World of Warships: Asashio Black

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Asashio Black match as promised. Asashio is pretty good against battleships, would recommend.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese destroyer Asashio.

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  1. Thanks. (First).

  2. Second, it would seem.

    And you know how it is, Mr A. “I see Amagi, I click like.”.

  3. Got this ship in my first Black Friday container. Can’t say I like it much. Probably be better on the weekend where loads of people play BBs badly.

  4. Am i the only one thats actually pissed off that WG are doing this shit again? its a cash grab, taking a ship, colouring it black, and slapping a price tag on it.

  5. I have 250+ games in the Asashio. Not sure why everyone hates her. I have 100k avg damage and a ~65% win rate in those game. I quite enjoy it. Running into a mino or wooster is a disaster but oh well.

    • Its the deepwater torp cancer but even worse since it only hits bbs. Because what this game needed was even more reason for bbs to stay 20km back and snipe.

    • i tell u way is to situationaly ,i play 100 games in her too is a bad shipp wen u play tier 10 andu play 60% botom tier i tell u dis tell me what u do with cruizers on tier 9 all radar cv spot u from air and the dd on tier 9 and 10 how eat u alive i dont pey wows 1 dimme for dis ship dont deserv and is no game for 3-4 dd,show my what u do in a tier 10 mach wer ar 4 bs ancv and 5 dd all beter den u some cruizerswith radar and bs with radar u r usles

    • Asashio is a great wee ship. I love it. Nice for a change of pace to mix things up a bit.

  6. Nice game!
    Please play the Mogami for old times sake ^_^

  7. Quick thinking on the base entry….like it!?

  8. A sweet little boat! That poor Mass. A true torpedo magnet…
    WoW seems to be getting stingy with the battle results, lately!

  9. My only grief is that once you get the black versions you have to use the regular version to complete the doubloon missions. So if you don’t have the original you can’t complete the missions.

  10. they should fix that stupid DD.
    change torps into shima torp choices. possibly a variant that is REGULAR deep water to make it more special…as an option maybe.
    still classic shima torps at T8 would be special anyway.

  11. wen is top tier asasio is god if u heav mani bs in game ,show some replay wen u play botom ))))))))))))) let see what u do wen u fith kaba and gearing and aders tier 9 ans 10 ,is a underpower ship i know i pley her 100 games and mostly of the games or u plau botom or u have gest 2-3 bs in team i dont get asashio iven if wows give my freee i seel him for silver bad sip to much situationali and on dis mm on wg is alomost zero

    • and bay the way u do 100k demege wit 2 bs players how play wen they jerk off on porno movies 1 of them go streit and dont repear and ader eat torpilos like mexicans tortilias comon ,show as som flecher ,gering ,kaba ,z52 ,etc asashio sox mostly u ar botom tier if u heav cv in game u r dead meat u r alwais spoted and the dd on tier 9 and 10 eat u alive with guns ,by man and sey the truth

    • Razvan Muller mate, I get that English might not be your first language, but please try using autocorrect or something so that your messages are at least somewhat reasonable

    • +Trules wen u ride in my first languesh how i ride in englesh den i do more ,i bet u anderstend all if heav a half brein on u

  12. I love the Asashio! She has a different gameplay than a regular DD. In T10 battles the BB`s have more hitpoints to farm. LOL

  13. Christopher Jonasson

    Haha.. nicely done.. I got one in my first black friday container so now I have two Asashios. Had quite a good game first time I used it although I ended up teamkilled/potatoeing around friendly torps. Did manage to sink 1 full hp BB and damaged 2 others.

  14. Yutland sounds strange to an English ear. The English say the J more like the word Jay or G.

  15. The bismarck at the beginning probably suicided for “bad” MM

  16. I’ve had the Asashio for a long time and love playing her. I run BFT and SE in case she runs into enemy DD’s. Still slow reload but the guns are surprisingly good otherwise. My highest damage game ever was in her.

  17. Is Asashio B only for bisexuals or can normal people sail in it too?

  18. People must think twice before they decide to chase a IJN DD down.
    Cuz the IJN Type 3 yr. Guns just got even better in this version of the game.

    When I see a Fletcher, I would definitely run. But when I run into a Z46, I probably would choose to fight 😉

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