World of Warships- ASYMMETRIC BATTLES ARE BACK! Santa Container Changes & Commander Skills Update

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Update Intro
1:41 Commander Skills Update
2:42 IJN BC Early Access
3:10 Asymmetric Battles
6:55 Journey To The North Pole
7:20 Clan Battles/Ranked/Brawls
8:09 High School Fleet Collab
9:30 Navarin
10:06 Santa Container Change


  1. Hopefully they dont nerf the rewards too much in asymmetrics

  2. Loved the assymmetric battles. That is a great mode and should be permanent.

  3. During the Japanese Battleship event I picked up a Black Friday container, when I was looking through the list of ship I said out loud to myself that I would really like a Black or an Alaska. I then proceeded to open the container and got a Black Black. Super happy : ) My second container got me some flags or something, then my third got me an Atago.

  4. I would love to have a Graf Spee but sadly I am way too late to this game to get her. I’m not sure how I feel about having to participate in the Auction system in order to get her 🙁

    • Depends on the auction. It might not be too bad as it is a Tier VI ship after all. While gimmicky, it doesn’t really fit into the current DD and Sub focused meta.

    • I understand you! I dont have it either, but i saved a lot of doubloons over the years and i dont want other ships. I am also not a fan of the auction system, but i will probably take part in this auction…

  5. Issue with the Santa crate change is, look at that list of added ships. Mostly uninteresting or uninspired ships, more so compare to even half of the original list that is now being removed. All it really does is make the containers less valuable to older players and newer players miss out on their chances to some of the really good premium ships. “It is for the good of the player base” – No WG, it once again is only done for your bottom line. *sigh*

    • i think youre complaining just so complain man, id rather have crates that drop hard to obtain ships or ships you have to pay for rather than the easy coal ships

    • @Luca Scarra half of the removed ships were ones only obtainable by doubloons… (tier 8-5, excluding ~3 coal ships)
      VIII Alabama
      VIII Mainz
      VIII Cossack
      VIII Prinz Eugen
      VIII Roma
      VIII Le Terrible
      VIII Loyang
      VIII Gascogne
      VIII Vanguard
      VIII Irian
      VIII Saipan
      VIII Graf Zeppelin
      VIII Kii
      VIII Kaga
      VIII Belfast ’43
      VI Arizona
      V Texas
      VI Warspite
      VII Atlanta
      V Murmansk
      VI Huanghe
      V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
      VI Duca d’Aosta
      VII Sims
      VII Indianapolis

    • @arczer25 1 these are all low tier or available in the premium shop, I don’t care if I get a t5 but if I get a t9 or 10 I think you’d agree you’d much rather have the rarer ship.

    • @Luca Scarra most tier 9 and 10 you can get for resources and i would rather trade them for ships i need actually pay to get…
      also it doesn’t affect high tier/rare tier drop rate as they’re fixed %

    • War Gambling is like a casino… play long enough and the house always win. Almost pure pay to win game now, that I only play about 10 matches maximum per week. My mental health has improved considerably, plus I have more time for way more games that are fun. Also I get to watch all of the streaming series that I have missed because of my War Gambling obsession since its inception. Time to move on for me.

  6. Finally a chance to get the Harekaze. I missed the event last year.

  7. there is a change, for the extra heal captain perk you need 2 millions potential damage and not 3 millions

  8. nice, I am really looking forward to this update

  9. I plan on grinding out for research points on the French BB line. I figured it would be more fun to do that than grinding out Japanese DDs again.

  10. can’t wait for asymmetric battles!

  11. IMHO santa containers removed ships are alot of either T10 coal or most expensive coal T9, but also some T8, which are available only in premium shop for doubs.

    WG attempt to further “tweak” their drop rate of premium ships not just in supercontainer lottery is quite obvious.
    Santa containers nerf was just step no 2.

    But to be fair, the whole Christmas update with all rewards seems to be good and interesting, even some free to get premium ships for everyone.

    I hope they will just list ships available in new Santa containers (to make me decide if its worthy to spend some cash at value of year premium account, which I have still enough).

    Santa Mega containers with 16perc chance for ship are most interesting/desired.

  12. It would have been a cool feature to reward long term players to have an option to trade in a lot of certificates in exchange for picking a ship from the santa containers of your choice.

  13. I actually really like the changes to the containers

  14. As a Graf Spee enjoyer, I personally believe you can never have enough Graf Spee.

  15. That game in the background was awesome too just like the update. Almost 300k! Sadly a loss. They are also going to give away a lot of free stuff during 12.11.

  16. They need to make ASYMMETRIC BATTLES permanent.

  17. Nice to see a lot of ships you can get for coal were removed. Hope we can get Borodino in the Santa crates.

  18. It still baffles me that WG keeps the Missouri so rare. I have played this game since 2016 and for some reason or another (likely my fault) i have not been able to secure this ship.

  19. What I remember vividly from the previous Asymmetric battles was that if you took a cruiser into one, the bots would automatically target you to the exclusion of anything else. WG tried to “encourage” people with a quick rework to take a cruiser in by increasing the bonuses, but the didn’t fix the fact that you were the bot’s main attraction. If you were a battleship player, it was great when someone showed up with a cruiser, because you could spam damage on the bots as long as the cruiser survived.

  20. I love ASYMMETRIC BATTLES probably out of all the various types of battle play. Really good FUN do NOT remove it.

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