World of Warships – ARP Takao – Costly Decisions

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In a match of warships, small can sometimes prove very costly and end up costing your team heavily. Enjoy this folks.


  1. 12C in Toronto, snowing in Vancouver………

  2. No hard feeling on the other video, I gave an honest opinion about it as you asked 😛

    You still kick ass anyway.

  3. Christopher Putt Rogers

    Forgetting about the weather is a Canadian thing. You just automatically block it out in an effort to convince yourself that this country is a great place to live.

  4. 29 degrees Celcius here in Melbourne

  5. To show ARP camo in replays:
    Go to port, in the filters, enable ARP ships to show in port, turn off client, open the replay.

  6. Very good game, too bad this is a lose

  7. Ahhh I remember islands of ice. I really liked that map.

  8. They don’t put the pipes deep enough and then BAM they freeze and explode.

  9. Christopher Matarazzo

    why did they get rid of islands of ice?

  10. Your camera work wasn’t too bad in that video. It’s just that the “epicness” of the clips…

  11. Takao Tuesday

  12. Retarded BBs doing stupid shit cost him what should have been a win. Gee I’ve never seen that happen before SAID NOBODY EVER.

  13. I have all the ARP ships, and I’ve watched the anime. What upset me is there is nothing special about the ARP ships in WoWs. If nothing else they could have had more HP. Too bad they cant get a Klien field at least.

  14. Battledoge Games

    I had a round with DevilsTongue last night actually and he’s garbage. Using the Udaloi as well, he did stuff similar in my game with him as he did here. Hunted the CV all game, mainly.

  15. atago vs tirpitz not gave “anything to much” away … he wasnt in focus and he could see the guns of the tirpitz show not on his direction so why not show broadside ???

  16. That’s why i uninstalled the game. The selfish pricks, the idiots and the afk morons.

  17. I was here for the camo :/ such dissapoint

  18. Lost so many goddamn games because of players like that Bismarck who doesn’t know which way to go around an obstacle to get faster line of sight on a target. WoWS membership revoked, back to Candy Crush!

  19. Hmm he has only 2 heals. Wonder what captain skills he’s using.

  20. What i noticed is that: players just afraid of everything lately, especially BB drivers, so herd tactic rules the mach. And that forces other players to follow the herd since alone they easy kills. This can be most easily experienced on the map called “Straits” where if one (capital) ship decides to regroup with the ships on the other side, the rest must follow or they probably will be outnumbered.

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