World of Warships – ARP Nachi Comeback

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by hangglide42 on New Dawn has a large whole to try and get out of with most of the team dying off. The enemy team smells blood and presses into hangglide42’s base. Friendlies fall and the game ends up being 3 v 8, but the game is not lost. One by one the enemy team overextends a little too much. A single enemy at low life is the difference between a complete comeback and a strong effort. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII ARP Nachi Replay


  1. I think Notser is a robot. Something about the way he posts a video
    everyday is suspicious to me. Or he’s a time traveling KGB spy from the
    1980s. Either way……….I’m watching

  2. they are not just port slots, they are extra weeb points too!

  3. You gonna love my zao game :)

  4. Sorry but that was complety incopetency of enemy not hangglide skill! But
    it happens ;-)

  5. the green ship!!!!! XD

  6. This was a good replay but hangglider could have got 7 or 8 kills

  7. 9 total slots if you had all the ships from before.

  8. Sucks that all of my ships are T5. Can’t even go for the most basic
    missions T-T

  9. Man, this guy sucks at shooting…

  10. can you turn off those funky paint jobs ??

  11. this player wasnt really that good… just very lucky in most of the game.

  12. Every sailor wishes to have a free slot in every port

  13. This guy’s accuracy is shaky

  14. The turret rotation on that ship is frustrating in itself, although it is a
    great support ship to the BB’s had a game last night in the Arp Myoko, 13
    planes later the enemy CV figured it was a bad idea to keep trying to get
    the BB I was screening.

    Working on getting the rest of the ARP ships I had missed out on, they are
    unique, and they also make me want to delve into the Japanese cruiser tree
    (Kongo BB seems to have horrible dispersion even with main gun, and
    targeting modules).

  15. Sanjuro Hanamizuki

    port slots and commander reserve slots .. plus 10 point commanders for each
    Arp ship

  16. I don’t have any of them and I don’t care. It’s anime and doesn’t belong in
    this game.

  17. Hey Notser, what is POI, please explain?

  18. Always neat to have it end like the audience hoped but geeez, the gunnery
    was just… *sigh*. Remember, he didn’t need to tear down a 2/3ths health
    ship at 15km, he only needed a single shell hit on a Cruiser for 246
    points. Yes, the Pensacola was maneuvering well but a nine salvo stretch
    without a single hit? Yeah.

  19. I need ARP Kongo, Haruna, and Myoko. I got the other 6, so I can use the
    port space.

  20. The worst user replay ever…

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