World of Warships- Art Department Hard Carrying (Graphics Upgrade)

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Hey guys, today we have a look at the upcoming graphics upgrade for the game, it is absolutely amazing to look at, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. It seems like this is the only good thing with wargaming :/

  2. Even with all the stuff happening, the Art Department is still at it!

  3. If the balance department was as good as the art department, this game might be actually balanced. Go art department!

    • @CrazyLocha this makes me lose the last bit of faith I have in the balancing team.
      Deadeye is not the/a problem.
      It’s not even a good skill.
      Deadeye is the only answer to the metashift for BB’s.

      It’s HE spamming toxicity from cruisers/destroyers that is really the balance/meta
      Deadeye is merely the only build that’s affordable and functional in the meta.
      All other builds have been nerfed into the ground for BB’s.

      If anything is wrong with deadeye, it’s only the circumstances that trigger it.

      I really hope people start waking up and stop focussing on deadeye and believing its a problem, since its really not.

      But hey.
      Stupid people scream the loudest? Hence why deadeye will probably be nerfed and BB’s will have 0 viable builds left to spec into.

      I already stopped playing shortly after the commander rework.
      If they nerf deadeye, I won’t even look back on wows anymore

    • @Brendyn Bartos i hope so, deadeye is not the problem.
      They should fix the everlasting HE toxicity by cruisers and destroyers and tone down the fire duration on BB’s by at least half, and BB’s arent forced into taking deadeye as much anymore.
      Give BB’s at least 1 other affordable and viable build option and we’re done.
      Big problem.solved

    • @Brendyn Bartos whole heartily agree won’t be “fixed”. Maybe varying degrees of Nerfs/Further messed up. Am guessing they will watch more thru 10.2, try to think during 10.3, maybe test during 10.4 (doubtful cuz they didn’t test before implementation, and they still don’t seem to get it) maybe 10.5 a serious first attempt. Feeling like it’s going to be a looooong year suffering through this. Bright side, if there is one, first step is admitting they have a problem. I don’t think they have the organizational skills to effectively manage these type of problems.

    • @SpaniardNL I do agree with your point. I was more encouraged by the programmer saying it was more than one skill/talent. Rewatched his comments and turned on closed captioning just to make sure I didn’t mishear him. I agree they are suffering from lack of testing with these concepts and lack of understanding the effects on the meta’s. Like you, to me seems like a lack of playing on ALL servers led to lack of knowledge on how the game is played IRL. More of my opinion is posted below on another response. I too see it way out of balance, especially with brawling BB’s and almost no use trying to run cruisers at higher levels. Am trying to be hopeful and positive.

    • If they *completely did away with that balancing and rebalancing nonsense and just gave each ship their exact RL (or as planned) technical/performance characteristics* that would be uuuuuge! …and end most if not all the whining. Just MO.

  4. The one thing I rly want from wg is that they changed all the gun sounds so they soun more powerful and more simmilar to shikishimas. Cuz now you fire 456mm guns and thye feel so weak and small, you dont feel the firepower.

  5. Additionally, when a citadel is hit, there is a bigger explosion than just a normal shell hit. Pretty damn cool

  6. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Art Department the only part that still works

  7. I really hope the folks in the art department have great chiropractors

  8. Now, if only they can figure out how to make something that looks like a real storm, for those cyclones. I watch all these replays, which insist there is a cyclone in area, but most of the time, I’m seeing sunshine and some half assed attempt to show droplets of water on the camera. Would a bit of actual rain, some wave action, and at least attempting to blur out the background be too much? Visibility is supposed to be reduced to 8 miles or so, so it makes no sense I can see an island 20 miles away at the same resolution as before.

  9. Now we need a dedicated replay system, something like WT. Id love to make a short film with that

  10. “The graphics are gonna be very great”
    Me: oh nice
    My pc: *guess ill die*

  11. Maybe the balancing team could take a few notes from the artists about quality over quantity

  12. In the future the art team will add men running around on deck putting out fires, British crews having tea before being called to action stations, ships listing, secondary gunner crews rolling empty casings off the edge of the ship, and evacuation crews and life boats conducting operations around sinking ships

  13. Players: can someone carry me pls?
    Art department: Come to papa

  14. The AA on your ships now moves around looking for a valid argument on how CV’s are balanced

  15. The art guys for WoW just plain kicks ass! Would be nice if they didnt have to carry the gameplay guys. No other game can claim claim the beauty of the intros and in game effects. Just my opinion though and we all know we all have one.

  16. Fun Fact: If you put ‘War’ and ‘Thunder’ right after in the forums, it’s actually censored XD

  17. Omg the fires look so gooood

  18. Player base: “Luke, you’re our only hope”

    WG Art Department: “Hold my art”

  19. WarGaming f’d up, and just looked at the art department and said “help us, I beg you”

    They certainly have pulled out a lot of the stops for this

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