World of warships – Asashio WiP

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  1. New question mate. What about the Asashio? Do you recomend it for a newb like me?

    • It’s a work in progress man, God knows how will it look when it’s done. I can’t recommend it yet

    • I saw there will be a german premium DD. I really want one of those. I like german navy in General. I just realized it looks like i have no work or life at all spamming all your videos for hours with comments constantly. 😀 (i have a job 😀 i have no life but i got a job for sure)

    • I saw a no gameplay preview of that DD and it seems like it’s gonna be a weaker version of the tech tree DD, so probably not worth it. But since they can’t even show the gameplay of it I guess things will probably change considerably. We’ll have to wait. Besides, if it’s a DD in question Flambass is the go to guy for opinion on it and is it wort to spend money

    • Thanks mate. Exactly thats the reason I`m asking him. 😀 He knows what is good and what is garbage since he tests them first handed. I think I`m gonna buy 2 loyangs and 2 kidds.

    • Johnny Gat the new german dd is not good, it got out gunned by a japanese wich is the worst dd gun in the game, if you want a good premium, get the tirpitz, or scharnhost.

  2. I hope they nerf asashio into oblivion. I cant afford to buy a prem ship rn and it will certainly be removed like the belfast was if it doesnt get the ijn prem treatment

  3. cant wait to put my hands on this ship!

  4. they said the french bbs have redeming features for the dispersion… what kind of redeaming features? speed boost? superweak against he spam?

  5. “La baguette” XDDD theres a mod that changes the ship name, right? 😂😂😂

  6. “La Baguette” would have been amazing XD

  7. hahahah la baguette ^^ bien joué les gars xD well done was so funny 😉 Onell123

  8. What If you a dd that could fire backwards?? And drop sea mines lol total nightmare

  9. What bb was that?? Republic

  10. OldSchool Gaming

    What exept hydro spot these super deepwater torps?

    • OldSchool Gaming The same as any other torpedo except that their torpedo detectability is 0.9 km, so your allied DDs or planes need to be right on top of them to spot them

  11. Who thinks Flambass should have an hour dedicated to seal clubbing In tier 3 on a certain day each week

  12. Mastering shooting deep waters under your own DDs is a beautiful thing.

    • It does feel awesome doesn’t it 😉

    • I still can’t get used to it. It’s bloody scary everytime your division mate torps from behind. It’s kinda lika Farazelleth dropping bombs next to a team mate at the beginning of a match in order to scout with DBs. You know it’s not gonna hurt, but still makes you jump…

  13. cancer dds really. even more bbs will hide behind

  14. Please WG do not bring this ship out in this form. It will murder any BB which actually plays actively and make the rest just camp even harder.

  15. the most amazing dispersions ships in the game are german BB´s!
    3 x 8 shells from tirpitz at 7,2km and 6,8km & 7,6km range and NOT A SINGLE HIT!

  16. on ship names.. the only thing i missed from navyfield was being able to name ya ships!…… that and lvling guners to the point you can fire Dd and CL guns like machine guns… but that’s not part of this game..

  17. der DD ist aus meiner Sicht zu stark mit den Torps mit der Nachladezeit, Lauflänge und Geschwindigkeit!

  18. “I’m going to build a torpedo wall and make him pay for it” — classic

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