World of Warships: Asashio review

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Meet , soon to enter as a Tier 8 premium. She’s a rootin’-tootin’, -murderin’, OG torpedo ninja of a sort that hasn’t really been around for more than a year. She’s also finalised, heading for release and Wargaming were kind enough to lend me her for . So here are my thoughts on the tier 8 torpedo terror:


  1. Harsh words AA: Engages Aircraft; pilot, “I can’t deal with this work environment!” Pilot crashes aircraft into the sea.

  2. This looks like it’ll be a quick snack for my Akizuki

  3. Tovarish_Kartoshka 4

    She’s go to be my new Toy !!! Heck yea!!!!

  4. I hope WG will follow your suggestions. All the best from Germany.

  5. I want my DDs with some options so I’ll stay away from her, thank you very much.

  6. Interesting review I hope though WG won’t panic when all the bad battleship players complain about her, sadly though I fear people will prefer to complain rather than improve in response to her, still I do like your suggestions she should be a terror to camping BBs but survivable for ones who work with the team and have their eyes open

  7. My biggest problem with this thing is MM related. You need to have team mates in DDs and CAs who aren’t complete potatoes to counter it – something that seems to be at a massive premium at the moment. I’m not particularly concerned about getting hit because I generally remember my WASD hacks, but the SEA server is already very passive at mid-high tiers and I can see this making the situation worse.

  8. Instead of giving the Asashio faster firing guns to have a chance against destroyers, WG gives it more range – making it a camp-and-snipe-only DD that would suicide if it tries to contest a cap.

  9. I cant tell you how much I appreciate your review. Of all the community contributors, your review is the most comprehensive and well rounded. Instead of posting a game where you easily score 150 to 200k damage, you posted a game where you did 55K. You also addressed how easy it can be to deal with this ship and its torpedoes. I hate to be a brown noser, but considering how the community reacts to this ship, like they did to RDF, its really nice to see that Asashio isn’t a horseman of the apocalypse.

  10. Sorry but I was focusing on the Edinburgh’s play

  11. Re: torpedo counters- catapult aircraft may soon become much less useful in torpedo spotting, since WG is testing out having spotting distance of torpedoes by planes cut two-fold.

  12. It has monster stealth. What if it stayed close behind dd and then launch? Its toros cant be seen by anything right?

  13. release her NOW!!!!! I love all the hate regarding this ship. that’s why I’m getting her 🙂

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