World of Warships- Asymmetric Battles Got Nerfed AGAIN

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Once again we can’t have anything too nice for too long.

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  1. If you played co op for a whole day and “looked” at the stats of those coop players you’ll find a HUGE amount of them only play co op which begs the question why does WG still force players to play PVP to earn the most credits and xp. I struggle to remember any game in my 57 years that penalises their players for playing PVE? It’s the reason PVP has become and is so poor in the past few years. Cheers

    • @mooncricketstinks1589

      I dont really play this game anymore as this company and its bs have really gona sour over last few years. Playerbase is also beyond frustrating which is why i been playing asymmetric, or sometimes Ranked. Otherwise i play Baldurs Gate since PVE is so fun, especially when you play with friends. I started this game just before CV rework patch, and it reqlly soured since then.

      I get what you mean 1000%. PVE is always fun if they slend time to make it fun.

    • Simple, you can get by in any ship in PVE, since bots are dumb. In PVP you have a considerable advantage if you play some of the better premium ships, but yourself a meta captain and so on and on. SO, basically, funneling people to PvP increases the amount of money they will spend overall, and as a direct result, Wargaming wants those PVE only players in PvP modes, to incentivize further spending.

    • I am trying to migrate from PVE to PVP.

      PVE simply makes you feel empty after a while. You just run towards the bots (who will always run towards you) and you’ll steamroll the bots because they are dumb as bricks.
      With that kind of gameplay, slow ships will always miss out on the carnage unless they have good range, radar is useless because bot DDs will shoot you when they can, etc etc, so you’re basically playing an ‘incomplete game’.
      PVE is good for unwinding and playing my favorite ships without worry, but PVP will always be more thrilling and fun, despite all the frustration that can come from it.

    • WG hates fun. That is the main reason why and maybe a second reason is Sub and CV players can’t bullied another players in PvE. And you know how CV and Sub players are WG’s Love child.

    • Pve story battles is ok with xp boosters for grinding tiers 6-8 but coop otherwise is nerfed to mutch to play only pve to gring full thech line from t1 to t10. Pvp even if you do sh1t you stil gona make around 800 xp , with boosters it can be 5k+ each round. On good match when your top 3 it can be 1.2-1.8k xp with blue boosters its 10k xp+ grind is faster in pvp

  2. I am still getting over 1 mil games with my Schlieffen en Pommern, but you really need either a supership in your lineup and go in balls deep brawling and making sure you dont overcommit (and ofc blue credit boosters).

  3. I did notice this, that the 1 million income which was pretty much guaranteed if you had a blue booster on, all of a sudden went to 750k ish. I didn’t mind the first nerf or rebalancing they did as it made it more appealing to play cruisers and DDs, but the latest change is a bit crappy tbh. All I can think is that there were too many lost games and they had to make it easier for newer or inexperienced players.

  4. @Ett.Gammalt.Bergtroll

    Honestly they should just replace mid-to-high tier Coop with this mode. It is far more fun, challenging and actually forces you to use your brain as the bots will eat you alive if you don’t angle etc.

  5. I look forward to Asym battles when it comes out. I loathe team PvP, but will play 1 vs 1 PvP matches. The only person I can blame for the loss is myself. I mainly play Scenario and Coop.

  6. I’ve noticed the opposite for team lineups. There will be two Tier 10s and three Tier 9s and the enemy team will have 10-12 Tier 8s and 3-5 Tier 7s

    • Same, playing tier 9 generally means being up against a flood of tier 8 if there is one tier 10 on your team.

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      Same, it happens to me all the time, cause I usually play WoWs at late night/morning (I usually launch game around 1-2am).

    • I can confirm, it seems the formula is basically every enemy ship is top tier on year team -2 except 1-1.5x the amount of low tier ships on your team

    • It’s across the line. I decided to take a tier 6 battleship in and ended up against a ton of tier 5’s. Apparently the “two tiers or less” algorithm only looks at the highest tier ship in your game.

    • 2 T11’s, me and 2 other T10s and opposing 9 T 9s and 3 T8.

  7. There is another factor in the XP reward. Yes the percentage of a ships HP factors (Doing 80% and not getting a kill gets the same or more than getting 10% and the kill) but also the TIER matters. Killing a ship in a higher tier gets more rewards than a ship of the same tier, and killing a ship in lower tiers gets less. So a T10 only fighting T8’s will earn less from the standard XP Algorithm. The XP Reward system is apparently SUPER complex. But honestly, the credit and XP rewards don’t really bother me that much, what matters is that we can have *FUN*. Fun is allowed, in fact this mode is just about having fun! The mode is challenging enough that if everyone just face plant into the bots, there’s a good chance you’ll lose, so you still have to play with a little bit of thought, but at the same time, like Operations, it is relatively hard to lose. A few of us from my Clan got together and spent a full day just hammering Asymmetric and it was a really fun session. We even started picking less optimal ships just to see if we could win it.
    So WG can nerf the rewards into the ground and I’d still play it because it’s fun, and THAT is the message I want WG to hear.

  8. @stuffandwhatnot4401

    Just like you get extra for damaging higher tiers, you get less for damaging lower tiers. Now you can get into an async with triple downtiered bots. That hurts a lot.

  9. Thanks for the information. Still love this mode as well as Operations!!!! If only WOT had these I would still be playing that game as well.

  10. I am one of those PVE players. Its been a thing that drives me nuts WG pulls sneaky nerfs like this. I just wish they give a buff to all game modes. Cause they drove away a good part of the player base. My clan used to have 5-8 players active players in the day or night. Now its just me! 😢

  11. @papaversomniferum2365

    Well, I usually use grey/green economic bonuses at assymetric battles, wich I usually play late at night (around 1-2am I strart the game) with tier IX-X ships. Sometimes playing on IX can be quite challenging. Yet it is still my fav battle mode this year.
    P.S What about Your second channel lottery, Sealord? I thought, that winner would be chosen yesterday.

  12. I have been playing pommern, and i like when i get matched with t10s, because i can do more damage, so more income. With most secondary ships you just play a little more smart, t8 vs t9s after all, and get first on the team with lots of income

  13. @williamneitzel2249

    There should have been some discussion on the units in the OpFor. I have had several matches where the OpFor consisted of 1 CV, 1 or 2 BBs, 1 cruiser, and the rest DDs. Dodging torps in those became a challenge with crisscrossing torps.

  14. As far as the latest thing with the bunch of t6 ships, it is weird, I’ve always had the opposite thing happen to me (mostly highest tier in enemy). Could be a bug in some cases.

    • Same I’ve never seen this either. It’s always 3/4 stacked with top tier followed by a few lower tier ships to fill in the rest.

  15. I played asymmetric battles this week for the first time. Surprisingly good, and it is what co-op mode should be. Take a 2ndary-spec’d ship for fun and hilarity.

  16. It has always been that you earn more credits damaging ships of a higher tier than you. Since the bots are up to 2 tiers lower than you it completely eliminates any bonus credits.

  17. The M/M likely needs tweaking. I did notice less credits; however, i focus more on Cmdr Xp to build my cmdr skill points and honestly i did not notice any nerf on that part. In the previous versions of Asymmetric with econ bonuses maxed for Cmdr Xp i would score in the 50k range (best) and in the last few days that’s in the same range (50k). Both times were in the Gk. I did have a battle yesterday with a T11 BB in which my team were a mix of T11 and T10, all the bots were T9. The Satsuma is too slow and is harder to get damage in than the Gk. GOOD VIDEO Sir Mountbatten 🚢 Oh yes one more item which speaks to your comment of trying to get cap zones: When you get the “Standard Battle Map” with only Flags and no regular cap zones (A-D) you are much less likely to get a higher base Xp (same as in a Random). I loathe Standard Battle Maps, more liken to a toilet made by “Standard”, they gurgle a lot and their performance is less desirable.

  18. I have noticed as well. Usually I would get 900k creds in my Mecklenburg at the start of the event for 200k dmg and 4-6 ships killed. Now for the same results I barely scratch 500k creds (Both are with the blue cred booster). Of course WG does not allow us to have fun.

  19. Caps and Defends really boost your credits earned regardless of tier

  20. I’ve been running an i-56 with a blue credit booster (only sub that’s viable for this). Results have been around 1 mil per game. 62 games in and now have enough for a decked out supership. Just not sure which. Hanover or Shikishima. Maybe Yamagiri.

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