World of Warships – As Close As It Gets

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Look, I get it. You’re all going to try to think of a way of proving me wrong but I’m going to say it anyway, challenge accepted. This is as close as it’s possible for a game of World of Warships to get.

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  1. What a perfect moment, I just made myself breakfast and now have a Jingles video to watch!

  2. When the Luftwaffe retreated from Northern Africa, they had maintenance crew men hitching rides in the tails of their Messerschmidt fighters, so technically there was a case of combat aircraft carrying repair crews with them in flight, hehe.

    • @Aqua Fyre The original comment used the word _in_ not _on_ . In the tail, not on the tail.

      There is enough room just behind the pilotseat, _in_ the _tail section_ of the aircraft.
      In many WW2 fighters there is a large fuel tank there. Think larger suitcase size. One that can be removed, if needed.

    • @Bo Dan Much better to not have wars. But.. humans being humans….

    • It does sound a bit far-fetched, not gonna lie.

    • @Bo Dan “everybody is the loser in all wars.” That’s a *single* fact not a triple fact.

  3. Wow, that was a pretty spectacular ending.

  4. 13:07 I wonder if you could actually sail a small boat into that dock.

  5. I remember in Alpha, the draw rate was over 60%. But that was when the battle timer was only 15 minutes, and the points bar wasn’t a thing.

    • Beta as well, not sure when it changed.

    • @Marko S Mostly when they introduced the newer game modes. In the beginning we only had the one with the two bases that give 1k points when capped.
      Out of my 1070 battles, I have 19 draws according to the WoWs stats. But I lost interest quite a long while ago.
      I’m a bit disappointed that wows-numbers counts my win rate in CVs as 0%. I count it as 100%.

  6. Draws used to be very common in the past, very long ago, having a points lead was not enough to win, you really had to reach 1000, bring the opposing team to 0 or kill all to win. But that was in 2015/2016, very long ago.

  7. There have been some bombers that had crawlways in the wings to allow for ‘Routine’ maintenance and I am sure some minor repairs to keep an engine going till you got out of the battle zone.
    As for the AA ships, WEEGEE is so enamored with themselves they lost the link to anything like the ‘History Chanell’ for real accuracy.

  8. Holy smokes what a FINISH! I would expect ANYTHING, but not this. Great find Jingles. This is the content that this channel is famous for!

  9. You want to know how torpedo bombers get the repair party consumable? The second crew member acts like an astromech in SW making minor repairs as needed.

  10. I remember playing carriers before the “rework”
    I used to avoid AA cruisers like plague – you know the likes of Atlanta class prems, Cleveland and Edinburgh lines…
    Now, the austin and minotaur together killed enough planes to completely deplane old carrier, and still it didnt make much difference

    • The only thing I remember fondly from those days is how I attracted some serious hate in chat by playing an air superiority Bogue specifically to piss off the regular CV players. Ahh fun times.

    • @AR I was notoriously bad at strafing, but cross-drops were my forte… One especially fond memory with Bogue I had, though, was getting close quarters expert award with the pair of 5 inch guns when I detonated some hapless DD 😛

  11. Whats even more mind boggling is the fact that Mino is not using superintendent …

  12. Draws used to be super common way back when, when it was either “cap the base, or kill them all”. Then they added points and made them significantly less common.

  13. The Mecklenburg just wanted to pass behind Akitho there and didn’t reckon with Akitho reversing straight into the island at that angle.

  14. I’m fairly certain that the Mecklenburg at 05:30 in the video was just trying to pass between Akitho and the island in order to enter the cap circle. There was a large gap there just seconds before, but Akitho kept backing up and just barely managed to cut into the path of the Mecklenburg in time to force the Mecklenburg to push him out of the way.
    If Akitho had waited just 10 more seconds before he started reversing, then they could’ve passed each other without issue.
    PS: Not assigning blame to either of them here. Mecklenburg was trying to take the shortcut into the cap circle and probably hoping that Akitho wouldn’t move backwards. Akitho was moving backwards and didn’t realise the Mecklenburg was moving up.

  15. “Actually Jingles, the Minotaur has enough armor that when angled, protects it from 8 inch, 203mm guns from most heavy cruisers. As long as its angled. The breaking point where CA’s start overmatching Minotaurs angled armor is with the French CA, Henri with its 230mm guns. You can see the futility from the Des Moines at several points in the battle – 6:28 is a prime example.”

  16. Jingles, this match was a true nail-biting episode !

  17. I remember a few years ago when Wargaming introduced the Worcester. Jingles made a video of the ship against 3 carrier. They couldn’t even launch their planes. The Worcester shot them down that fast. Good ol’ days

  18. 16:57 No two ships didn’t kill an entire attack squad of aircraft, they killed 2/3rds of them on the way in and likely the final third on the way out. With an AA efficiency far above what any real life ship could really ever accomplish with bullets.Lets take a look at Antiaircraft Action Summary COMINCH-P-009(This is for the American invasion of Leyte in October 1944 and up to the and including he invasion of Luzon in January 1945) in the best month assuming non-suicide actions only, it took on average 748 5 inch common, 65 5 Inch VT, 3672 40mm, or 39,986 20mm rounds to down a single aircraft. That was calculated by rounds fired compared to aircraft shot down. The Americans didn’t have 152mm AA listed on their charts, so it’s hard to say how much difference the extra 25mms of size really made, my guess is not much. This being 1944/1945 would also mean the Japanese aircraft this data was gotten by shooting at would have been greatly outdated aircraft compared to even the Germans at this stage of the war.

    So based on those numbers we can get a rough kill time per aircraft, the American 5 inch guns had a rough 16-20 rounds per minute, so lets average that to 18 rounds per minute or one round every 3.33 seconds. That means it would take 41.5 minutes of a single 5 inch gun firing non-stop to down a single aircraft, but I’m fair, Austin has 12 guns, so it can put out a total of 216 rounds per minute based on our average real life rate of fire. So that would be an average of 3.4 minutes of Austin shooting to kill a single aircraft. The Minotaur would have a realistic rate of fire of 15-20 rounds per minute from her guns, so she would have a slightly slower rate of fire of 17.5 rounds per minute or once per 3.4 seconds. If we assume the same RPB, it would be 42.7 minutes for one gun to get a kill, or with all 10 guns giving her a 175 rounds per minute rate of fire, it would be 4.2 minutes to kill an aircraft.

    So let’s be generous and say they together could likely manage a single kill every 2 minutes. Malta has 12-15 planes per squad. So at a rate of 2 kills per minute you are looking at 6-7.5 minutes to take down the entire squad. Now it is fair to note these ships have more than just their 5 and 6 inch guns, but one the maths would only get more complicated, and two, data on the RPB of the 3″/70 is rather difficult to find and is also a weapon from 1957 so it would have been paired with far more advanced fire controls than the ones these ships would have. Data on 3″ AA guns is also just difficult to find as they weren’t really in use during most of the war and far from on each ship as in even in the report I’m using for this, they have 4 confirmed 3 inch kills. 4 kills isn’t enough to base anything off of. And do you really need me to maths out the 20mm guns on Minotaur? She has 10 dual mounts, so 20 guns total, and they have a practical rate of fire of 250 to 320 rounds per minute, and take a total average of 15,139 rounds to kill a single aircraft. Do the maths yourself. I will note they scored a grand total of 3 kills according to the COMINCH-P-009 report, so really they are mostly just dispersion guns.

    Also yes I am aware VT/Proxy ammo is far better, but seeing as Austin and Minotaur don’t have to stop firing at other ships to use their dual purpose main guns as AA guns, it’s safe to assume they aren’t changing to VT ammo, and are indeed firing AP rounds at the aircraft.

    In summery I get it Jingles, you want AA to be this magical barrier that protects your ship from the nasty scary aircraft, but that’s just not how AA works, and really be careful asking Wargaming to make AA more realistic, or you will REALLY find AA does nothing. Also the claim of “It only took 18 minutes for the Malta to start running out of aircraft” while technically true, is misleading. He was already running low on Torpedo bombers at less than 9 minutes in, as we can see a slightly depleted torp bomber squad coming in around 11:20 left in the battle, and it only took 8 minutes from that point for the Austin and Minotaur to kill basically the rest of his aircraft. As there isn’t a score screen we can’t see how many aircraft the Austin killed, we also can’t see how many of the kills you attributed to being fighters were actually strike aircraft as there was no detailed results screen ether. My guess based on Malta’s total aircraft and the relative AA power of each ship is that the Minotaur killed likely around 20 strike aircraft, and the Austin killed the other 30-ish that the Malta likely had left at the point the Malta decided to try helping his team against the two scariest cruisers on the enemy team.

    19:09 Yes, yes he did. Did one drop first? Sure, but he killed both of them.

    I also want to add this last little tid-bit as to why Minotaurs AA wouldn’t be all that great, same sort of goes for Austin. Bismarck had great AA, with good modern(for her time) ranging computers, that were set for shooting at modern aircraft. How many Swordfish did she manage to shoot down again? None? Yeah, none. She didn’t manage to kill a single biplane. She had 16 105mm flak guns, 16 37mm AA guns, and 12 20mm FlaK 30, and she managed to not down a single aircraft. Now why would that be? Well she had her sights set for faster moving aircraft is one of the main theories, another is the time of day mixed with the shocking durability of the Swordfish mixed with the difficulty of just hitting aircraft in the first place is the cause. Ether way, pride of the German navy couldn’t down a single outdated aircraft.

  19. 5:30 – This was Minotaurs fault entirely. Minotaur was sitting awkwardly sideways to the entire corner. Mecklenburg wanted to move behind that corner so he chose to squeeze between Minotaur and the island.
    He was already doing full speed forward and had more then enough space to move through there. But then Minotaur decided to block him by reversing directly into his path. Mecklenburg could either ram him or ram into island. Minotaur is at full fault for this collision for blocking his path at last moment.

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