World of Warships: Ashitaka Post Buff! Its really good!

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In patch 0.7.7 the Ashitaka was buffed with “” type guns. This ship is actually really good now! Here’s a quick review of the Ashitaka with its post buff stage!


  1. I’ve been using the Ashitaka as a captain trainer in scenarios in the past and it has served well it’s purpose but since the buff, i took it out in random and enjoyed it.

  2. Wrong screen shots at the end. You posted PE Friedrich results. Good game though.

  3. That chat at the end though…. ?

  4. T7 is the best Tier IMHO.
    WG could make T5,6 & 8 great as well by limiting ( seeing as never going to change MM ) but if highest tier was limited to 2 or 3 in game ie: T8 game max T10’s to 2 or 3 per side would make all tiers good.

  5. I smashed that like button…

  6. are you sure man? i get all overpens now, its worse average damage because of that. old guns would have a few regular pens mixed in

  7. So it’s not ashittaco anymore?

  8. I love t7 especially belfast

  9. Meh looks ok

  10. I actually bought the Ashitaka at 50% off in anticipation of the buff. What a steal. It’s a lot of fun to play in that sort of battlecruiser role, and is quite good at it thanks to the combination of speed and firepower.

    I’ve long thought tier 7 was the best tier. I even like my tier 7 destroyers.

  11. completely agree, tier 7 is awesome and a ton of fun, great matchmaking, also tier 5 and 6 used to be my favs, but WG destroyed those tiers with so good variety of ships, shame and, tier 10 is just awful, bored gameplay, slow, unforgiving, just awful meta

  12. I’m only tier 6 for now grinding to tier 7 but my fuso gets up tiered a lot to 7 battles I love the maps fast paced nice battles

    • Yep, I really like the Fuso too. Going to Nagato was a cold wake up call because she’s a demanding ship to get the same performances (ie. great guns but demands precision handling). Can’t wait to unlock Amagi because I was not a fan of secretary Nagato

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Rejoice! There are also the days when tier 7 gets matched with tier 9. Japanese battleships are more forgiving than battleships of other nations when up-tiered (decent gun range & good dispersion).

  13. That last salvo !

  14. Praise how good it is… Continues to do only 1-2k per salvo.. Hell yeah no.

    • are you doing any better in the Amagi in the same situation? and how would you explain that as they have now the same guns and shells.

    • overpens for days. His damage got decent when BB’s went broadside for him (they basically ignored him). That 36k on the Oktyabrskaya really helped too but that’s expected when you’re using T8 guns against T5-6 targets.

  15. It looks okay, but I’d pick Scharnhorst over it any day.

  16. Why do you need a premium t7 when you have Fiji? Lol. JK. I have Atlanta, Scharnhorst and N de Julio and such. Since a lot of my play is T7, MM can sometimes suck.but the games can be fun.

  17. Colonel David Davenport

    It looks like the buffs were done correctly – but Scharnhorst still rules!

  18. I’m sort of sorry I didn’t get her when she was going out at half price recently – and yes, we knew the buff was coming. Did get the Scharn instead, and that’s not at all bad.

  19. Hey at least she is not the Kii.

  20. Now to buff the Mutsu

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