World of Warships – Ashitaka Makoto Kobayashi

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  1. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    Must be difficult finding historical rare camouflage of IJN ? I can understand that…

  2. Where’s my dragonmaid?

  3. when are we getting more weeb ships

  4. French please ! Sous titres en français svp !

  5. An oder amagi

  6. The heck was that??!!

  7. When are we getting GOOD ijn premium ships?

  8. Vlll Play

  9. Ok):

  10. miss kobayashis dragon ship.

  11. Is it a premium tier 8 BB ? It reminds me the premium tier 8 heavies in WoT…

  12. As impressive as the camo is I’m not gonna spend money on another mediocre IJN ship..

  13. When you autorize the crew to sign the ship.

  14. Music is good at least. Someone knows where is it from or is a WG thing too?

  15. Am a simple man.. i read the word Kobayashi, i think Dragon Plot!

  16. Someone's Youtube Username

    So they didn’t bother buffing this ship before the final release? What a waste, this ship could have been worth something. Now it only serves as a bait to lure inconspicuous players into making bad purchases.

  17. And it’s still not a ise class battleship

  18. Xbox one This game please

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