World of warships – Asashio FINAL VERSION

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This is NOT a work in progress, the ship is in it’s final from (I just forgot to remove the WiP tag).


  1. What a deadly torp volley

  2. The_ MisterBones

    that orgasm at 8:44 flambaS

  3. Your team looks like my team every game.

  4. Community: BB’s play too passively

    WG: Hold my beer

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      LOL – but there are exceptions. I mean look at the IJN DDs nerfed to oblivion with their torps, and before the Pan Asians replaced them, – yet we tend to see German BBs border hugging and trying snipe – off all things – and make me smh… smh cause obviously KMS BBs arent snipers – and their armour is built for brawls and not at range.
      Still I cant believe wg would create such a broken ship – leaving the IJN DDs to rot.

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

      I usually push in all my bbs. But hell no if im gonna push when this dd is on the enemy team.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yeah it heavily punishes camping BBs such as that example in 8:42.
      But then again it also equally punishes pushing ships – which is bad for the game causing further passivity.
      But just imagine – if you have a bunch of BBs camping in spawn – and an Asashio manages to sneak through behind them… Oooh – you’ll make them run shitless from their camping spot and into the battle.

  5. Yet another shop to deter BB’s doing anything useful. Guess lower their is where WG want them to play.

    • DaKillerChipmunk My point is we want BB’s to push forward. Long range stealth torps deter that, something that many YouTubers such as Flamu, have said is a problem.
      Let’s face it, getting 264k damage for minimal effort, is a joke. I’ve seen Flambass work harder for less.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      I used to agree, but then I’ve grown bitter and disillusioned over people’s ability to learn basic game mechanics.

      1.5 years ago, I thought BBs needed incentive to push forward, the reward system was altered and I figured things were going to be okay. Except nothing changed. Iowa and Montana got their citadels lowered and I figured things were going to be okay. Except nothing changed. Stealthfiring was removed and I figured things were going to be okay. Except nothing changed. Smoke firing got changed and I figured things were going to be okay. Except nothing changed.

      It’s worth pointing out that all of these mechanics changes were a nerf to some or all ships I frequently play, as I mostly play cruisers, while they were buffs towards BBs.

      I gave up waiting for BBs to grow testicles. All I want BBs to do is burn. I’ll happily applaud/compliment a BB that actually tanks/pushes objectives and/or flanks effectively, but 95% of the time it’s the DDs and cruisers that carry the game, while BBs chill in the back. OR when they do grow testicles, they suicide rush a Shima at the start of the match or something equally moronic. Or they fire HE. I see a tier 9 or 10 BB firing HE (other than RN BBs), I’m triggered. Friend or foe, I don’t care.

      P.S. Let’s be honest, 60% of his damage came from hitting ships that were sailing in a straight line or sitting still. I never expected deepwater torpedoes to do any good for the game, but seriously you CAN prevent getting torpedoed by not being so fucking predictable. Flambass didn’t even go all “wall of skill” with his torpedo reload, which is what most buyers will end up doing… I’m pretty shit with torpedoes, except at really close range, but even I would’ve hit those potatoes.

      P.S.2: I’d also like to point out that it’s not just “the potatoes on my team” that are a problem, it’s also enemy BBs sniping/doing stupid shit. It just makes for uneventful/boring matches. I often end up with 100-150km traveled, because I have to get to the ass end of the map to get in range of enemy battleships, because the dds/cruisers of their team died and I ran out of things to shoot.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      That was a really long rant of me, I’m so sorry if you’re actually reading it all.

    • If you hate that BBs don’t move close to the objectives, then you should hate this shit, I mean ship, with all your guts. Because those BBs who have balls to come close to the objective, won’t anymore, as long as one of this cancer ships are in the other team. Because those won’t be firing at the dudes in the spawn – they will target the closest BBs first. And who will be the closest BBs?. Right – the ones who’re playing the objective instead of sitting in spawn.

      I know for sure I’m not bringing my BB to be chewed by 20k undetectable ultrafast torpedoes just because I want to win the game. I’ll join the spawncamper legion and once the cancer ships are sunk, then I’ll think about actually playing the objective. In the meantime, it’s a complete no go.

      So be very careful about what you don’t care for. Because this stupid thing will cause even more camping if introduced in this “final” state.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Did… you bother reading the rant? All of the “nerfs” towards other ships that made it easier for BBs have had no effects whatsoever on the way the average random plays. The Asashio will make no difference, snipers will still snipe.

      “once the cancer* ships are sunk, then I’ll think about actually playing the objective.” By which time the game ends. Fine with me, I’ll just take the xp.

      *Missouris? Yeah, fuck Missouris.

      “Because this stupid thing will cause even more camping” Funny how they said this with Conqueror, CV buffs, DW torps… etc. Except that the amount of camping is still the same -.- “More ships will camp” More than what, 100%? So 101% will camp now? Not all BBs camp, but the amount of campers vs decent BB captains is still exactly the same as it was 1.5 years ago (or even longer)…

  6. I want some chocolate too ?

  7. Hellooo papierchen! Hans!

  8. What is the name pf the song in the background??? It starts around 5:20 and ends around 7:57 Flambass i like your taste of music. 🙂

  9. DaKillerChipmunk

    That Iowa embodies the reason I applaud more anti-bb measures. Seriously, how does one reach tier 9 and fire HE at a broadsiding target?

  10. Hahahaha your reaction to your team at the end…..classic….

    I wonder if it’s because the good captains get in harms way early and the potatoes are left until the end and then don’t know how to win.

    I’ve had that team all day by the way ?

  11. Still broken… :/

  12. BB’s grouping up for a fleet picture 😛

  13. Kiev is actually an overlooked gem. You should play it

  14. That Iowa has abysmal stats. He even sucks in a Kamikaze, a ship most likely bought after getting wrecked by it all the time.
    Leave it to WG to not do anything about players playing like that at higher tiers. They should make ships more expensive to play (especially high tier BBs), but also increase the rewards for playing well (btw. damage dealt should NOT be a main measure of what “well” means). That way “learning” players would stay at the lower tiers and away from playing BBs until they learn.

    • cobrazax It’s ironic that such a bad player goes by the name of “golem”, which is in effect sort of a magical robot, or “bot”.

    • Terrible players end up on both teams, live with it.

    • Guys i think the problem is that maybe someone buffought that account.
      One of my friends did that and he have good stats in his profile but he just suck ass and mess up the match everytime

    • Is it wrong that I ALWAYS report ingame stat-shamers? 🙂

    • Diggerless
      I’d say no, not wrong. I mean yes, it’s frustrating when an especially shitty player ends up on my team rather than the enemy team. But I’m hardly an elite player myself, so I don’t have much room to stat-shame.

  15. this ship is stupid with its ultra deep water torps…should be MAX normal dwt instead. maybe it should just have shima torps at T8!

  16. showgame?
    because is this far far away from any reality in this game!

  17. The second HE volley from Iowa was the trigger 18:49 , it was all down hill from here , and you can actually hear the point when Flambass broke 19:16 .

  18. you were doing it wrong. You’re supposed to shoot those torpedoes at camping BBs, not at the ones who’re pushing and playing the objective. Is what this DD is supposed to be, right?. A weapon against camper BBs?.

    Wait. What do you mean, you’re going to shoot at the easiest (hence, closest) BB?. What? noone’s going to shoot at campers while there are BBs playing the objective nearby?.

    Wow. What a sudden realization. Which means that instead of preventing BB camping this stupid shit ship will promote it. WHO would’ve guessed?.

    Sarcasms aside, the second this stupid piece of shit gets into any game I’m playing BB, the second I’m not pushing for caps in my BBs anymore, until they’re killed. I’ll just join the legion of 23km shell lobbers in the meantime. If there’s something that CRAPS on pushing BBs, is exactly this idiotic ship. So say goodbye to most battleships who still were trying to play the BBs as they’re supposed to be played, because they soon will be joining the ranks of the SpawnCamper Legion.

    I play all classes almost equally, btw, this is not a BB main complaining. This thing is a fucking stupid decision by Wargaming that should NEVER be introduced in the game, period.

  19. Sreaming is really not necessary…

  20. the audio went underwater for a good minute

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