World of Warships – Ashitaka First Impression

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is another premium ship that I’ve been given the chance to check out. it is a premium tier 7 for the that is similar to a stock . It has the same great gun systems but the AA protection gives up a ton for the extra two guns at tier 7. Hope you enjoyed this and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Japanese Ashitaka Replay


  1. I think only Yamato is the one that is powercreeped, not the whole IJN BB line. While some low tier ( Kawachi, Miyogi) is pretty bad, the rest is very, very good ( Thoght there will be alot of debate of whenever the Izumo is good or bad, my oppinion is “meh” btw). The Yamato on the other hand, you pretty much have to bow on, otherwise you will get citadel all day, sluggish and unresponsive ( Yamato have slow turn rudder) and slow turning gun forcing you to have friend around otherwise you are screwed ( If a DD catch you when your gun is turned away, yeah).

    So, I think WG should buff the Yamato a little bit, like give her more responsive rudder, or give her back her original, OBT heal. ( Though I know why Yammy have to sacrifice so much. Having a gun that can pen anything and everything is a no joke matter, and I’m not complaining)

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer You mean citadel from the front or the rear? If you mean broadside then yes, those ship is easy to cit. But if you mean from the front or the rear, then it depend on what ship are shooting at you. ( Beside high tier BB at tier 8, Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, Bayern and Colorado can just tear through the armor like it doesn’t even there) 🙂

    • Mammoth Mk3 Maybe buff it whenever ships come to close range.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Paul – thats easy… 
      Japanese/ American Turtlebacks are inclined – to 40-45 degrees… Meaning you can penetrate them like normal – via plunging fire at long ranges – or pointblank waterline shots. 

      The only reason why German Battleships are citadel-proof with their turtlebacks pointblank – is due to their 68 degree inclination – and 60 degree autobounce mechanic. Increase the auto bounce to 70-75 degrees – they would be as easy to citadel as any other ship (excluding RN). The only way to cit a German – is by long range plunging fire.

    • The Tasty Sausage Biscuit

      Yamato turrets don’t need a buff. they weigh 3 freakin thousand tons each and Japan was behind on tech and resources, and I think her sigma, deck armor (thickest at T10), and her torpedo protection is by far the best as well as her stronger heal. She has her very clear strengths and very clear weaknesses, she doesn’t even need a rotation buff considering it can be brought down to less than a minute. Which is far better than what she had irl. So yeah, no buffs. The other T10’s (excluding conqueror) need to get in to be able to do good damage where Yammy doesn’t so they need their rotation speed and “better armor” as well as lower citadels.

    • The Tasty Sausage Biscuit That I would agree. Yamato isn’t the only one which have slow turret rotation, there’re quite a few of BB also have slow turret rotaion. It’s just that most of them are low tier so player tend to get through them too fast to even remember. ( Notable strong BB with slow turret is Pre buff Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, etc….) 🙂

      And the Yammy playstyle has never been change since OBT anyway: Pack somewhere behind friendly ( About 17 – 16 km and below, above that just move and shoot – main point is not to hit, but scare the enemy), and snipe. 😛

  2. another copy and paste

  3. Viewer 111 sweet!
    Hey Notser I wanted to say something about the Amagai. The Amagai is NOT one of the best tier 8’s the ships dispersion is ridiculous. Then the armor is not great especially when you face tier 10 BB’s with 406’s,420’s, and 460’s. The armor then becomes shit. Yes I own a fully upgraded Amagai with concealment module and skill, I also run the AA load out as well for skills. I have been stuck on the ship for forever and every other tier can beat that ship. NC great ship, great concealment, Speed, guns, and AA. There is nothing to not like about the NC. But when it comes to Amagai everything is wrong ship and should flip spots with Nagato. Or just have Wargaming make MM better.

    • Man the Amagi’s a good ship at tier VIII. Hell it’s a good ship at tier IX…

    • amagi dispersion is great, you are just a terrible player

    • Topshot_FMW You are probably blessed by MM when you play your NC, which is why you have different game experience than the majority of us.
      But for me, Amagi has better armor and manoeuvrability than NC, so I prefer her. Even the 10 guns are pretty gud, and the secondaries..

    • I don’t know that I’d say that the armor on the Amagi is better, but I will agree with you that overall, it’s a FINE battleship (and it’s really a battlecruiser, BTW). I think that if Topshot thinks the Amagi is bad, it must be more a case of operator error than anything else.

    • It does have better armour. Because I’ve had much easier time landing citadels on NC’s than Amagi’s (coz of Amagi’s turtleback armour scheme). On the other hand the Amagi is not as god as the NC when bow on because it will have 2/3’s the guns (you can do ass tanking in it tho by reversing towards the enemies with a slight angle to fire the six aft guns, and also means you’re already pointed in the right direction to disengage if the enemy overruns the flank)

  4. Why are you giving out a “must buy” recomendation to a work in progress ship (T61)? Shouldnt you wait for the final stats?

    • +Active0815 cause the mere fact it is a German Destroyer Premium makes it a must buy for me. We NEVER got a premium for the line in the first place. As long as it can float it has tons of value for any German Destroyer player

    • Exactly. I think that it would have to be complete and utter crap for it to not be close to “must buy” for anyone who plays some German DDs from time to time.

  5. Ugliest ship I have ever seen

  6. If it has more AA than Arkansas Beta then it has too much!

  7. Why would penetration damage to a DD from a BB be out of the game? Its really hard to pull off, since that happens when you hit it from bow or stern and not the side. DDs might become nigh invulnerable if they do so.

  8. Tell me something Notser, why people only recently (5 months at best) started to say that pens against DDs are game-breaking, as far as I can tell this existed in the game at least since game went live, probably even further back.

    • But the main issue a BB player has is if his salvo doesnt get that pen, or not enough hit for overpens to kill the DD, the DD just finishes his turn or attack, dumps 10+ torps into the BB, and sails away while the BB sinks to the ocean floor.

    • Considering you can be lit up by radar and take full pen damage when running away at 10+ km. that is why. Turn broadside, cruisers kill you, sail straight away or bow in, one lucky BB hit can full pen you.

      It’s a lose-lose scenario no matter what you do. You can only pray to RNGesus that the BB misses

    • asaeampan no, they are not. For crying out loud, first people whined about citadels on DD’s and they went away. There’s nothing wrong with regular pens on DD’s. They are the conceptual equivalent of citadels on larger ships. Without them, as Bakuryu says below, DDs will be able to shrug off just about all damage and dump all of their torps on BB’s and sink them. Complaints about BB pens on DDs is nothing but the DD Mafia’s whining. And BTW, I play DD’s a lot. But I suck it up and don’t whine about every little thing like these BB Babies and DD Mafia whiners.

    • Błażej Kurdyła it’s simple – because wast majority of the games playerbase are clueless retards, it just took them 2 years to realise it.

    • I’m pretty sure the main reason people are complaining about it more now is since the advent of radar. Before you usually got shot while dueling enemy DDs or charging BBs and then you only had yourself to blame. Now when someone lights you up taking 30-50% of your hp due to a random lucky hit while you’re trying to juke all the cruiser shells and get outa range just sucks all that much more

  9. Spends almost the first 3 minutes of a video about a Japanese BB, talking about a German DD…….. no DD bias there. 😛

  10. CVs need a MM improvement because tell me how is a hiryu with t6 planes fair against Iowas………whats that you say?? Kaga t6 planes? fuck the kaga

  11. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    YAY Stock Amagi sent to T7… TBH honest why roast this ship guys, its not like we saw it coming… Considering we already have stock Nagato as Mutsu sent to T6 and Stock Kongou as Ishizuchi in T4 with 5×2 305mm guns…

    One thing that *pisses me off* however… Is that we have Kii (the lead ship of her class) as a premium… Meaning she can never have her “estimated” 1945 modernised mod – unless she is moved into the future sub battlecruiser tech tree, if ever in the future…

    • Ah… are you retarded with the ishizuchi? she is not a stock kongo, that thing hasn’t been re-introduced, that is a paper design version of the kongo.

      Armor is NOT a valid comparison, end of story, unless it is the old A hull kongo then it is not the kongo.

    • Actually, Kongo was designed to have the 12 inch guns when she was laid down. The Japanese were given a demonstration of the new 14 inch guns and immediately inquired as to whether their newly laid down battlecruiser could be redesigned to use these new guns. The answer was yes with a relatively low redesign time and Kongo was launched with the 14 inch guns. Ishizuchi is Kongo built to the original ordered design, the old stock Kongo was Kongo as built. Only Kongo was built in England, Hiei was built in Japan using a large percentage of English-made components, while Haruna and Kirishima were mostly Japanese made components.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      USSEnterpriseA1701 Yes, I noted I was wrong about the history some hours later. Kongō was indeed the first capital ship armed with 14″ inch gun. Thanks for the correction!

    • Just trying to add what I know to the pool of knowledge for those that choose to look. It doesn’t hurt that the Kongo class (and the prototype/planned designs of the Myogi and Ishizuchi) ships are some of my favorites in the game. I kind of have an affinity for battlecruisers.

  12. Explain to me WHY DDs taking penetration damage is a bad thing?? These ships aren’t as small as they appear in game, and it’s rare I see pens when they’re broadside. It happens, but when I’m in a DD and I get TEN SIXTEEN inch guns fired at me I kinda EXPECT to get ****ed up…you don’t??

    • Thing is, it doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re broadside you can eat overpens for equal or more damage (not to mention cruisers fucking you up) and if you try to mitigate cruiser damage you get fucked by the BB. It’s a lose-lose scenario

    • Maybe it has something to do with being the class of ship with the lowest health pool. I thought DDs were about being sneaky or evasive, not tanking. You do have to time and plan your approach and it always helps if the enemy is distracted. Just charging in on a suicide run is going to be just what it says on the label, a suicide run.

    • True, anyone who does that deserves it. But between radar cruisers camping behind islands and persistent carriers who wont leave you alone (and your own teams carrier not giving a shit or already being dead/out of planes) even if you play your cards right you can get rekt HARD

    • Fair enough. Sometimes the biggest problem with these online games is the player base that plays it. We do have some control over how this game is played and more often than not, we play to protect ourselves because we don’t trust our teammates, sometimes with good reason.

    • Look on the bright side Notser… British BB’s fire HE against DD’s…

  13. 3d models of most of the new ships look like crap. There’s absolutely no detail. Just a simple model with a simple super estructure on top and a few cannons. I think WG is really in a hurry to release new ships, even if they look like shit.

    • did you inspected that model in gamemodels3d? i think not, because you would know that shes pretty detailed. and because she is suppose to be in 1920’s configuration therefore she looks somewhat bare because thats how these japanse ships looked before they were refitted in 1930’s

    • its the old A hull amagi, it had crap AA and an old super structure.

  14. i love this bitching community…noone is forcing you guys to buy her. i know that there were some people who enjoy look of the old dreadnoughts but werent able to play them because these were just stock hulls. this is the only solution to somewhat balance them and bring them into to game. so why not do that? so shut up and move along

  15. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    So disapointed, out of all the japanese cruisers and destroyers we dont have in the game, they chose to being lazy fuck and sell their own players a stock ship that used to be free. Made me wonder the reason they removed all japanese battleships A hulls back then, now i see it.

    • For IJN premium BB’s what are they supposed to do? It’s not like the IJN had built such a great number of battleships that there are a lot of other BBs still not yet in the game. Of the ships that were actually built, only the Ise class is not yet in the game, and they were essentially copies of the Fusos. They could add the Tosa class, which was a class of battleships designed, ordered, and cancelled in the same time frame as the Amagis. Frankly, there’s just not the much material for the devs to work with when it comes to additional IJN BBs.

    • Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

      is simple, we or at least i don’t need any more battleships. Kii was just out recently released and another one come right after it but this time is something we used to see before. Japan is simply not lacking of battleship what it doesn’t has are premium cruiser and destroyer. Japan has like one single premium cruiser atago and their prem destroyers are just a reskined like harekaze and kamikaze and i doubt both of them will be back for purchase again.
      They can make new german, french DDs and new italian ships but for Japan they sell you dusty old ship they just found from their store files and expect to get money from IJN fans, you like that, huh?
      purchase this ship is like supporting WG the idea of selling more stock hulls in the futures and it’s stupid.

  16. Can’t wait to own her nice 🙂

  17. Notser. Don’t be giving WG ideas. Just say the T-61 is perfect as it is *facepalm*

  18. Why? The Shiratsuyu is about 105 meters long, why is the BB AP supposed to always overpen it even when you hit from behind and the shell passes the ship thru its length?
    So the fuse of the AP never arms on a 100 meter flight thru a ship penetrating bascially every single bulkhead in the ship? No damage done?
    And BBs will still fire AP at DD regardless, in this very video you killed a DD with AP overpen alone.

    This is BS.
    The pen rules apply to everyone. I’m against special rules for DDs, either change the rules for fuse arms globaly or leave it be.

  19. That “dead stop” move that the Pensacola pulled off was his final trick of the day. 10/10 ^_^

  20. yesterday exact 60 planekills with my full AA Kii against ranger planes 😀
    Absurd OP AA LOOL

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