World of Warships – Asashio Review

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Reviewing the Asashio, brand new tier 8 premium destroyer with Deep Water Torpedoes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Destroyer Asashio Replay – Discord Server


  1. Gotta give WG a credit here, since they have a big enough ball that they release the Adashio as of her current state, despite many people told then not to. 😉

    • Thats not having big balls, thats being a total dick and saying screw you to the community that cares about the balance of the game

    • Jæk Rubbish. When the CC all seem to say the same thing all the time their opinions become less valid.

  2. The most op mest up op thing. Every battle i was when that was kn the other side we got whiped out

  3. why can’t we have an IJN DD with current dual launcher deepwater torps with akizuki guns but the gun range is capped at prob 8km.. i think it would be a great T10 split

  4. Hate to whine, but I think this is probably the worst decision ever made by WOWS team since the GZ. Based on typical IJN DD platform which is bad at DD to DD gun fighting, yet, they removed the ability to fill the firepower gap by giving her DW torpedo, forced her to play more passively, which is extremely bad for team! I mean, seriously, 20km DW torp in Japanese DD? What the hell is that for? Counter the camping BBs? Jeez, they are already scared to death because of everything, HE, AP, Aircraft, and of course the Torpedo! Adding a 20km DW that only hits BB but hits very hard isn’t gonna help anything!

    Other problem is the choice of ship itself. She’s the Asashio, the *Lead ship* of ten Asashio-class destroyers! Not a some kind of experimental or paper planned ship! And yet she’s prem ship, not the regular one! It’s like adding a South Dakota-class battleship as prem ship! They could just go with other sister ships just like the Atago, PE, Kidd, or even the Alabama! Or add Asashio as some kind of side road to tech tree just like WoT team did to Jagdpanther II and Ferdinand could do the trick! Or even they could add her as bridge position that connects between 1st and 2nd DD line!

    good lord, they were doing just fine with everything, new sound, AH/PE buff, promised USN CL split, and they screwed up this time 🙁

    • having played it… i can tell you it completely coutners bb heavy teams in ranked… they start reversing and i can stealth cap a point and send the a spread to two or more bbs and laugh
      asashio is heavily reliant on teammates knowing what your doing.

    • I don’t get what the problem is tbh. Like, so what if they’re name ships as main line or premium? We’re getting them in game right? So what’s wrong?

    • Notser with what?

    • It being a premium and not available for f2p players is not that big a deal. As far as DDs go there are numerous sub-classes and maginal changes in most of the big naval nations during the war. Yes, it was a big improvement over Shiratsuyu, but it’s not that much different from Kagerou which IS available. Why don’t you complain about Yorktown/Enterprise or other significant capital ship being paywalled instead, that would make a lot more sense to me…

  5. so again they put a ship in the game that is only there to kill battleships all i see is less and less battleships want to push up because of these types of ships the new US T10 Atlanta that just spams HE from behind islands now yet another DD WG really do hate BBs dont they glad a wasted my time getting my yamato only to see her getting lower and lower in power after every patch there always seems to be something added that is meant to kill battleships and only battleships and they get nothing in return

    and you call ALL BB players selfish! right ok well it was nice been subed to you notser you jackass its true you know BBs get so much shit and get nothing back just more shit there are so many things in this game that is meant to kill BBs when we push up get get toprd by ships like this or HE spammed to death when we stay back we get yelled at you have really pissed me off notser never knew you was such a jackass

    • 1. Asashio must be in battle – not very often.
      2. To sucessfully torp BBs Asashio must reach a spot where there will be nothing between it and BBs. There is still some chance that dropping torps in wrong place they will be spotted by enemy DDs or CAs.
      3. If someone haven’t learned how to tank in BB – will be still camping. The most important thing in tanking in BB – know that your ship is not made of glass and can sustaing quite lot of damage – this means you don’t have to dodge every incoming salvo. And torpedoes from planes are much weaker comparing to DDs’.

    • Tom Yorke Dude, Notser just makes videos. You don’t need to rant at/namecall him because you’re upset a new ship is in the game.

    • wino0000006 that only works if you have support from your team and enemy isn’t focus firing you. Lack of support and enemy focus firing and HP disappears very fast. A pushing BB dies extremely fast if his teammates decided to sit back and do nothing.

    • MatNJan86
      We are talking about sneaky DD which main advantage is low concealment. So when that sneaky DD tries to go on a flank and on a back of enemy position – you really find enough ships to estimate that DD location – especially if you are not in the first lane.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      the Whine is strong in this one. Just because few people play BBs as intended they are not weak. and getting insta wrecked by a BB shell that decided not to ovepenetrate because a DD dodges (and something a 12 or 16 gun BB salvo is pretty hard to dodge….)… yeah BBs… cry me a river

  6. Stick capt skill torp boost to get em to 72kts and this thing is super scary to bb’s

    • barry lewis You have to waste 2 skillpoints on that and range is down to 9.6 which is to close to comfort at tier 10 imho.

    • The range is 16km with torp boost and the speed of torps is great, and still better than hit friendly BB on other side of map after pinging the torps 10times and warning BB 30sec before impact to sink friendly whitch is unable to use WASD …

    • mariodrv um no. Torps are 20km so they drop to 16km. Plenty of range and at that speed virtually unavoidable

    • I use that on my Asashio. SOO FUN

  7. Why is RPF bad, it still gives you information about enemy dds. And Technically it’s not bad, if you have only two targets as long you hit those to targets.

    • By knowing position of your teammates – you can estimate where the RPF ship is.

    • That’s generally not really accurate. Generally your mates are behind the dd or not really close at least. Also all this “Drawbacks” are given, if you play any other dd with the “Radio Location”. The advantage is the more or less accurate information about an enemy dd, because as Asashio, you don’t want to be approaced, and if the enemy dd notices the Radio Location, then he might turn and won’t approach you. Also you can figure out how to use your torps, that they don’t get spotted by an enemy dd.
      Maybe there are better perks, but it’s not garbage (also I don’t know, which perk are really better as long I got 19 captains

    • Milton Herrold, III

      I can regularly ping the correct square that a dd with RL is in if its a solo ship on the flank or we have any prior location data on it as long as one other teammate is at all interested in helping hunt it. RL is a terrible skill for DDs unless you are using it as a part of a team where all players are using it. If you are one of the only ones on your team i.e. randoms its a bad skill.

    • Even if you have a mate on the flank, you won’t be able to ping the correct square, then the dd can be on 180° around you, so there are plenty of possible squares. Also it requires a mate on the correct position, and we’re playing a random team game, so you can’t expect that every works like you thinking of it.
      And as I mentioned before, it can be an advantage to give enemies the information, that you’re around there. They will play differently. Also, if I listen to all people here, nobody will expect an Asashio with RPF, so if nobody won’t expect that, they will expect another dd around there, maybe something gun heavy, if one of those dd’s are in the enemy team.

    • Pikko Zoikum – I think that Radio Location is an essential skill for torp DDs with low detection and very slow turret traverse. It helps you avoid enemy DDs much more often than not, the “not” being when there is a really good division hunting you. Even so, RL helps you have your guns pointed the right way before you get detected and it helps you know which way to run.

      The first night of clan battles in the first season I was running RL on my Z-52 because I spent time beforehand figuring out the optimal build for me in that ship. My clan mates were basically calling me a noob lord. By the third night, some of the cruisers had RL.

      I run Radio Location on almost all DDs. The exceptions are ones that simply must have a second 4-point skill like IFHE on Akizuki and Russians. It probably would be the last 4 skill points I’d spend, but it most certainly is not “worthless.” It provides so much valuable information if you understand how to use it.

  8. This ship isint OP…it’s Cancer.

    It will only Punish BBs for Helping there team,
    This thing being in game only makes BBs Camp more…(trust me I have had games where our BBs all died due to 2 of these things when they tried to help the team, well no, the only B.B. that survived was a camping one in Spawn…)
    And it is WORTHLESS When fighting Cruisers and Pretty Bad for DDs

    Edit: Note when I say Cancer I mean It’s bad for the game not that it’s to strong,
    That being said this is Strong Cancer,

    • BB’s helping team bwahahahahaha oh god stop your going to give me a hernia from laughing so hard.

    • Mostly agree…the video showed it perform OK against cruisers and DD’s.
      I also disagree with the video and think buffing the Shima det range isn’t needed. I often see Shima’s at the top of the post-game results.

    • Yeah, I think it offers very little against Destroyers/Cruisers and WAY too much against Battleships/Carriers

    • i crush in Russian DD !!!!

    • Exactly I don’t understand how they didn’t see this ship making battleships camp in the back The whole game and this game did not need anymore of that crap

  9. I hope this is a good reason to give limited torpedo salvos to every ship in the game, in the same way you have limited charges of “defensive fire”, “fighter planes”, or “repair crew”, in the future, these changes will stop the Noobpedo spamfest that happens almost in every match

  10. Bought it, love it. Caught out so many sniper, back of the map battleships. Gimmick? Nearly all the premiums have a gimmick. That is how they sell them. It has great concealment for keeping enemy DDs spotted, and it can take care of other DDs late game. I often use the deep water torps to panic cruisers, who have not learnt yet. Its a fun ship, and I play games to have FUN!

    • I mean the problem is that you have fun, yeah. But the BB that tries to push and gets DW torp deleted now has 0 fun and will never try pushing with an Asashio in game again.

    • Any BB that tries to push is under threat from any torpedoes. What it does effect is the battleships that are transiting in the background, thinking they are safe. I get good results attacking ships over 12-15Km away. In future, they will have to be more careful if they just sail in a straight line further back.

    • That’s not entirely correct. A BB pushing intelligently isn’t under as much threat from regular torpedoes as they are DW Torpedoes. Normal torpedoes may be spotted by friendlies before reaching the BB, allowing him to dodge, or he will spot them from farther away and will be able to avoid most if not all of them. The ones that hit won’t completely nullify his advance.

      DW Torpedoes on the other hand are different. They aren’t likely to be spotted by a CA or DD before reaching the BB, and when they do reach the BB, the BB doesn’t even have time to get his rudder to 1/2 before they hit. Furthermore, when they do hit, if you take 2 (which is likely), your game is pretty much almost over, especially during a push.

      So no, this ship is much more threatening to a pushing BB than any other torpedo threat in the game.

    • I work my German BBs on close as designed. Right along capture zones… drawing fire, taking close range hits, secondaries keeping things from getting too too close. Leading the push. Now I can’t.
      Its nice your having fun at the expense of mine and anyone else that knows how to properly sail BBs.
      I’ll never see you, and my BB will just eat your torps as you camp the back at 300 miles away, only because I’m trying to do my job.

    • Well i was a BB main but im so sick of the bunch of camping in the back and sniping BBs so i quited BBs. Asashio is punishing the camping BBs just because they will run out of alies and lose. Do i feel bad for deleting pushing BB in ashashio? no i can do the same in gearing, lo yang, kagero. Yes he can have better chance to survive. But its not my job to give him chance, im there to push my team to victory 😉

  11. Assashio is rebalancing the MM.
    I’ve usually seen, say, an 5 – 2 – 3 proportion, BB – CA/CL – DD distribution in random games lineups. Not this weekend. where 2-5-3 is more common.
    Assashio is making cruisers great again IMHO.
    Cheers Notser. Really appreciate your work.

    • It doesn’t actually. It just forces BB population to use CA/CLS more. And this is not welcomed one as well, since their armor layout will make them frustrated with CA/CL gameplay and try DDs which are even worse if have no situational awareness, then try BBS again due to lacking the option, but now they will be passive. They will let cruisers die which could helped them with dds. So as you see, Asashio is just a bad news for cruisers as well.

    • cruisers have always been great though. They’re probably the best class overall, being agile enough to avoid incoming fire, tough enough to take hits, and having plenty of firepower and decent AA

    • Eagle262 They are strong, i do not disagree. The problem is the skill lwvel needed to play them is high, which many BB players has less of it

  12. 5:20…SELFISH?!?!?! maybe more guarded if we had dds and cas in front with us in mind we might risk going into islands but as is there are parts of every map that bbs can’t go. the real enemy here is that there are as many strategies as there are people playing this game. no one’s on the same page, there’s so many dynamics to this game and very little normalization for tactics.

    • yeah i suppose you guys are right there are turd bb captains, things are supposed to go a certain way and im really cross about not bein able to find people as ptfo as i am. it’s so damn frustrating.

    • Because supporting team action is instant HE and torp death. BB is a garbage class. Totally worthless.A good cruiser like the DM will cook any bb alive. A good DD will kill him before he even sees him. A CV…lol. A good BB player will fire a perfectly aimed shot and miss every shell because of RNG. I love your vids noster but you are dead wrong. You spend 5 mins positioning that stupid pile of slow garbage with secondaries that try to hit the moon for some reason to be wiped out in an instant by a single dd, or maybe a Des Moines who will cook you alive if he isn’t mentally handicapped.

      Played a BB is painful. Excruciating. I sold them all and went cruiser because it’s actually easier. I stopped playing the fletcher (which is a better ship than the gearing) because it was so simple it was unbelievable. It’s a ship with rogue level stealth and smoke. If you can’t do well in a DD with a range well beyond your detection range, there’s something wrong with you. It’s EASY.

      I started playing BB’s because they are iconic and cool looking. They play like garbage and they are every class’ victim. The punching bag of WOWS. The only reason they have the population is because no one joins wows to play some dumb little shoeboat that launches torps or a battleship-wannabe cruiser. You play BB, find out it’s as horrible as a gaming experience can get while dragging on endlessly while you wait for the tiny little dd or cruiser to mercy kill you, and switch classes to the bully and not the bullied. When battleships got a gimmick, the Conq, boy the crying could be heard around the world. Guess what, that thing the conq did to you with the fire? Battleships have that every match and with a faster than 30sec firerate. Imagine that world. That’s life in a BB. It sucks. IT SUCKS HARD.

      50k from the DM and gonna play the spamfest Worc when it’s out. Gonna be nice to be the bully. Has been so far. Not everyone has a Flamu team to make sure each role is played to perfection.

      This ship is CANCER!

    • Marc-Alexandre Tremblay

      sultryjmac holy shit that you are right man , BB life is: getting burned for days or/and getting torped by incoming from you don’t know where because its probably invisible at 5 km of you…or from random shoot and forget one… and too slow to turn.

      I am at the Iowa and just got enough for Montana but don’t think I’ll get it because its already sooo hard to make the Iowa worth its price and the situation is just getting worst.

    • Notser don’t expect that from random teams, it’s not going to happen. People not cooperating is one reason why there are passive BBs. Others are being focused fired and watching as HP goes out of the window because you tried, seeing how your flank having more ships than the enemy is not focus firing and not willing to push and you can’t tell them to do something since most don’t use english(eu server) or give a single fuck. That is how passive BBs are born. On another hand most players know nothing of how the game works. Not that WG cares about teaching players that. They are left with forums and those usually lack in good tutorials or any for that matter.

    • Constantly use the F keys to point out targets as objects. Remind ur teammates to finish their kills so there aren’t 5 enemy ships with 300hp still firing. Push caps as the opportunity opens up instead of hiding behind islands (almost no ship can fire behind an island big enough to hide a BB). There are simple strategies that need to be universal. But of course each people will look at the mini map and interpret a different plan a action. Some people give all and die young. Some people are greedy. My 2 BIG issues are island humping (hiding behind rocks) & players NOT paying attention to the mini map so they calling out in chat for info 2sec after the entire enemy teams position just went up on the mini map. Looking at the mini map and devising strategies (constantly reacting to a changing environment) is the key to scoring points and flanking enemy formations.

  13. Variety? OK. Not goofy variety, though. This is SO specialized (and utterly a-historical), that it doesn’t redress the mega-nerf still hovering over IJN DDs, ever since the old old super-powered Minekaze & Co. FIX THE DD META, before doing more odd stuff. Not interested in this whatsoever.

    As a cruiser/ BB guy, I’m already overwhelmed with all the DD/CA torp-play, and the punishment if you try and lead, versus camping, island-hiding, and waiting until others have taken the brutal frontline punishment.

  14. Commander Nightingale

    Just another day in paradise to be a B.B. player….

  15. Notser was right. I’ve also noticed that this ship doesn’t punish BBs for existing, it punishes enemy teams that don’t screen properly. I rack up awesome kill/damage counts and caps when I have direct access to enemy BBs. I spend all match spotting or running if the enemy DDs/CAs keep themselves between me and my targets. And that is similar to normal IJN DD play, except I can’t kill cruisers, but my success rate on BBs is a lot higher.

  16. I actually bought the Asashio. Not because I like it but because I had yet another game with passive BB:s and it pissed me off. So now when I get pissed of at passive BB:s I can use to Asashio to more effectively punish aggressive BB players. I fell victim to WG logic 😉

    • All passive BB players need to die, and this is the weapon to do it. I intentionally launch my torps against the BB in the back, instead of the closer one, because that one in the back needs to be taught a lesson.

  17. One Asashio on a team is fine. It’s when you see more than one, or one side has multiple and the other side has none, that there’s a problem.

    Asashio can’t stand up in a gun fight, and she can’t protect herself with a defensive torpedo strike. This limits her extremely during early game, unless she can support a gunboat DD with additional fire…if you’re yelling at an Asashio to charge into the cap, where it’ll get spotted by other DD’s and/or detected by radar, you’re doing a disservice to the player playing it.

    What Asashio is good for is early-game screening and spotting for allies…as long as she doesn’t get pulled into an area with a radar ship, she will be able to spot enemy DD’s and their torps well before she’s spotted, giving allies time to fire and/or dodge incoming torps.

    Mid-to-late game is where she’s at her best…by this point, cruisers and destroyers should be whittled down in number, allowing her to actively engage the enemy BB’s which, unless they’re particularly stupid or unlucky, are generally the most threatening at this stage of the game.

    As an example, in the 2nd game I played, I sort’ve hovered around a cap area…poked in long enough to disrupt the enemy cap, but had to pull back when 3 cruisers started getting really close. This allowed me to spot the deepwater torps from a rival Asashio (the one who capped), which allowed my friendly BB’s to dodge. Once the cruisers were taken care of, I went in and capped (it’s mid-game by this point) and sunk the enemy Asashio…who probably could have beat me, if he hadn’t tried to torp me. Twice.

    So, by late game I had capped and sunk my rival…and then spotted a full health Montana bearing down our much more damaged battleships (their gunfights hadn’t gone particularly well)…I slipped into within 10k of it and launched my torps, which because there wasn’t really much for the enemy to detect with, got to the Monty unseen and with 6 torpedo hits, I dropped him down to about 1/4 health, drastically improving the odds of the friendly BB’s.

    if the Monty had zig-zagged his course and hadn’t been so over-confident, I wouldn’t have done so much damage…but, you know, most BB’s and lack of WSAD.

    This ship is the knife in the back. Quite honestly, except for the fact it can’t hit anything but carriers and BB’s, it has the most realistic torpedoes for Japanese ships…Japanese torps were much better than their contemporaries, speed and stealthwise, and they were nerfed severely because…well…BB’s with lack of WSAD. The fact that they’ve been nerfed so badly has really impacted japanese DD’s in a bad way.

  18. +Notser You have gotten the health pool wrong. Asashio has 15.100 HP, not 17.000.
    Asashio has 17.900HP with Survivability Expert

  19. Whilst I’m not that impressed by her introduction I still believe a lot of the community are massively over reacting, I spent the weekend grinding out my German battleships and was several times hunted by Ashshio’s and it’s really not that hard to dodge and as long as you push forward with the DDs and cruisers your fine, honestly the only battleship players who are going to camp because of her were going to camp anyway they have just been given a new excuse to justify themselves. However I do agree with you she is too specialised she cannot really contest caps and doesn’t really contribute to the team. I just wish people were not so easy to panic it’s RPF all over again this is cancer that’s cancer yes everything’s cancer…

  20. I played Asashio all the way to Rank10 in ranked battles. It is such a fun ship!!! The enemy team had to send cruisers and DDs at me and I could easily stay at range firing torps. And my guns could finish any class of ships if low hp. I just popped smoke. The big issue in Asashio is capping solo. I’d have to call for help to hold a cap against cruisers. BB packs steamrolling caps: DENIED. BBs staying in back: DENIED.

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