World of Warships: Art of the Solo Warrior!

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We have been playing a lot of recently and we had some great luck with the YueYang! We even had two Solo Warriors in one session. The most important thing is knowing the basics and thats map control!


  1. outstanding dd replay… well played Jash… never had a solo warrior, best for me is 1v3 in Missouri…vs missouri, carolina and cleveland

  2. Jeez 16k xp and 5k xp… What on earth how lol

  3. In around 3.5k games i’ve only achieved solo warrior once. In a Bismarck. Luckily there was only about 2 minutes left so I bravely ran away and used islands to hide behind and let the clock run out. Again that was only achievable because the team had established map control early on and the points lead saw us through. Keep up the good work.

  4. Don’t agree about ranked I quit playing because you don’t have teamwork, you have people who farm dmg trying to hang onto their star. So many times you have people hiding refusing to engage until they see which way the battles swinging.

  5. I got my first one today in the same ship.. lol.

  6. 11k games 4 solos , last one in a Z23

  7. BTW I do enjoy your videos.

  8. nice commentary – I appreciate it.

  9. Two Solo Warriors in 1500 games; the last in the V-170. This achievement takes an incredible amount of luck to have the right amount of skill and incompetence on both teams occurring just at the correct time.

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