World of Warships – Ashitaka – Not So Shit

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Ashitaka when she first came out was a real piece of (look at the first few letters of the ship’s name) but with the Type 91 shells she has certainly made herself more interesting as a T7 premium .


  1. Shame about her extremely thin citadel roof thou. If it weren’t overmatchable by 16inch shells she would be so good.

  2. The camo looks absolutely ridiculous

  3. hey chase, I like watching how you play to compare with my own play. Since i play mostly cruisers and bbs Id enjoy watching any of the main tech tree lines. Maybe the US heavy cruisers and UK bbs

  4. How bout Russia dds, I think your ideas are great.

  5. I’d be interested in those kind of videos.

  6. Is this decision to make a how to play series inspired by Yuro, Furytomic, and so on, or was this random? I just need to ask this question.

  7. I would love for you to do a series about lester known ships. The Buffalo would be a good start

  8. Do the Dallas I want to know if it’s worth going for it

    • Александр Ванюков

      Honestly Dallas is the worst for me. I mean the worst ship in the whole game in my hands. I try to become at least decent with every vessel… But in case of Dallas I am pretty sure that I will give up eventually. I had no issues with Pensacola… With Dallas I am simply unable to do damage, I have worse average damage than on Tier 3 cruisers… Maybe I should have a separate captain with IFHE perk but I really don’t want to spend more money to mess up my captains.

    • well i used it pretty well as an HE spammer. keep distance and keep shooting HE at superstructure.
      im not even sure i used IFHE…but it should help vs BBs or higher tier cruisers.
      u can run and gun with it pretty well if u keep some distance. islands can help too.
      i still think emerald is just worse…

    • Dallas should’ve been replaced by Brooklyn

    • dallas is pretty poor, especially as a replacement for tier 6 cleveland. but it leads to the helena, which is just absurd amounts of fun.

    • 10 guns instead of 12…armor layout worse than cleveland. AA worse too…it just not the same

  9. A series of “How to play” is an excellent idea.

  10. Get Jingles to do a video with you.

  11. Alexander Nenninger

    How about you don’t focus on ships but on maps/tactics for the series

  12. Yeap, “How to play” series would be nice. It appear that most of CCs have abandoned those kind of videos, concentrating their attention on never-ending-story of new premium ships (I wonder why Wargayming, hmmm…). Althou I’m not a new player and got some experience on higher tiers (or rather I should say “tears” due to radar meta and “dakka-dakka” HE spam by IJN DDs) I’d like to see some more reviews on how to play low and middle tiers ships, like tier 6-5 or even 3, discuss their builds and their captains skills. I’m tired a bit on higher tiers and I’d like to play more on lower tiers (still got some lower tiers to grind, like RN BBs, Asian DDs, etc.)

  13. Yes. Yes please. Do the Cleveland in it’s T8 position.

  14. There are some ships where I struggle with to find the right play to position my self and to deal damage without dying too quickly such as the light cruisers (US, british). When I look at videos from this game I like to try to understand how to play in order not to die and deal damage on particular maps. I know that positioning yourself and read the game is most important, if you got how to aim. The games with multiple paddlings and 150+k damages are funny but not interrested.

  15. Not gonna lie the camos for these ships were absolutely amazing I wish I had gotten them but the were out of my price range so I’m quite sad now sigh I hope they come around again and cheaper.

    • Honestly, I don’t like these Kobayashi camos. That said, I absolutely love the burnt red base color for the Ashitaka’s Kobayashi camo. I just hate the white and yellow diamonds and script. I wish that it was possible to get a version of that camo with only the burnt red base color.

    • They were on sale on NA for the past two weeks….

  16. If you want to make videos for people to choose for the ship featured, may I suggest you take a look at QuickyBaby’s Sunday’s Tech Tree showcase videos, and streams, in witch, he let’s his audience vote for the top of the tree tank. You should lets us vote, at least for some of the suggestions.

  17. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    I would be very interested in those videos. Love the idea of bringing in other players. Also love the idea of discussing the compatibility factor of each ship.

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The thing is that it should have more HP because it has more displacement than Nagato, single above water torps like Mutsu and that is it Also, I think they should buff the income of the Adler camo for Eugen, maybe not as much as kobayashi ones but at least bump that camo a bit 3000 doubloons for a 10% credits increase discourages not buying it, which is my case

  19. Love to see some “how to” guides. Especially on some of the older ships in the game. Many of the reviews are out of date. For example, look for reviews or player guides for a Gnevny. Hard to find one where it’s not from when it was T5. Many reviews are from a time before changes to the current captain skill tree (when CE was a tier 5 skill).

  20. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    i would be interested in the how-to videos. and yes to guest players. maybe not just unicum players. how about some 48-52% players. show us how the common man with a day job can run a ship.

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