World of warships – Arsenal – new feature in WoWS

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Here comes a brand new feature in World of Warships, the Arsenal.


  1. I’m so glad they bring back the combat flags…
    Missing the HP and fire Flag so much =/ and honestly, their impact is pretty high, especially in competitive!

  2. I hate it already

  3. Sunday on a thursday night lol

  4. Flambass, you do have some leverage (or rather direct contact) with WG, can you get us answers to:

    1. Will the collection containers drop 1 collection item or 2 ? F.e. when the Dunkirk collection was available for a few days recently, the mission dropped containers had 2 items but the Premium shop bought ones had only 1 item inside.
    2. Can we get Coal from daily containers in a small amount same as we are getting Oil ? I.e. for each container 10 Oil, 10 Coal, 1 Steel maybe ?
    3. When will there be other ways to get Steel except Clan battles ? Just WHEN is enough .. I don’t expect there will be a how for casual players available anytime soon ….

    ATM Arsenal looks like another prem shop and I am waiting on Steel to appear in the regular Premium shop … call me a pessimist but that’s what all clues point to …

  5. All this does nothing for normal people. It rewards the perhaps 1000 players who reach rank one in clan wars

  6. The steel adds up. So at Rank 1 for the second time, thats 7.5k steel.

  7. So for the players who don’t play in clans? A big fU?

    • It’s not just CBs, it’s ranked and missions as well

    • This what pisses me off.
      Few years ago WG about clans: “Well, it’s not a priority, in tanks only 5% of audience participate in clan activity”
      Also WG about clans: “Let’s do this same way it done in tanks”

    • Patrick Joergensen

      I am in a Clan but not with enough active players online at the same time to participate in more than a couple CB matches per season; everything is upgraded in our port though for extra XP and lower service cost, which is why I am staying, but I wonder how long I’ll have to play/grind through non-regular combat missions to get coal and steel for any of this…

    • Quit your bitching. Clan Battles are a grind and it takes a lot of focus to compete at the higher levels. The reward is justified for the amount of dedication it takes to complete the Stalingrad “mission”. I’ve got my Stalingrad tokens from both season 1 and 2 …and it is exhausting.

      If you don’t like feeling left out… buy 2500 gold, make your own Clan, and bring your A-game.

    • They are not the audience WG gives much of a shit about. Casuals overall as well. So as More Women basically said, go away casual pleb.

  8. Its nice that they shown how much will things cost, but they didn’t give any example of how much coal/steal can you actually make per day. If we are generous and assume that you can get 2100 coal per day (given that you try your luck with 100% drop on coal) and if we count in average exp of 1300, that gives us 61 battlesx for 20 cheapest flags.
    I sincerely hope that those missions bring in a lot of coal.

  9. It rewards the top players, and penalizes anybody else. Flint & black are now a lot more expensive, you cannot get it with reaching 3x rank 1 for example! So all it does is give the top players more bonusses. If you don’t play Clanwars etc and be in succesfull clan you will have less chance against players who will get all these bonus.

    • No one knows yet how much Steel will be rewarded for ranking out. Literally all that’s been announced is how much steel and coal you’ll get reimbursed, how much some items cost, and how Stalingrad can purchased. Literally no one knows how much steel will be rewarded for future ranked battles and clan battles (except for this next season). The old system only rewarded the top players anyway. If you didn’t rank out, you had no chance of getting flint or black. Now, who knows, you might get some steel for each rank you hit, allowing you to get them without ranking out.

    • Well, we don’t know how much steel you will get for reaching Rank one yet. This is just bonus for previous seasons.

  10. Its great that items, camo, ships etc are now available, especially those items that were transient or hard to get but this….

    Rewards unicum and other high level players, everyone else has to grind forever.
    If you are not in a clan or achieve rank 1 ever, getting steel of any significance will be near damn impossible. They clearly value Steel more than Coal and making some items not available via Coal, makes it a uneven, unbalanced and unfair system.
    I really don’t see why they’ve done this, a convoluted system, when all they needed to do was make anything available via free xp, I really mean ANYTHING.
    Seriously, Silver, Dubloons, FreeXP and now Coal and Steel, how many in game currencies do you really need.
    If they want people to play ranked and clan games, offer more Free XP for those games, just like co-op is less than random.

    Job done….

    Arsenal = Reward system designed committee and bean counters.

  11. coal will replace one of my signal flags? but when i click on a signal flag container.. I WANT SIGNAL FLAGS! why cant it just be added on like collection pieces?

  12. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    It seems a really want update, i want it 😛

  13. I still dont see why they dont give coal and steel for every battle you play… maybe by your performance in a randombattle etc, its stupid how they put it all in combat missions and clanbattles!

  14. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    this is the only plc where the people go from “oil” to “coal” as fuel..

    • Given that its “coal and steel”, i think the theme is industry/shipbuilding, so coal is energy fuel for factories, just as steel is the material. And if Im not mistaken Coal was primary energy source up until near the end of the century.

  15. 1 Question – Will the players receive steel for the previous ranked seasons or will this only be for upcoming ones? They mentioned something about that in Q&A, but I still don’t understand. Lets say I was rank 1 twice already, will I get some steel or will I have to earn it in the next season and the one after that and so on?

    • For each season you already did you will receive a certain amount and for the upcoming seasons you will earn as you progress

  16. It’s easy. If you are rank 1 but not in ranked, then you get 7% xp + 200 free xp and 3 coal. If you are rank 9 3/4 but not rank 1 and it’s a Tuesday, then you get 200000000000000 coal, 1000000% elite commander xp, 22 oil and ALL the steel. You can trade 5 doubloons for 1 ship xp, but that can only be used at tier 11. To get the Stalingrad, you need to complete all the missions in every game ever and shoot down 5 aircraft while in port. simple.

    i don’t know why people think having 9 in game currencies is too complicated.

  17. 12:00 I was really intrigued about that too. Still don’t have any idea, so please tell what you found out!

  18. Clans are lame. Clan battles are lame. Ranked is not fun and never has been. Why am I being left out because WG wants to push E-sports so hard?

    • Well if 2/3 of the game are lame for you, I’m pretty sure the answer is obvious

    • Flambass 2/3?? Really? Ranked seasons are only available for a month or so and clan battles aren’t so readily available either (especially since it naturally requires you to join a clan which isn’t always easy). Not to mention the huge disproportionate difference in number of players in each type. I’d say ranked and clans are closer to 1/10 of the game if even that.

    • WG will never ever get into E-Sports, no matter how hard they try lol

  19. I really want the Salem, I love her, but seeing how much she is makes me wanna try something else.

  20. Wow, retroactive rewards. Well more proof casuals should pony up and pay more money/time. lol

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