World of Warships – Asashio BE MORE AGGRESSIVE!

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If you’re playing the Asashio and you’re not having great success, check your playstyle. You might be playing much too passively. Try being more aggressive!

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  1. Unban me form your discord please.

  2. I had a hell of a time chasing an Asashio in my Yamato. I’ve never dealt with concealment that good before. He was easily 5km deep in my secondary range and I still couldn’t spot him.

    • his best detection is 5.4 km so he was further away from you than that number at least. Don’t chase an Asashio in a Yamato, unless you have DD or CA/CL help

    • Kaleiohu Lee Never dealt with a concealment that good? How tf did you reach and play Yamato without seeing a Kagero ?

    • Va e my thoughts as well 😅

    • chasing it down wasn’t my first choice, but he snuck our home cap and the rest of my team was off border surfing. i came up on him sitting in smoke almost right on him and he bolted. managed to retake the cap while chasing him the rest of the game. lots of torp dodging. In the end we both lived and my team won on points.
      Incidentally my best win rate is in the Kagero and it does have lovely concealment, but I’ve never had to deal with a DD at that range for that long before.

  3. Aggressive Asashios … of only. Also lets players feed their addiction to bad torping habits from behind team mates.

    • Andreas Müller

      well if you know your torps CAN´T hit certain ships you are free to torp behind them. I use the torps on my pan asia DDs without hesitation if i know that only my own teams DDs are in front of me.

    • Andreas Müller and I still get “WTF dude. Why you torp me?” in chat with my yue yang 😂

    • Andreas Müller just because you can doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a bad habit. That’s the problem with the game’s player base. They find ways to justify playing badly.

    • Andreas Müller

      I would say in case you know your damn game mechanics it´s not a problem. Not knowing them and not giving a damn on top is the problem (in my oppinion at least)

    • Andreas Müller an excuse to justify an excuse. Classic.

  4. > You gotta be agressive

    Good luck with the current “7 radar ships per side” meta 😛

  5. Impossible to play DDs while the USN CAs frenzy is a thing. Better wait a little

    • next patch there will be a USN CLs meta

    • Seattle zerg rush incoming!

    • You won’t be playing DDs for a good long while then my friend

    • Oh yes indeed, I agree with you. I said that because WG had this brain fart so despite the fact that they know everybody will be playing USN CAs after release of 7.5, and to completely break the god dam game, that already has piece of shit gameplay quality, they come up with a crap campaign where you need to use USN CAs to get the 3 star missions.

    • Zbriu I don’t agree that this breaks anything. It’s a good thing we finally have some cruisers in queue. 5 BB, 4 DD and 3 CA games are boring. When things settle down we’ll have a great variety of ships and playstyles to work around. Diversity is good from keeping the game stale

  6. Asashio is cancer

  7. great game but the Asashio is a situational ship, for instance a game yesterday, all 5 Red BBs when on the other side of the map, I spent 8 mins just getting within range.
    BBs in this game though, they know KNOW an Asashio is there but they drive around in straight lines…. pls iChase….can I have BBs like this.
    Don”t get me started on the 4 Cleavland match I had today, the ones now with 9km radar after radar after radar after radar…etc

    gg iChase but if those DDs where anywhere near full health, you would have been toast. Yes the guns are good they hit hard but every six months.

    Give me Akizuki guns with these torps nerfed to 10km and 200k dmg would be my average.

  8. Hey chase it’s been 2 months since you banned me from your discord any chance you could unblock me on discord and we can have a chat

  9. My personal favorite is when the friendly Asashio sees a enemy DD and pops smoke instead of letting the friendly ships kill the DD
    For some more info… The situation I last saw (happens very often, though) was our Asashio, Lyon 4km away (me) and a cruiser who wasn’t going to help at 8km away vs. a Kagero at 6km who was trying to get away. I was turning about to firing a salvo at the Kagero when the Asashio popped smoke and stopped detecting the Kagero.

    • But that is true of a lot of DD players. Personally, I’ll try to not pop smoke but if you have no support (seems to be most games even when not pushing too far) then no one is firing back at the targets you’ve lit up anyway. When I play CA and BBs I see players pop smoke before they’ve been spotted and there is no way to support those DDs as you can’t see anything.

    • there is this thing they could do like shot let the enemy DD shoot too, THEN pop smoke. that way for 20 seconds the enemy DD has the shooting conceal and friendlies can see it even without the asashio spoting him.

    • General Cartman Lee

      The problem is that you can’t rely on your team to shoot at a DD 5-10 km away from them when there’s an enemy BB 20 km away.
      Even cruiser drivers mostly spam HE at BBs at max range completely ignoring any other more important target.
      I once had a Leander on my team ignoring 3 DDs at 5-8 km spotted and in open water around him because he was busy shooting a bow on Colorado at max range…

    • Depends on the DD encountered, a Khab WILL kill you in 15 sec and 4 salvos.
      As a DD, one of your main priorities to the team is to stay alive.
      I always kite away, in the Asashio only smoking if I have to, same with the shim and any IJN DD.

    • As a DD player I rarely use the smoke for myself, but instead use it to screen my team while I spot for them.

  10. The definition of pay2win.

    • dclark142002 hardly. Every other DD in the tech trees are better destroyers. Asashio is simply the best BB killer

  11. That’s how I play it. Though with all the cruisers going on and the radar issues it’s kind of hard.

  12. I hope you’ve had a shower since posting that filthy video earlier

  13. In asashio. “Probably one of the battleships”


  14. Robert Pettigrew

    Still think this ship is simply going to make BB players play even worse than they did before 🙂 I know most of them do camp but imagine one decided to try to support his team and he meets a decent Asashio player. Also IChase as with BB’s if you give people something that can fire from 20km away they will fire it from 20km 🙂 After all just because it is more effective has not worked with BB’s has it .

  15. It’s a stupid ship, but you’re also playing on a stupid server.NA is generally populated by guys just derping around and playing casual games.I’d love to see the NA CC’s play regularly on EU, suspect they would get a wakeup call.

    • UM I have seen the video’s from the EU server and I beg to differ. but we can agree to disagree on that point

  16. This is how I play my Asashio but the guns are *ATROCIOUS*. They simply do not compete in a DD vs DD situation. Sorry iChase, but maybe I’m not as good as you that I can make the Asashio guns work for me. Soon as I’m spotted by an enemy DD I’m usually frickin’ dead within seconds. I can’t outrun gunboat DDs because the Asashio is ridiculously slow for a destroyer too.

    So while I do play somewhat aggressively, I definitely don’t YOLO. Especially now that most T8+ matches are filled with cruisers that have radar. And those cruisers are often played by SKILLED cruiser players that know WTF they’re doing and will strategically position themselves to cover certain approach vectors. Making it effectively a DD-free zone. And let’s not forget Hydro.

    Now damage wise, I do very well with the Asashio. The torps are great. But I definitely don’t go DD vs DD, I avoid radar cruisers like ass cancer, and by the time you spot certain cruisers you are radar’d anyway.

    • I agree in that asashio guns are crap. They are return fire, bait and kill secure guns. I never fire my guns first onto any gunboat. The selective deep water torps are great for killing BBs, but they lack any influence in scaring DD or CA. This ship is extremely limiting and team reliant. It cannot perform in the same way the Benson or Pan Asian can. Kiev or Tash are an absolute nightmare of a ship to have to go against. They will roll over an asashio and prevent escape. While asashio is a fun ship, it is not a great ship

    • very similar opinion here. Once I run into an Asashio in my Fletcher, and the guy didn’t even fire and just stopped there on the map edge. Probably even disconnected. It actually felt somewhat disgusting, kind of like smashing a kitten with a shovel…

    • Lethal Discharge

      Asashio guns are no different than any other IJN DD guns. They aren’t meant for DD knife fights. They are meant to defend yourself. Pop smoke and put a few salvos into them while running if another DD spots you.

      You have way better shell arcs and alpha damage than any other dd. Save for maybe some russians. If an unlucky dd with low health decides to show himself, you can easily secure the kill with your laser guns.
      Her guns are very capable of fighting other DDs but you have to fight on your terms.

    • Isitari Aranial

      Totally disagree, if you’re getting spotted by enemy DDs often you’re charging in too hard (angle in more), this will give you more time to react and keep them spotted whilst not being spotted yourself unless you’re against a Kagero (same spotted range). Due to this massive advantage you dictate gun engagements normally as you want.

    • Isitari Aranial

      DD combats are not bad at all as long as its not a protracted one. You have 2 dual rear turrets, you can dodge and fire those 2 turrets whilst engaging the enemy DD with high velocity shells that are nice and accurate as well.

  17. Chameleon Scheimong

    Oh my oh my… There is so much survivor bias in this video… Do something similar in 90% of the matches and if the enemy has only one competent battleship player you would have been dead.
    Being aggressive is fine. Just not this way.

    • minh khang tran

      “Competent BB player”, now tell me where can I find one so that I could put them in my team all the times 😀

      Also, It’s not just Asashio play though, but practicall all torpboat play. You got nigh-invisible high damage payload that also act as invisible mine and deterrent, used it. The fact that they’s forced to dodge alone is way more than enough.

  18. when you give wows-players good 20km torps they will snipe from the back. they did it with the old shima (some are still doing it with the nerfed 20km torps) and they will keep doing it with the asashio. wg knew that, we knew it, but they decided that it is fine …. awesome idea. potatoes gonna potate. although i dont think that your vid will change that i really appreciate that you are trying to teach those players how to do it.

    asashio isnt good for the gameplay imho. its counter-productive. -> pushing BBs will be punished…. awesome idea. encourage them to snipe even more….

    • doedli yup, the Asashio is a bad addition to the game. I am all in for implementing new interesting ideas, but the Asashio promotes camping from the captain who is sailing it, and it strikes the fear in every battleship player, turning them into campers as well.

  19. Sadly it is a bad time for playing Asashio/DD after update 0.7.5 , there are so many cruiser (with radar)
    waiting to kill you. Nevermind about gunboat DDs in high tier game.

    • i dont feel sympathy for any asasshio driver torping players who no matter how good they have no counterplay is simply stupid and if your going to play a ship that does that very same thing then you deserve to get spotted with no counterplay

  20. Asashio tries her best to play the objective, get spotted and die instantly. The owners immediately regret their purchase, and start torp spamming the next time they get into battle. As a result, nobody bothers to cap, especially in a scenario where there is only 2 dd and both of them have to be Asashio. It is as it is, and will remain as it is. Nothing will change.

    • A player that already has enough game experience to know how to score points and kill ships fast won’t take long to figure out the Asashio’s 3 strengths: torps, stealth, smokescreen hit&run firestarting. Heck, the Asashio can kill a low hp BB on the fly. It’s the noob players who try to force the Asashio into a niche like capping or pure sniping that will suffer. The Asashio is it’s own niche.

      And then there are the players who can’t play objectives period… “Hey everybody! Let’s sit beside the cap behind the island together! Oh no! We’re losing! Let’s run to the side of the map and get shot at in open water instead! I won’t shoot anyone. I’m a pacifist! Let’s broadside to maximize my firepow… *BOOOM!!!!!*”

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