World of Warships: AS Ryujo in Ranked

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AS Ryuujou vs AS Ryuujou in ranked. I outplay the opponent and then go to town on his team.

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 Japanese aircraft carrier Ryujo in ranked as air superiority.


  1. Just played a game where our Independence accidentally ran strike against an AS Ryujo. Needless to say, everyone was very salty. And the game ended very quickly.

  2. I’m irritated with the strike vs AS loadouts for CVs. It creates essentially a prisoner’s dilemma. If the both CVs run strike, each can have a fun match. But if you pick strike and the enemy has picked AS, you will have a really bad game. But if you pick AS, you can have at least a decent game independent of what the enemy CV has picked. So each CV is pressured into choosing an AS loadout when the best case is both choosing strike.

  3. It’s ridiculous how much stronger an IJN AS build is compared to the US AS build

  4. dont like how dependent you are on your team with as. yes you may denial the enemy cv, but 35k dmg dont feel ok. Im playing as in team battles, too, but that is a completely different level :/

  5. If I played a cv I would have had the same experience as the enemy cv in this video. I’m useless at them. Some people are just better at some types than others. Play to your strengths.

  6. Hey, just a sort question, why do some people add extra U’s to Japanese ship names?

  7. 12:56 people think you’re serious because they don’t know why it’s a bad idea to cap IMO

  8. something in current year

    Why are you using those long names like Ryuujou? And don’t get me a weeb-related response to that.

  9. Just got my second clear sky ever today after 7,700 battles. in randoms. as a 122 ryujo against another 122 ryujo. that was fun.

  10. At first i ran strike ryujo, and i met very few AS cvs. Of i did, i tried to snipe them because i see it as the only viable option in that situation, but if i couldn’t then i would just dodge strafes and drop best i can. I then swapped to AS but it wasnt fun at all and u did almost no damage. I just stopped playing cv overall. I would basically carry my teams with strike loadout, but i didnt want that big responsibility on my shoulders anymore and tried to have more fun playing other ships.

  11. Which ship is the Gasoline????

  12. I tried to rank with my ryuju .. 4 tries ..over 5-6 minutes in the queue each time… no CVs to play against …feels bad

  13. Aerroon OP please nerf

  14. 12:45 really aerroon? you don’t make jokes about strategies in online games, that is foolish

  15. u stacked a fighter squad over the cleveland…not good

  16. i shot down 36 planes compared to 17 with strike ryujo vs fighter ryujo…and still lost horribly

  17. Did you notice that the enemy Ryujo was also running AS loadout? At the start, she had 3 fighter squadrons up, same as Aerroon.

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