World of Warships: Artillery | RMB constant fire – Aimbot the natural way

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Here’s one way of looking around your ship and navigating while constantly sending shells on target. The slower your turret traverse is the more often you should be using this technique to scope out.


  1. Just wanted to say I love your vids. I already figured the RMB thing out on
    my own, but have learned a ton by watching your vids. Only started playing
    a coupe week before Xmas and then had to take a week long break while
    traveling (as my laptop won’t run game), where I discovered your channel. I
    think I progressed more in that week away from the game watching your vids,
    than I did in the first week grinding to tier 5 (across all classes and
    factions). At tier 7 now and actually performing like I belong in those
    battles consistently finishing in top 5 on my team. Thanks again and keep
    it up.

  2. Gotta agree with EVERYTHING VoulezVous said about the Atlanta! She is NOT
    like any other ship in the game!

    I see some people crying for buffs to the ship, while I certainly would not
    mind while playing my own Atlanta, the buffs people ask for (higher
    velocity shells, over 1km lower surface detection, and more) would make the

    Seriously, if my Atlanta had the same velocity in its guns as my
    Blyskawica, as well as lower surface detection range, NO SHIP would stand
    much of a chance, at ANY range! It would be a case of “QUICKLY kill all
    enemy Atlanta ships, before they take out all our DDs and then start
    picking off the rest!”

    And tier 7 would be FLOODED with Atlanta captains!

    So while I LIKE the idea of owning an UBER powerful ship, I STRONGLY
    DISLIKE what would happen as a result of making the ship OP!

    The game is on a razer’s edge for balance. Make the Atlanta noob friendly,
    and far too strong – well there would be a MASSIVE cascading effect!

    The Atlanta is PERFECTLY fine as she is! She just REQUIRES a very different
    play style than basically any other cruiser in the game. If you think she
    is too weak, watch more videos like this!

  3. I love my Atlanta, but only play it with AFT Captain.
    Have not used the RMB idea. Will try. Thanks for posting!

  4. Quick tips for aspiring Atlanta Captains: As this ship is always spotted
    when in gun range (or at best, with camouflage paint, 400 meters away from
    surface detection) as such, this ship CAN be frustrating if you play it
    like, well ANY other cruiser, light or heavy.

    -Always find an island where your Destroyers are scouting around

    -check to make sure enemy targets are headed in your direction while saying
    hidden behind said island

    – If you had the patience and foresight to be behind the RIGHT island,
    targets will come to you, WAIT FOR THEM!

    – Once a given target is within GOOD firing range (7.5 km at most is my
    general guideline) make sure you are turned around so that your butt is
    facing the target at a good angle, just enough to get all 14 guns on target.

    -After said target has spotted you, nail the throttle and sail away from
    them diagonally. All the while just OVERWHELM them with insane amounts of HE

    Given this will not work every time, but it is a good place to start. But
    the IDEAL target for such an ambush, in one such ambush I managed to bag a
    full HP Tirptiz, as he was being silly and hugging said island so close
    that he rounded the corner just 3.1km from me. And the Atlanta has a pretty
    nice ace up her sleeve for knife fighting ranges like that, a quad launcher
    of torpedoes, that while they only go to 4.5km each torp does over 15k
    damage and moves around 66 knots.

    Though that is rare, TL:Dt point, even without torpedoes being used, the
    Atlanta can absolutely WRECK anything, including tier 9 BBs, which is the
    highest tier the ship will ever see!

  5. WOOOOOO! VoulezVous in the Almighty Atlanta! HE Spam from here to the moon!

  6. Thanks for the video, that’s good to know. It more or less behaves like a
    Cleveland where it’s shells are concerned. I’ve kinda stopped attempting to
    make long-range engagements on my Cleveland against an enemy ship that’s
    actively trying to make evasive maneuvers. It means if I see an enemy
    Atlanta, I could make sharp maneuvers to avoid the shells from long range.

  7. cool tip. This would also be really useful when friendlies drop torps
    behind me. Also, no sneaky sheep today?

  8. Juan Andrés Méndez

    another great video men 🙂 i dont know why all the hate against you, i
    think youre a good player and from guys like notser, ichase or you im
    becoming a better player 🙂 keep the good work (give me more kutuzov
    replays, i need them) ;)

  9. Great tip for not running into islands, and situation awardness

  10. What Premium ship would you tell me to buy in low tiers. I am trying to get
    the Emden, but i am only rank 8 now. But i tthink i will buy it and maybe
    do the tasks for it later to get compensation back. Which other premium low
    tier do you prefer?

  11. Don’t ever use the ranked flags as a sign of intelligent play. You can fail
    your way up the system by just spamming games, which has been shown/proven
    via the WoWs forums.

    There’s really no way to judge skill at the beginning of a match from the
    flags as yet.

  12. Average player, explaining the basics of high dpm ships. Thumbs up. No
    matter how much hate you get its stuff like this that the average guy
    doenst know.

  13. You wouldn’t be impressed by my ship! I had a rank 5 flag and stupidly
    tried the other flag (rank 11 in normal game?) and found I had lost it!! I
    was so angry!! I loved my red one star flag…

  14. I detect a Scottish accent, but where are you from originally? I hope you
    don’t mind me asking? Thanks for your interesting videos!! Also, do you
    think there are aimbot hacks out there for this game? I don’t think so

  15. Dude…. you are really suck on this game….You have the best ship in the
    game and you get philosophic about how to play it ….
    I made more hits with Cleveland…. and maneuvering in binoculars is done
    automatic by adjustment of the game ….

  16. stop with ” just check this out..”u. suck in this video

  17. patetic…

  18. It needs a buff to concealment or its insane fire arc

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