World of Warships – Asashio Review – Giant BB Nerfbat

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Asashio: Hey BB, **** off mate 😉


  1. I’ll poke my head in here, out of curiosity to see how this trainwreck is going. At least the torpedoes have a decent reach. So torpedoes don’t hit cruisers anymore? What an arcadey lie. As long as they cling to ‘national traits’ and rock-paper-scissor nonsense, there will be no balance.

    • H. Guderian LOL

    • TX BBs were balanced until Conq came around. Now Conq messed with AP’s value on BBs.
      TX Cruisers all have same problem: They can’t survive from a single simple mistake and they needs to be always on their best otherwise it is not fun for you. Other than that, except Americans every cruiser is playable if not decent. Americans are more than playable due to their high firing rate, shell arc. They can be as well out played but still, they may need to do something to other lines to compete Des Moines specifically. Worcester will be worse when released however.

  2. Wargaming is clueless. Now we reward BBs that camp at the back and barely move, while punishing the poor slobs that actually try to play aggressively in caps and take forward positions. They’re making it really easy to find entertainment elsewhere.

    • She did take a bunch of friendly destroyers in with her. But then she’s the Warspite, the Chuck Norris of battleships. Destroyer swarm? Bring it. Radio-guided glide bombs? “I will survive.”

      She even broke her tow on the way to the scrapyard and drove herself onto the rocks. They had to break her up where she lay. Die-hard megabitch to the end.

    • Yup, players want BBs to push up and then we get ships like this…..

    • It’s just going to mean they’ll need a light cruiser escort to push a little bit in front of them and give them torpedo warnings.

    • Amen lol, WG Games are the types of games that I cant play more then a few games then uninstall the game out of sheer frustration.

    • Empoleonman522the2

      eh…….could be worse… poor kii……

  3. “cruisers and battleships” erm chase, going a lil jingles here

  4. Well…looks like I’m getting old, said cruisers but meant carriers…thanks for those ppl who pointed it out. Once again, my apologies

    • everyone is entitled to a Jingles moment every now and then…

    • No need for apologies…..crap happens, mate.

    • Because that would mean I’d have to trust him to be competent and not just spam HE on the enemy BB’s and sail into me. Incompetence is the biggest cause for distrust and the lack of teamwork in WoWS, and Incompetence is very real as well unfortunately. Not to mention, if the cruiser gets himself killed early on, I’m a sitting duck for torpedo spam…

    • iChaseGaming I need help. I am a 44% win rate. I always lose. I really need your help. Can you let me in your clan and teach me some strategies in Missouri. I never ever got a kraken and only one high caliber and confederate each ever. I will gift you a couple of premiums of your choice apart from Musashi which can’t be gifted. My username is AMERICANWaRshipper. I admire you as much as wargaming itself because of how great you are!

    • Silent_Assassin_Gamer

      lol Jingles does it all the time. I’m not a fan of this ship at all. It doesn’t promote good play in the game at all. In general the BBabies hide in spawn most of the game and if they see this ship on the enemy they’re going to stay back even further. Wargaming seems to be doing everything they can to ruin this game. I don’t play it nearly as much as I used to because of ships like this and the Belfast and then whole British BB HE spam which has turned about 90% of the BBs into HE spamming morons for whatever reason.

  5. I guess the honor student is about to…

    I’m really unsure how to complete this analogy, in all honesty.

  6. Destroyer ShimakazeChan

    “The torpedoes only hit cruisers and battleships”
    A little while later:
    “If you get a cruiser and destroyer heavy match you arent that useful because your torps cant hit them”


  7. BBs be like: (X_X)
    But I really hate the entire concept of Deeper Deep Water torps. The idea that a ship is made entirely to counter one single class and be completely useless against everything else. There’s nothing you can do as a BB to avoid these torpedoes. Even if you use your WASD hacks, pratically all torp hits the Asashio gets cause a flooding… and she has TRB, so all you need is two torpedoes and 2 floodings, one of which the enemy can’t repair. If at least it didn’t have 20 fucking km of range, having 12 instead, then it wouldn’t make BBs camp even more.
    What’s next? A BB with no guns but with AA that makes DM look like a tier 1 cruiser, so it has the single purpose of countering CVs and nothing else? A cruiser with 50mm main battery with HE only and 30% fire chance made solely to set BBs on fire but that can’t deal any damage to anything else? That’s stupid gimmick at it’s finest.
    Rather than nerfing a class everyone knows it’s overpowered, they release a nerfhammer and put a price tag on it. “Get your BB nerf hammer before all the BBs are banished, after which this hammer will be totally worthless because there won’t be more BBs to hit with it!”
    This is not balance, this is a temporary solution that won’t last 6 months, but it sure will make a lot of money for WG.

    • dlegofan deeper deapnwater torps!!!!!
      The only saving grace is its a prem and will cost upwards of 60 dollars. That stops most people I think.
      I am very concerned about my CV with this thing in the game.

    • I wouldn’t be concerned about it as a CV, Jerry, because DDs that go hunt CVs have a tendency of failing miserably at their personal mission while also failing at the intended mission for their class. Just remember that if you spot torps, it’s likely that they can reach you because lol 20km torps are such a great idea.

      Also, Un1qZ, when I called BBs OP, it’s mainly by my experience as a BB main, and mainly against DDs. Cruisers and other BBs can angle, but DDs always end up taking a few AP pens or a shit ton of overpens, which hurts them a lot regardless. I seriously couldn’t understand, when I unlocked the République, why that is considered a ship with poor accuracy, because for me consistently getting 8k hits on DDs it’s not what I call inaccurate. I can easily delete a DD in an accurate ship like the Mo at longer ranges, but the fact I can do the same thing in any other battleship with lower accuracy and sigma just feels so unbalanced imo.

    • dlegofan First I dont think we will see many of them in game because there a prem. If they were tech tree I might get more energized. Of course I spent all of my “what the f@@k wg tak8ng 40 planes from my Midway.” That was yesterday so I am fondle for about! Lol
      As for OP ships. Aside from Belfast, October, and the ship I want to be removed the Khaba I don’t think there are any other OP ship.
      I thought Sipan was until I got her and found out I was wrong. I thought Atlanta was then I got one and found out its situational. I do some sick games with IFHE but its not as strong as Indi. Kaga can be OP if its against t5 and t6 but against t7 t8 t9 she is Increably week. Midway is not OP she has t8 torps which are very week against t9 and t10.

    • Well, surely premium ships have more limited owners, but I feel like any DD player would want that ship in their collection, just like any BB player would want a Tirpitz in their collection, and any cruiser player would want an Atago, Kutuzov or Belfast. Asashio especially, because DD players have a tendency of really hating BB players.
      And as I said, I didn’t meant to call BBs OP in the same way we call the Belfast OP, just meant that they are way too effective against the one class meant to counter them. Also, surely you meant Nikolai instead of October (although the Oct Rev is a pretty good ship that I enjoy very much). The definition of OP can be very diverse from player to player.
      Surely we can all agree that the banished ships (Konig Albert, Nikolai I, Gremy, Belfast and Kutuzov) are undoubtely OP, but some other ships have quite divisive opinions (like the Kaga, who has a ridiculous strike power against all classes, but very weak planes and fighters, so it can only truly be that monster if it doesn’t have to deal with AA ships or good enemy CVs, mainly the Saipan, which is divisive in the opposite way, with ridiculous fighter power but anemic strike power), these are divisive simply because they’re situational, but are still completely broken and horrible to play against when put in the right situations, which is precisely where Asashio fits, and it’s also precisely where battleships fit as well. One situational OP ship left unchanged leads to the need for another to counter it, and creates all of these balancing problems.

    • dlegofan cant argue with any of that. But i still want Khaba pulled from the game. I do feel that is the only tech tree ship thay is op. And very op

  8. Robert Pettigrew

    So WG realise they have a problem with BB numbers so they bring in a ship that is going to counter the BB’s that play the way we want them too and not BB that camp at the back 🙂 Great move WG well played.

    • Robert Pettigrew At 20klicks they can get campers.

    • Maybe in theory but why would they? Hitting a target with torps at 20km is going to be a challenge even with these things. And if you had the choice between targeting the BB that’s pushing–and is therefore both a threat to your team and also a vastly easier target–and the BB that’s camping any rational person is going to target the pushing BB 100% of the time. This ship will *heavily* punish BBs that push and therefore encourage more camping, not less. Which is the exact opposite of what this game needs right now.

    • Kevadu I would. I can’t stand campers. With this DD I would prefer to go on the flank and punish campers, plus look for CV’S. The other DD’S can cap. Also very few will be playing this ship the majority of the time. I know I won’t. It’s just for something different now and then.

    • I would like to think aggressive Battleships will be moving up with destroyers and cruisers that can and will help to spot these new torpedoes. I dont even mean moving up together as a team, but generally cruisers need to move up for range and destroyers move up to cap generally.

  9. So they give us this but they wouldnt give us Kitikame?

    • I’m guessing you aren’t a cruiser main who enjoys torps. If WG can put torps this strong (asashio) in the game, surely the torps on the kitty can be balanced. I enjoy my dd and bb play as well (get balanced soon cv’s). I still want the kitty. I’m guessing a stat massage could make a big change.

      The Kitty is like a Scharnhorst. A ca that thinks it’s a dd. I bet I could balance it to be fun.

      It’s also a ca mains Unobtanium. A holy grail if you will. The one ship we’ve been teased with, multiple times, but never had a chance at.

    • it’s a CL, fyi… not a CA.

    • ^rekt and parker if your talking to me i am a main of everything (yes even sky cancer) and if i could get my hands on the kitakami i would play like a mogami and just play chase me with the enemy team push up close enough that my torps can cover a a range i love to torp at on some maps that always end up in a hit if not a kill the normal capping spots for DDs

    • I would love to have the Kitty. Just at a little lower price…

    • yeah if it was sold for a normal price of a tier 8 cruiser

  10. Hey you know what we need? A ship that exists solely to troll BBs. Its not like RNG does that already. Or like every other class can already effectively counter BBs.

  11. You know what else we need? High tier games being even slower and campier

  12. Relatively Insignificant

    “Do I think this is good for the game?…. *haha* ….No.”

  13. As I’m what most would call an “Aggressive BB main” I will share my opinion. I’m near my cruisers and try to protect my DDs, its why I like the German and French BBs. I can’t help but feel this ship is mainly going to target me, because why would they spend 10 minutes going around to target the campers, when they can launch torps at me from their own spawn? I know that my job is to take fire, I’ll gladly take hits for my non-BB allies, but this is probably going to be too much.

    • Asashio: making most passive BB players even more passive = GG /s

    • Wait, my bad, correction: Asashio: making most pussified BB players even more pussified…….

    • @Jamie Camilleri yes, you forget that we speak of the average BB-Bob aka “Standing broadside-on without getting punished”.

    • Nasos Charalampou

      As a DD main but with some BB action for fun i totally share your opinion.I use my torp reload Yugumo and just like the video says i have to be alert cause the moment im spotted means a huge hp depletion.This ship looks to be as fun as the Kamikaze seal clubbing.

    • Tamren Starshadow

      As another “aggressive BB” main I have to have to agree with Ebony Phoenix. We already have so many things working against us.

  14. NO I will not be getting this one … but my loyang will have a little fun me thinks 🙂

    • Problem is with 16km minimum torps most won’t even bother entering a cap they’ll sit well outside spotting distance, particularly if to they see cap contesters in the lineup.

  15. 10/10 fun and engaging

  16. WG are encouraged long range torpedo spamming by implement radar in game anyway, so… why not? BB AP can delete anything, time for them to get delete.

    • Here we go again.

      The Torpedo spread at 20Km is quite large and makes it difficult to dev strike anything that far away. It will happen but it will be more rare than you think.

      I ground out the all lines to tier 10 with the exception of the American Battleships and Russian destroyers. I’ve played 10,000 games, so I know what Im talking about as well.

      In a game with 5 battleships per team which is very common, and I’ve played 10,000 games so I know this to be true, it can be very difficult to anticipate which one of the 5 battleships is engaging you at the exact moment given the concealment levels some have and the way they spread out initially, giving you little time to react. Yeah, screw you if you think thats fun and engaging. This is especially true because battleship rounds travel faster than 72 knots.

      If you are hit by more than one Asashio Torpedo at 20 KM you arent changing speed or direction enough, you would have to be sailing in a straight line for more than 10 seconds. If you’re sitting by yourself in the back, you deserve to die, or sitting idle bow on without pushing with the team to spot these torpedoes for you.

      Please think abut it before you cry out this is an abomination when compared to other ships already in game.

      See what I did there? You’re argument is the same as that of other ship classes in dealing with battleships.

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

      Dustin Spiegel if you sit at the back as a bb you deserve to die. A moronic answer really. Why? Because the bbs at the back are the last ones you will launch torps at. Its people who play like me you target. The ones who are pushing. The thing that really grinds my gear with this ship is the torpedo reload booster.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Dustin Spiegel thats a good point, and I agree with what you’ve said. But can you explain why none of the tier 8 to 10 battleships can be as regularly effective at killing cruisers as Asashio is at killing battleships? I mean, every CC I’ve seen playing this ship has done well in it by quite a margin. I dont think any of them broke a sweat trying to get 150k damage in this thing. Trying the same in an NC or an Amagi would not net you as consistent results as these super-fast ninja torpedoes. These things are like the original Shimakaze 20km torps, arent they? You can angle against incoming shells if you pay attention and most of the times that is enough to avoid taking massive damage from a BB. One hit from these torps will cause massive damage and flooding on top of that. BB AP doesnt cause DOT. I dont really get dev struck very often either by BBs or by DDs, and I’m sure you dont either. And I havent honestly played 10000 games, nor do I have any premiums. But come on, these torps just target one group of ships for no good reason. Its a bad design, like the Belfast and Kutuzov were. Plus the torp reload booster makes no sense because its not a compromise in any way. Is this really that different from having radar, hydro and smoke all at once? Asashio is relatively fast, extremely stealthy, has smoke, speed boost and torp reload booster. Thats not fair! How do I counter this? None of these torpedoes in the main line ships are this good, are they? Benson torps are very slow. The Japanese ones are faster but not as stealthy as this, right?

    • I also see others points to a degree, its just that this isnt the sky falling like RPF being introduced wasnt, despite everyone yelling it was the apocalypse. |

      How do we know how effective this ship is? We’ve seen some amazing games from some Community Contributors. Have you seen any you tube videos in which a community contributor gets 20K damage and receives a devastating strike? They pick what game video to attach to these reviews, for all the success in this game, he may have only won two games out of 10. We cant really judge based on that. Also, feeling like a battleship isnt effective at killing it cruisers and that being a fact are very different.

      Yes, you can angle against some Battleship AP but part of that is just luck, some guns can over pen or simply plunge into other ships. While not as effective as a torpedo the fact remains that most battleships should have no problem doing damage. Also, battleships can do DOT damage, both the french and british have high fire chance. The British and Germans both have excellent HE penetration values that go with that high damage and potential to start DOT fires.

      Yes, its an awkward choice to have them only fire at battleships, I agree. I also agree with Torpedo reload booster being a bit over effective potentially, though Im not sure due to the horrid weakness of the guns.

      Honestly, the easiest way to counter this is to stay with your team and work together. I know, teamwork isnt always huge in the game but there is passive teamwork. You dont have to plan your moves with them, simply follow some destroyers and cruisers around, that will help screen. Also remember his reload is roughly 1:30 minutes or so, depending on Captain Skills.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Dustin Spiegel simply following often doesnt work, you see. A BB is not nearly as maneuverable as a DD or CL/CA, and not nearly as stealthy. They are also slower by some margin. If a flank fails, a DD or CL can stop firing and get out of detection and get away, but it is often the battleship that stays behind and dies. Its happened to me many times, and I’ve seen it happen to others when I’m playing a cruiser. DDs somehow forget that they have smokes and dont use them to protect BBs. There is a general animosity toward BBs nowadays, and it is simply unfair to anyone who tries to play the game properly. And I agree, it is probably not as big a problem as it seems right now, but the reason why iChase and other CCs are so against it is because of the anti-BB attitude WG has somehow promoting. I spent a very long time grinding the USN BB line. My computer isnt great, neither is my internet. I worked hard to get to the Montana. I dont – just as many others – deserve to be the target of everyone else’s animosity. I didnt pay my way up to get here, like many people did. I grind out every single ship of every line I am interested to play. So why am I as a BB driver being attacked for no reason at all? And please, I do not ever fire HE at any targets. I switch targets if they are too angled or aim for superstructure. British BBs are cancer. In any case, we have valid points on both sides of the argument. Lets wait and see what happens.

  17. There is a funny sense of irony that comes with this. Battleships can now basically receive the damage they are capable of dealing to other ship types. A cruiser that accidentally shows a broadside, most of its health is gone. Even destroyers can take immense amounts of damage from battleships that get close. Its also funny that the reaction time they have is a big deal, considering their rounds arent always easy to dodge. Its really just a case of what goes around comes around, a ship that can engage you across the map and do devastating damage while taking little to none, battleship or Asashio, same thing.

    • I have no idea what situation you’d be in where as a cruiser or destroyer you’d need to be shooting at a battleship that’s outside your range while being spotted yourself outside of some hilariously specific scenarios. The only time I ever had that problem was when I played ships that had a detection range that was bigger than the range of their guns, which is most certainly not a cruiser/dd problem. Ultimately every class can be powerless against every class but these torps are by far some of the worst shit.

    • You’re kidding right? So you couldnt be in a cruiser, spotted by an unseen enemy destroyer and be in range on an enemy battleship at the same time? Thats impossible? Like maybe you moved up to support the capping DD and were spotted by the enemy, meanwhile a battleship with 18km or more range engages you when you have 15 or 16km range. I mean, Im not trying to be a jerk to you here but the idea that you cant imagine that happening seems silly.

    • dds have smoke, but that scenario which would play out at a begging of a match, why would you be doing it unless you were looking to die.
      That scenario is very easily avoided.

    • I was talking about cruisers, not destroyers. It happens all the time. Especially to U.S. Cruisers that use the hide behind an island technique, which generally requires you to move forward and get into position close to a cap, where most islands are situated. Anyway, I’m done arguing scenarios with you. Bottom line, its still funny that there is a ship aimed at nuking Battleships like Battleships can nuke most other ships.

    • Yeah and it’s funny how you put yourself in trash positions and go “man it sucks when a bb can nuke you and you can’t do anything about it”

  18. Such a pretty Tumor.

  19. Better release the Kitakami again :3

  20. I just have a big issue with deep water torps. They were made to counter BBs, and that’s fine and all… but BBs don’t have any time to react to them. Hell, cruisers barely have time to react. Yet WG decides to put an even better deep water torp into the game?

    Sure, cruisers and DDs can spot the torps to give BBs time to move, but when’s the last time you have another player actually help spot torps for a BB in randoms? I try when I can, but it’s usually not worth the effort as I get nothing out of it. I’d honestly prefer subs in the game over deep water torps.

    • same tactics apply. Stay mobile, fire selectively, and don’t sail in straight lines.

    • Except those tactics don’t apply at all when you’re not the target/not spotted. If the torps aren’t sent at you, then maneuvering won’t do you any good in dodging. I’ve had a few games where I’m sailing and got hit by DW torps that were sent at the BB behind me well before I was spotted or in the area.
      The issue is still you don’t have any time to turn the rudder to respond to the torps.

    • You should always be maneuvering, when you don’t see the enemy DDs, or if their last known location with a plausible threat range to you. Minimap is borderline hax if you know how to watch it. Lot harder gameplay out there than DW torps.

    • I do watch the mini map, what didn’t you get about it’s hard to maneuver away from torps that are sent at someone else? I can be watching and turning and accidentally turn into the DW torps that were sent at the BB who’s 5km behind me. Normal torps in that situation still give me enough time to turn if I’m paying attention, DW torps don’t have that time.

      And, imo, turning and changing speed work well, but there’s always going be those 2 DDs that get lucky with their aim, or are good at guessing what you’ll do. Again, my issue is just with the 1-2 seconds of time between seeing the torps and getting hit by the torps

    • You know where torpedo alley should be on any given map. You should know roughly when you are putting yourself at risk. If you are uncertain if you are At Risk at ANY given moment you should be maneuvering to deal with any potential problem. WOWS is not a hard game to maintain situational awareness in. High tier battleshipping, and high tier play in general is less about your reaction, than it is about your planning. Everything happens at such a slow pace, you have all the time in the world to analyze your situation and plan accordingly.
      DW torps average a 9% or less hit rate. (that’s actually worse than Gearings by the way)
      Getting hit by a torpedo, in WOWS is more of a statement of you screwing up, than skill of enemy torpedo usage. Sure it happens once in a while. A lot less frequently, than a BB deleting someone at our pleasure.

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