’s in line with other video creators. You want your branding to be in the video so it can stand alone. I always look forward to it as a little greeting, before he moves into the content.

    • His branding is running aground 😀
      What I am trying to say is that so many content creators basically use the same “hey this is (insert name here)”

  9. They really need to start focusing on the player immersion in this game.. I love the game… but the continual dumbing down and the addition of these arcade modes is getting to be alittle much. Keep these ‘special power up modes’ to holidays and special events ONLY.

  10. this mode is a mess. people were complaining too much about camping so wg introduced braindead-rushforward mode. another fixing the clock with a hammer

  11. I’m sorry, but I think that this game mode is super cheesy and FAR too arcade-y. The one thing about it that I do like, and would love to see used in randoms is the late arriving cap concept. Imagine playing Domination or Epicenter modes but the caps didn’t show up until after about 8-10 minutes. Honestly, that wouldn’t be anywhere near as cheesy as these silly powerup things.

  12. Silent Assassin Gamer

    “tsk tsk” Notser shooting his teammate at the end there lol. This game mode look really fun! Thanks Notser 🙂

  13. First off um Risking their Sanity as well. LuL. About Arms Race, It has a great risk of being a DD only game mode. It needs to be included in the Player Rank System ie you have to be a said player rank to even participate. Say Rank 16 if it stays T9/10. Which it shouldn’t. I think it should go down to T6 with only a ONE tier spread. Benefits from this is more often lesser tiers will be top tier in random. Also it should Always have a separate Reward Game Mode. Jingles Covers it, as its Royal Navy Heavy. LOL.

  14. No,, No, and No. The game is getting worse and this is another addition that takes it further down that path. It gets more like a console twitch shooter for 12 year olds with every new iteration.

  15. I dont like this game mode but I 100% agree with your comments about XP being not focused on damage. A ship that has been more usefull and attempted to achieve objectives is not rewarded.

  16. meh
    as if all this buffs will make BB/long range cruiser push.

  17. that was so satisfying seeing that Worcester get HE spammed to death, F#cking hate those things lol

  18. Notser I would play the objective but why should I when there is a Worcester or Harugumo camping behind an island out of sight constantly setting me on fire and ruining my day

  19. I think this mode looks fun, who cares what the critics of this mode think. They’re not developing this game, so their opinion is total bullshit, and should be ignored by WG.

    I’m getting real tired of some players wanting, and expecting this game to be a hard core super realistic, naval battle simulation, which this game isn’t, and was never meant to be. It always has, and always will be an arcade style action shooter, with a few strategy elements mixed in, with WWI and WWII era warships as your avatar, instead of a commando, zombie hunter. or dark elf mage, like other MMOs.

    If WG did turn it into a hard core, super realistic, naval battle simulation, your average random battle would take many hours to days to complete, and a realistic sized map would have to be many times bigger than the largest one we have now, with primarily open ocean, with each team sailing all over the place for hours trying to find each other before a single shot is fired.

    If ship physics in the game was super realistic, they would go much slower, and RNG on the most accurate ship, would make a current ship with the worst RNG look like an expert marksman. You’d spend most of the match firing a lot of shells, without hitting a thing.

    Basically a super realistic naval battle simulation would be the longest, and most boring grind fest in MMO history, and wouldn’t be the least bit fun to play.

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