World of Warships – ARP Mission

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ARP Mission guide to help out those who are having some difficulties with the mission objectives. Some objectives are more challenging then others, give a couple tips to improve your chances to complete the objectives. Background is a game of the Tirpitz and it has a couple good moments. Hope you enjoy the guide and the game. Have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Battleship Tirpitz Replay


  1. Do you have the ARP ships already? if you do, can you do a gameplay for it?

  2. Notser your nerdiness is showing 😛 jk man, I’m doing this mission cause i
    can farm the rewards for each mission stages and because i sold my Myoko
    and Kongo to buy the Ibuki . I swear when this missions started the
    playerbase went full Nemo seagull mode going “MINE MINE” .btw don’t forget
    the cheatsland :P

  3. I finished the 2nd part of the ARP Kongo mission last night using the Zuiho.
    Now time to rake in 1 million damage **evil laugh**

  4. I believe the Atlanta would be a good ship for these missions. Good AA,
    good HE (because mega spam), kills are going with it, or are easy to steal
    (if you are that kind of person).

  5. i should of paid more attention to my location in relation to the island
    instead i tunneled on the cleve and being a fanboy in chat lol

  6. my first reaction was son of b then laughing . ty for shout out .was a very
    fair shot just wish i killed the cleve first. panel2411 on wows

  7. Well haruna kirishima and kongou turn good by the end

  8. great video Notser
    I sold the Emden for 1.250.000 credits so maybe the ARP Kongo will be worth
    a bunch of credits 2.
    but 1 thing
    most players don’t have any tier 8 ships like the Mogami or the tier 9 Izumo
    the highest they might have is tier 7s or tier 6s
    personally I have the New Orleans–its turret rotation is crap when trying
    to kill destroyers so
    I don’t even bother.
    just shoot CLs & provide AA for Tirpitzs.

  9. The sniping is really frustrating…

  10. Why is pink and flowers “girly”?

  11. don’t forget to play a Tirpitz on januari the 19’th 🙂 it’s my birthday so
    wanna see some cool Tirpitz battleship gameplay then :D

  12. I like the Myoko for fire. Seems to light everything the shells hit on
    fire. And the tier the ship is in usually works in your favor. Also great
    Mogami game yesterday. Our little cruiser defense was awesome.

  13. Martin Tannhaeuser

    Emden was 10 kills, 300.000 dmg and 20 fires

  14. Missions like this help you grind your ships up. Mogami, Fletcher and Iowa.

  15. and on EU server , there are LOTS OF DD and almost 0 CV

  16. on Eu server it;s not 300 fires. is set 300 different ships on fire… just
    to make it more frustrating

  17. I don’t believe in the kill stealing premise at all. If a DD can be killed
    in two or three salvos from a CC then anyone who fires after the first
    volley could be stealing right so what are people going to do, not shoot?
    And let him live to torp or get away? No, absolutely not gonna happen in my
    match. Kill every ship as fast as can be done. The average will stay the
    same over a number of games.
    I do think that assist ribbons are good. It would work like double strike
    where within 40 seconds of death whomever landed damage gets a ribbon. Has
    to be that length because of BB long reloads. You could also do a junior
    confederate medal for 10% damage to target or something like that. Also
    there could be a medal for engaging X amount of targets or % of targets.
    What I would really like to see is a win modifier line like the premium
    modifier shown on the rewards page. That way people could see what they
    would have gotten if they won and would really encourage people playing for
    the win.
    They could have done that with the arpeggio challenge. Half the
    requirements for starters and make it so only in a win do the contributions
    to the challenge count.

  18. Hey Notser, I agree with you : stealing kills is NOT the way to go !!! I
    even got teamkilled ! Can you Imagine ?!? :-(((
    And the assist (like War Thunder) is a great idea. And you’re not the only
    ‘pro’ here who has uttered that idea ! C ya !
    BTW, where exactly are you from ?

  19. they need to get rid of kill requirements for missions, yesterday in my
    farragut i had a friendly cleveland 2-3k away,and an enemy new mexico 5k
    away, i launched torps at the new mexico and got 5 torp hits after he
    killed me, after the new mexico killed me the cleveland started shooting,
    he was not shooting until my torps hit him, so he got the kill when the NM
    had 300 HP and was flooding

  20. Totally with you on people taking your kills on purpose…kills for me are
    hard enough but when you have done the hard work and just about to deliver
    the final salvo but miss out because your “team mate” takes the kill for
    you well, its frustrating. Hope WG listen to your concerns and remedies
    Notser! o7

  21. It’s so funny now. Nobody care about BB anymore. Torps squad go straight
    forward to 40 knots highly maneuver DD instead of standstill BB. And people
    really save bullet for the last shot. 30 DD is hard to get. I am using
    Cleveland, Good good ship with 12 guns. :D

  22. You’re spot on again, Notser. As I reduced ship after ship last night only
    to see someone else sneak in and get the kill with their only shots I
    thought to myself what a wonderful addition “Assists” would be to the game.
    There should be a ribbon or something for the ship that does a lot of
    damage prior to a kill. Sure we always have a chance for a Confederate
    medal, but for me at least those are rare. I didn’t realize at the time
    last night exactly what was happening but you may be on to it if it really
    is all the “mission” players. Usually when I get a “steal” at least I feel
    like I’ve done a fair bit of prior damage leading up to it. But what I saw
    repeatedly last night convinced me there’s probably another psychology
    going on right now.

    As for your comment on the Emden… for me that was another ship I couldn’t
    sell fast enough once I drove it a few times. In fact, I didn’t even keep
    it long enough to take it into the Co-Op mission. I just got rid of it and
    freed up a slot. Compared to my Karlsruhe (RIP) I liked the Emden even
    less. :)

  23. In the anime there are also Ise-class Battleships (Hyuuga) and Takao-class
    (Atago) cruisers. More ships are seen in the sequel movies. Are there skins
    for some of those too? Will they be there in future?

    Also, there are different color patterns for ships of the same class in the
    anime. For example, the Kongo class ships are pink (Kongo), yellow (Haruna)
    and teal (Kirishima). There will be variations in color schemes or will
    they just pick up one and stick to it?

  24. Good game, but in this video the game isn’t nearly as important as what you
    say. As you know I agree in most parts of what you said, especially the
    killing count. The last two days I met many players that gave a shit for
    winning or loosing, as long they got at least one kill. If they didn’t get
    a kill and were killed themselves early the whole team suddenly are noobs.
    On the other side, players complain, that the team gives a shiot for
    winning, so sometimes the chat is really salty.

    I like the idea of kill assistance. Missions depending on fire I put in the
    same categorie as kill counting. Most of the battleships I met were firing
    HE. First I thought I mistook it of the shells from another ship, but no
    they were always firing HE onto my Kongo. So this destroys the gameplay

    The plane kills for sure brought back a great amount of carrier to the
    game, unfortunately most (as you said to use, it is logical) of them with a
    fighter configuration. Others use bomber configurations to seek out DDs and
    sink them or just attack ships to set fires.

    It is hard to find a good balanced selection of mission targets, but kill
    count is for sure the worst and most unbalancing of all.

  25. i used the North Carolina to get the 150 Aircraft kills didn’t take long
    with the AA upgrades :)

  26. And me who have focused down dd:s for a long time even in a CV for a long
    time now, just because they are so annoying. This set 300 fires, for the
    love of everything holy Wargaming we don`t need more HE spamming. 2 days
    ago I went broadside to an Tirpitz in my New Mexico less then 7 km distance
    between us and he fired HE! I just thought he was stupid, but it is
    actually possible that he meant to do that. That just makes not wanna play.
    Why don`t people get this; all other objectives are secondary to Victory.
    Also, I would like to ask you a question Notser. What do you think about
    including ammunition supply to the game? My thought is that you get to
    choose your set up in terms of size and Tier of ship and make an
    composition for instance 70%HE-30%AP and then limit the rounds available on
    a ship to reward accuracy and angling. It would make it more skill based
    and you cant afford to waste to many rounds and instead you would have to
    use tactics. Just think about an enemy Jap dd that you never see except to
    dodge the torps, if his ammo supply of torps is limited to a realistic
    amount and of course fuel for the aircraft.

  27. Do you use the 203mm or the 155mm on the Mogami?

  28. Despite the issues mentioned with KS’ing and general shit nuggets playing,
    I thought the “quest” to get the Emden was a fun little addition to the
    game as it was more something to do over the Holidays. The ARP missions,
    however, I frankly couldn’t care less about because being rewarded for
    teamwork really isn’t part of the game.

    I can’t help you. You can’t help me and yet we are playing a game that pits
    two teams against each other to perform tasks that requires some basic
    level of teamwork. It shouldn’t take anyone with half a brain to think of
    how many games out there that rewards teamwork, not even Wargaming.

  29. I’ve had a game in my fuso when sudently a wild mutsuki apeared at 6km-ish.
    Fired all my guns for about 5k damage and he was left with under 1k hp. Ok
    then, my team got this … kill … right? Plot twist, that same DD capped
    2 bases and killed a NM later in the game and we lost sooo… yeah

  30. exacly notser, the person that decided to make these objectives for the
    ships should fucking die, ksing is just fucking insane, just had a 120k dmg
    game in my cleveland with almost 20 citadels, guess how many fucking
    cruiser or destroyer kills i had, i cant even imagine how the fuck im gonna
    complete the 2nd objective :F

  31. It’s definitely happening. I was in my New Mexico the other night. I did
    100k damage with multiple citadels. I reduced three ships to under 3k
    health and had someone else get the killing shot. The fire rate of the BBs
    leaves you at a distinct disadvantage when someone wants to slip in and
    finish off that ship you just reduced to next to nothing. But I’m still
    killing more CAs with my New Mex than I am with my Cleveland.

  32. Makes sense to use a CV to do the part of the mission where you have to
    shoot down 150 planes. Especially since you’re guaranteed that there are
    actually enemy planes in the game 🙂
    I’ve played so many games with my Cleveland or Pepsicola trying to get a
    plane mission done only to get games with no CV in them…

  33. Of course the only time there are carriers in the game for me is when I am
    in a DD or the Warpite. I almost never see them when I have a cruiser.

  34. the destroyers mission was a freaking pain in the ass, take me so loong
    kill that litle freaks. the fire one its anoying but not hard or bad.but
    well. warever the missions are nice.

  35. overabundance of cvs? not on eu cluster there ain´t :D

  36. Agree, Notser– all this ARPing is super-distorting the game. More players
    seem to be more grumpy recently.

  37. i’ll just do cleveland and myoko spam, because of this mission some people
    take it seriously about kill securing even sometimes myself

  38. i hate that you need to be tier VI plus 🙁 im tier V

  39. two months of play. a few games a day or a binge on a weekend. unless you
    want this stuff immediately i believe all of these objectives are

    just play tier 6 so that anything killed counts for both the kongo skin and
    myoko skin requirements.

    keep up the good info notser. good luck and fair seas.

  40. Is multi-citadeling(resulting to its death) a medium HP cruiser considered
    as kill stealing? It is quite common in the tiers where I battle in.

  41. TheHardstyleMusicz

    When will the whole Space theme happen again? I missed it on the closed
    beta or when it happened

  42. a very nice round up of the new missions.
    I think kill stealing will be a big thing during this mission,but what can
    you do.,right.

  43. i think instead of the kills, it should be damage done to a specific type
    of ship.

  44. just had the craziest game notser, check your email!!!
    they really have to stop the kill criteria, damage is a much better
    time to have a cup o joe, watch notser show off, and let my nerves recover.

  45. Notser, the biggest mistake you can make is to blame players.
    Players will do that which the devs choose to reward them doing, and so the
    root cause of the issue is WG insists on putting stupid fkn ‘kill count’
    missions in the game.
    We’ve been giving them feedback on this for YEARS in WoT.
    Of course WG is playing lowest common denominator development, so they
    appeal to the most basic measure well known to console kiddies/CoD twitch
    muppets, namely number of kills.
    So put the blame squarely where it belongs: on WG.
    After all, if the mission wasn’t about number of kills do you think those
    people would be holding fire to kill secure?

  46. Seriously the 30 DDS are the greatest problem, you can’t flush em in a
    single salvo cause it’s t6+ if you are in a bb
    if you take a cruiser on t6 you have 1 maybe 2 dds and they get sniped by
    the carriers now… and if you take an atago out you run into 5 shimakazes

  47. first!

  48. Jose Maria Gil Olmedo

    That’s too bad…. GG

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